Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She hasn't told anyone about it...including her best friend, the person she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Danielle and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cares for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Danielle has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever?


Author's note


25. Chapter 24

'See I know that you may be just a bit jealous of me. But you're blind if you can't see that his love is all in me.' The Boy is Mine by, Brandy & Monica



Chapter 24


Alaina’s POV


Harry and I sneak back into my room through my window and it’s just like the way we left it; the door is still locked, light is off, and my TV is still on and it’s showing an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on low volume. As I go to turn on the light, Harry closes the window and locks it before going over to sit on my bed. Then I take one look at his face and I notice that it’s not as bad as I thought it did in the dark at the party. All he has is a busted lip, a few bruises on his cheek along with a few scratches that are bleeding a little, and a black eye that is starting to swell a little bit.


I sigh and gently swipe some of the blood off of Harry’s bottom lip with my thumb and he softly seethes with pain. I just can’t believe he actually beat up my ex-boyfriend for me. I literally can’t thank him enough because if he didn’t find me at the right time, Josh would have hurt me more or worse killed me. Since no one at the party was paying attention to what was going on I could have been murdered tonight but I thankfully I wasn’t. My best friend is a hero. He is my hero.


All this time I always thought Harry was jealous of Josh but he wasn’t, he was telling the truth. I want to apologize to Harry over and over again for not believing him but I know he’s going to tell me that I didn’t do anything wrong when in reality I did. He warned me that Josh wasn’t the kind of guy for me. Harry knew that Josh was a bad guy but I was too stupid to realize it.


I guess I was too attached to Josh because he’s been there for me since Harry ditched me for Danielle and I was also kind of desperate since I had no one else to go so that’s probably why I didn’t believe what Harry told me at first. I wish I did because then I wouldn’t have almost been raped during our date at his house or almost gotten hurt at the party. I would have stayed away from Josh if I believed Harry but sadly I didn’t and I regret it.


“I’m going to get changed and then I’m going to clean you up,” I said to Harry


“Alaina, I’m-“


“No!” I said sharply, cutting him off. “Don’t say you’re fine. You’re injured and I want help you,”


“Okay,” he sighed. “But really, you don’t have to. I can do it myself,”


“I know but I want to help you. You’ve done enough for me as it is and I want to make it up to you,”


“Alright,” he mumbled.


I give him a small smile and quietly thank him before grabbing my pajamas off my floor and going into the bathroom to change. After washing off my makeup, I tie my hair up into a messy bun before putting on my jogger pajama pants and t-shirt. Then I go back into my room finding Harry sitting on bed still playing some Pokémon game on his phone. I notice that he’s changed into his Green Bay Packers sweats that I bought him for his birthday and a white t-shirt and I couldn’t help but smile to myself because he just looks so cute and comfy.


“Alright, wait for me in the bathroom while I go downstairs to get ice,” I said to him.


He nods and continues playing his game on his phone. I smile and walk out to the dark hallway and make my way downstairs. I turn on the light in the kitchen before walking over to the refrigerator to get the ice. I put the cubes in the Ziploc bag, wrap a dishtowel around it, and go back upstairs. Just like I expected, Harry is sitting on the toilet cover waiting for me to come over and clean him up.


I grab the first aid kit out from under the sink and then I bend down in front of him so I can get a better look of his face. I hate seeing my best friend hurt but at the same time I’m so thankful that he beat someone up for me. No one has ever gone out of their way to do that. Even though Harry has ditched me for his girlfriend a few times he’s still the greatest person ever. I can never ask for a better best friend.


“Look at me,” I said to him softly.


He does what I tell him and my heart immediately starts to pound when his sparkling green eyes stare into mine. I always knew he had nice eyes but I just never really paid attention to them until I started having a crush on him, which was a few years ago. Once I feel myself starting to daze a little bit, I quickly snap out of it and start applying the ice on his lip so it doesn’t swell. Then after a few minutes I take it off before applying back on again until the swelling starts to go down. Then, I squirt some aloe gel on my finger and start gently rubbing on the area until it was all absorbed. Once I was done, I wipe my finger on a napkin and put the first aid kit back under the sink. Harry and I continue to sit in the bathroom in looking at each other for a little while until he finally sighs breaking the awkward silence.


“Umm…. thanks,” he mumbled.


“No, thank you,” I said.


He gives me a weird look.


“For what?”


“For sticking up for me when Josh was trying to hurt me,” I replied.


“I had to do something, Alaina. He fucking deserved it,” he said.


He’s right Josh did deserve it. He’s been treating me like shit ever since we got back together after he raped me but I never realized it until after he tried to hurt me tonight at the party. I can’t believe I always thought he was a sweet, romantic guy. I should have listened to Harry. I just feel so guilty for not believing him when he told me all the things Josh did to other girls in the past. I should have listened to what he said instead letting myself almost get hurt by Josh twice. Now I wish I decided to date Harry but now he’s taken so basically I’m screwed. I missed my chance on dating my best friend.


“You didn’t have to kick his ass though,” I chuckled. “But still I can’t thank you enough for saving me. Who knows what could have happened if you didn’t come find me at the right time. He could have strangled or beat me to death,”


“Yeah,” he sighed, giving me a sad smile. “But he still deserved it. He treated you and other girls like shit and I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t care if he reports me, I’m just glad I gave him what he deserved,”


I smile. I just want to give him a kiss but I manage to keep my cool. He has a girlfriend and Kendall would be pissed if she found out that he’s been kissing me behind her back. Not that I care anyway but I still don’t want her to find another reason to hate me.


“Alright. Come on, let’s go in my bedroom,” I said. “Oh and hold this ice pack under your eye to get rid of the swelling for a few minutes,”


He nods and I hand him the ice pack and he walks behind me back to my room with the ice on his eye. We get into my bed and lay there while watching a rerun episode of Friends. It’s episode where Monica and Chandler get married and Phoebe thinks Monica is pregnant when it reality it was Rachel. It’s one of my favorite episodes because it’s like a major twist. After the episode was over, I turn off the TV and I turn over to look at Harry’s black eye.


“Here, let me see,” I said.


He takes the ice pack off his eye and I can tell that most of the swelling is gone now. Hopefully no one would notice later. His lip is already healing so maybe when we wake up tomorrow he’s going to look like that was never beat up at all.


“How does it look?” he asked.


“It looks fine now. I’ll just dump the rest in the sink,” I replied.


I get up out of my bed and go into the bathroom before dumping the ice cubes into the sink. Obviously it’s going to melt in there sometime during the rest of the night so I’m not going to have to worry about my mom finding out about what happened. I throw the Ziploc bag in the trash and then I go back into my room joining Harry in bed. I pull the covers over us some more, warming us up and turn out the light.


We tell each other goodnight and then try to go to sleep but I can’t seem to because all I keep thinking about what happened tonight at the party. What if Josh really killed me tonight if Harry didn’t come to the rescue? Would he of just leave me dead on the ground for someone to find me or hide my body so no one can find it? I don’t have a real answer to it but just thinking about it makes my heart pound.


I wonder how Harry would feel if he found me dead on the ground or if I went missing. He probably wouldn’t be able to take it well but I know he’ll get over it fast since he has Danielle. I know I shouldn’t think things like that since he’s my best friend but I can’t help it. He’s been with her a lot lately and it’s obvious he cares for her more than me now. I mean I don’t blame him though because Danielle is beautiful and I’m not.


“Harry?” I asked after a moment of silence.


“Yeah?” he replied.


“If you found me dead tonight, what would you do?”


He sighs pulls me closer to him, holding me against his chest.


“Why would you ask something like that?” he asked.


“Just answer the question,” I sighed.


It goes quiet for a minute and I feel him kiss the top of my head.


“I would have made sure Josh got sent to prison for life for taking my best friend from me and so you can rest in peace,”


I smile to myself. My best friend would literally do anything to make me happy even if I wasn’t alive breathing. I can never ask for someone else better than him.




“Yes. I’m serious. I don’t care what Danielle would think, if Josh killed you tonight I would make sure he gets locked up and stays there for the rest of his life,” he exclaimed.


“Thank you, Harry,” I whispered.


“No need to thank me, Lainey,” he whispered back.


I feel my heart flutter in my chest after he called me that. He hasn’t called me Lainey in a while now and I’m glad he’s starting to call me by that name again. After a few minutes I realized that he has fallen asleep so I decide to do the same. Thank god I have him here with me.




I awake later in the morning to the sound of Harry’s phone ringing making me jump with surprise. I keep forgetting to tell Harry to change it or turn down the volume because if I keep hearing Mick Jagger singing the chorus part of Gimme Shelter on full blast one more time I think I’m going to die of heart attack. I softly groan and open my eyes, and notice that it’s 7:45 AM. Ugh, who could be calling him at this time?


“Can you get that?” I hear Harry mumble to me in his sexy morning voice.


“Yeah sure,” I replied.


“If it’s my mum, tell her that I’ll be home later,” he said.




I pick his phone up that is starting to ring again and I walk out into the hall before sliding my finger across the screen to answer the phone without looking at the caller ID.


“Hello?” I said.


“Umm…who is this?” went a familiar voice.


Oh great. Out of all people it’s Miss Danielle Walsh. Why is she calling Harry this early? Shouldn’t she be getting her “beauty” sleep?


“Alaina, who is this?” I asked, hoping I would annoy her.


I hear her sigh on the other line. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.


“Who do you think it is, dumbass? It’s Danielle! Did you see my name on the caller ID or can you not read?” she snarled.


I roll my eyes and put my back against the wall. Why is she calling Harry at this time? It’s early and we should all still be asleep. It’s Saturday, I’m tired, and I don’t want to listen to her bitch and complain. I have to see her face along with hearing her talk nonsense every day at school as it is and I need a break from her. Like she’s annoying.


“Cut to the chase, bitch. What do you want?” I snarled back.


“Excuse me?”


“You heard me, bitch! What do you want?”


“Ugh…fine,” she huffed. “Well, first off, I wanted to see if Harry wanted to hang out later and second, why are you answering his phone? Didn’t I tell you over a million times to stay away from him?”


I smirk at myself after she asked that. Now this is the time to mess with her. Harry is asleep and I have his phone so I can say whatever I want to this bitch. This is going to be fun.


“I don’t remember you being the boss of me, Danielle so I’m allowed to be around Harry whenever the fuck I want because he’s my best friend,” I replied. “And second, Harry is asleep and he asked me to answer his phone for him,”


“Alright then…when he wakes up can you tell him that I- wait a second…how did you get to his phone so fast?”


“I was right next to him,” I said, smiling proudly.


“So what you’re telling me is that you were in the same bed as him?” she asked.


Geez bitch calm down! Harry and I have been best friends since we were babies so of course we were sleeping in the same bed together. It’s not like we do anything like have sex or make out. I mean we did it once when they first got together but we haven’t done it in a while.


“Mhmm,” I smirked.


I hear her scoff on the other line along with her shifting in her bed (I think).


“What the fuck is your problem? Why are you sleeping with my boyfriend?” she shouted.


“We’re not “sleeping” together, calm down,” I laughed.


“Yes you are! If you weren’t then you wouldn’t be in the same bed as him, you slut!” she exclaimed.


Does she seriously think that Harry and I are sleeping together since we sleep in the same bed? Wow. We’re closer than we are with our other friends and very comfortable to be in the same bed together so I don’t understand why this is such an issue to her. I guess she’s just overacting like she always does and finding another reason to hate me.


“Oh my god! Chill out. Harry and I are not having sex! We just sleep in the same bed whenever we have sleepovers,”


“Sure bitch. Everyone has been telling me that there’s secretly something going on between you two so I don’t know if I should believe you,”


“What people are saying is not true. They’ve been spreading rumors about us since we were in 6th grade. Obviously you don’t know that because you just moved here or you’re just gullible and in denial,” I exclaimed.


“Whatever I still don’t believe you,” she huffed.


“Why? I’m not lying,” I exclaimed.


“Yes you are. You’re a slut Alaina and everyone knows it!”


This bitch is driving me crazy. How am I slut? She’s the one that’s the slut but doesn’t want to admit it. She believes all the rumors that people have been spreading about Harry and I since we were 12 and I’m trying to tell her that what they’re saying is not true. People know that Harry is one of the most sweetest guys in the school and would never cheat on any of his girlfriend so I don’t know why they’re telling Danielle that something is going on between Harry and I. I guess they’re just saying that to make her mad. Who knows?


“Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?” I shot back.


“Are you calling me a slut?” she asked.




“Ugh, you’re so annoying. No wonder nobody likes you,”


I roll my eyes. I just want to hang up but I want to keep arguing with this girl because I’m having a good time.


“Geez, what is your problem, Danielle?”


“My problem? You’re my problem!” she replied. “Harry is MY boyfriend and I deserve to spend more time with him but I can’t because you’re always dragging and following him around like a lost puppy dog, annoying the shit out of him,”


“He’s my best friend! And I don’t drag or follow him around. You’re the one that does that,” I said.


“No I don’t,”


Sure sweetie, whatever you say. Every time I’m around Harry or about to come up to him, she drags him away. And other times she clings onto him whenever we’re walking in the hallway together, which annoys him a lot. Danielle just thinks I annoy Harry because she’s too stupid to realize that it’s her.


“Really? I see what you do with him every day. You either drag him away from me or just follow us around while clinging onto him. You’re the one who’s being annoying,”


“No I’m not,” she laughed. “You’re just jealous that Harry loves me and pays more attention to me instead of you,”


“No, you just want him all to yourself so you can fuck him and then forget all about him,”


Which is true. She does. I heard from a few people that she’s slept with a few guys at her old school and then just went to other guys after a few months. I know I shouldn't believe them but since Danielle is a slut, I actually do believe it. 


“No I don’t,” she laughed. “Harry and I have sex because he loves me and sex is fun. You’re the one that wants to fuck him because you’re still a loser virgin,”


“So which is it Danielle?" I laughed. "Am I a loser virgin or a slut? Because I can't be a slut if I haven't had sex with anyone," 


"You're still a slut though because you're stealing MY boyfriend!" she shot back. 


"If he's your boyfriend, then prove it. I bet you can't even tell me at least 3 things that you know about him," 


“I do know things about him! He’s my boyfriend and we’ve been dating for almost 2 months you know,”


I highly doubt she knows at least 3 things about Harry. Obviously I know more than anyone because he’s my best friend. But to be someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend you pretty much have to know some things about them or there’s no point in being with that person.


“Really, like what?”


“Lots of things. Uh…I know his mom’s name is…. Anne and I think his father's name is Des,” she started.


“Okay, anything else?”


“Uh…I know his sister’s name is Jenna or something that,” she continued.


I softly laugh after she got Gemma’s name wrong. It may be similar to Jenna but anyone with a brain would be able to not get mixed up between the two names.


“Gemma, you mean?” I corrected, trying not to laugh at her.


“Whatever. Same thing,” she scoffed.


I sigh and shake my head. How does Harry deserve a girl that barely knows anything about him? She doesn’t even know his sister’s name! If I were Harry I would have dumped Danielle’s ass by now.


“Really? Well if you really knew him, you would know that his birthday is on February 1st, his parents divorced when he was 7, his best subject is English and his weak subject is math, his middle name is Edward, and he can sing like a pro. I bet you didn’t know that!”


I wait for a few seconds for her to say something but all I get was a sigh. Yep, I won. I smile at myself proudly.


“You’re such a bitch,” she snarled.


“Well so are you,” I shot back and hang up.


I let out an angry sigh and rub my temples. That bitch gives me a headache. I can’t believe Harry wastes his time being with someone like that. He has never liked those girls that lie and treat him like a sex toy and his friends like trash. He always went for the nice, shy girls. Not the ones that show off and use him for sex. I guess he’s with her because he wants to show the other boys that he can do better. If that’s the case then that’s sad because Harry shouldn’t worry what others think about him, he’s such a nice person and shouldn’t do what other boys do with girls.


His parents raised him better than that. Or maybe he’s just using her to get me jealous. Wait no. He would never use a girl for that. He’s not like that either. Ugh. I don’t have a real answer to why he’s dating that slut. I just wish he could break up with her because I’m just about done. After I calm down, I go back into the bedroom and find Harry sitting up in my bed watching something on TV.


“Hi,” I said.


“Hey,” he replied without looking at me.


I give back his phone and then join him under the covers again, expecting him to cuddle with me so we can fall back to sleep but he doesn’t move. He just sits there watching whatever is on my TV. Strange. I sit up and look at him and I can tell that he looks pissed off. Shit he probably heard my conversation with Danielle.


“What’s wrong?” I asked him.


He sighs and looks over at me, his green eyes beginning to darken with anger.


“What did Danielle want?” he asked.


“How did you know I was talking to her?”


“Because I heard you saying her name out in the hall,” he replied.


Shit. He did hear it. He probably heard everything I said and he’s going to think that I was the one being rude when it was obviously Danielle.


“Uh…she just wanted to know what you were doing and I told her that you would call her back. Then we just started to have a nice conversation,” I replied, obviously lying.


“Really? Because from what I heard you were calling her a bitch and annoying, maybe that’s why Danielle doesn’t like you,” he frowned.


“It’s not what it looks like, Harry. She was accusing me of things and calling me names so I was saying things back,” I exclaimed.


“That’s still not nice though. Even if she wasn’t my girlfriend I still don’t find it right to say hurtful things like that to someone,”


Ugh. Sometimes it sucks to have a best friend who is so sweet. Whenever someone is rude to him, he doesn’t even bother saying anything rude back to them. He just kills them with kindness or he just walks away ignoring what they said. He doesn’t waste his time arguing with rude people.


“But still, Harry. I was just giving her a taste of her own medicine. She was the one that started all of this. When she first moved here, she hated being around me when I never did or said anything to her and then she told me to stay away from you. Twice,”


“From what she told me you were the one that started it,” he said.


“I did not! Honest,” I replied. “Ask Louis or Niall. I’m sure they will tell you the truth. Becky, Lauren, and Bailey obviously won’t because they’re so far up Danielle’s ass,”


“I’m not asking Louis or Niall anything. I want proof that she started this,”


“Fine,” I huffed.


I lean over and grab my phone from the charger on my nightstand. I go onto Facebook before going onto my messages and then hand my phone to Harry so he can read what Danielle sent to me. I saved it so I can show him proof that Kendall is a bitch and hates me for no reason. The whole time he was reading, I can see his face beginning to change from upset to angry. Either he doesn’t believe what Danielle wrote or he finally realized that his so-called girlfriend was a bitch after all and his best friend was telling the truth.


“Oh my god,” he mumbled.


“Well I didn’t I tell you?” I asked as he hands me back my phone.


“I can’t believe I was so stupid to realize this,” he said and looks over at me. “You know what she said wasn’t true, right?”


“I did think she was being serious at first but then I realized that she was lying,” I said.


“She is. I never said anything of those things about you to her or to anyone. We did have sex but she’s lying about the other stuff,”


“Okay. So…what are you going to do then?” I asked.


“I think I’m going to have to break up with her,”




Author’s Note:



Thanks for reading. Sorry for the cliffhanger :).


Okay from now on, since I'm back at college for fall and have classes on the weekdays, I'm going to try to update this story on the weekends. My winter break doesn't start until December so by then I'll be able to update more frequently until I go back for my spring semester in late January. This story is not close to being over yet. It's ending soon but not quite. There's probably going to be at least thirty some chapters in this story so don't panic, we have a long way to go :).

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