Forever and Always

Alaina has been best friends with the adorable dimple faced curly haired boy, Harry Styles since she was born. They're a week apart and were always stuck by each other for as long as they could remember. She started to develop feelings for him in middle school while he's had feelings for her since they were little. Except they're both oblivious to know how the other one feels about each other. Their lives are far from being picture perfect, especially Alaina's. Her dad is dead and her uncle abuses her every day at home while her mother is not around. She hasn't told anyone about it...including her best friend, the person she trusts the most. On top of that Harry gets a new girlfriend named Danielle and he starts to ditch Alaina for her. It shatters her heart and it makes her miss the times they had together. The times where he didn't ditch her just to be with his snobby girlfriend, and when he showed how much he cares for her. No matter how many times Harry tries to fix things with his best friend, Danielle has to get in between. With all the drama that's going on between them, will they finally confess their love for each other or will everything come crashing down on them and they lose each other forever?


Author's note


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10


Alaina’s POV



Just like we planned, I spent the night at Harry’s again and I have to admit that we had fun after he stopped texting Danielle. They texted for like half an hour and I was literally trying to hide my jealousy from him. I’ve had a crush on Harry for years but that was the first time I’ve ever been jealous of another girl flirting with him. He’s had a few girlfriends in the past and I always got along with the girls and supported their relationship. It’s just weird that I’m jealous of Danielle but I wasn’t when he was with other girls.


I guess after a few years my feelings for him grew or maybe it’s something else. Who knows? It’s now the next day and so far my day has been tiring. Last night after he finished texting Danielle we continued studying for English and did our other homework. Then, we literally stayed up almost the whole night watching YouTube videos since we didn’t watch them in Biology class. We were laughing so loud at most of them that Anne had to come in at like 3:00 A.M. telling us to go to sleep like we’re children. After we settled down, we fell asleep.


We slept for 3 hours but we somehow managed to drag ourselves out of bed and get ready for school. Like usual Harry drove me and we sat together at lunch and in the classes we had together. I slept all through study hall, which was second period, and I felt much better after that. I'm now walking to my last period class, Biology, and I'm hoping that Harry isn't with Danielle. When I walk in the room I sigh with relief when I notice her sitting at her lab table talking to Bianca and Harry is sitting at ours doodling in his notebook like he always did while waiting for me.


"Hey," he said.


"Hi," I replied as I take out my books that I needed.


"You still tired?" he asked.


"No. I slept all through second period in study hall so I feel refreshed,"


"I slept all through first period in History," he laughed. "I sat all the way in the back and thankfully my teacher didn't notice,"


I laugh back and then Mr. Baker comes in to start class. We had to take notes today so we had to sit there and write a lot of shit down. Mr. Baker wants us to know a lot of information so we have to write a lot in our notes. I'm literally in the middle of finishing this whole notebook and it's only January. I notice Danielle looking back at Harry a few times giving him flirty looks but she stopped and continued writing down her notes. Ugh can't stand that bitch. I just want her gone. When it felt like forever, Mr. Baker finished the powerpoint of our notes and let us have free time. My hand is cramping from writing but I'm getting used to it.


"So you're going home today?" Harry asked.


"Yeah. I promised my mom last night that I would," I replied.


"I wish you can spend the night again so I don't have to worry about you but I understand why your mum wants you home. It seems like forever since she last saw you,"


"Yeah that's true," I said, nodding my head agreeing with him.


We spend the rest of our free time drawing stupid things in our notebooks and then the bell finally rings. Thank god. Harry and I walk out of class together beginning to walk outside to his car but then I remembered that I had to ask my Algebra II teacher a few questions since I didn't understand our lesson today. I tell Harry what I need to do so he said that he'd wait for me outside. While he goes outside, I go into the classroom and find my teacher at her desk. I asked her the questions and she answers them thoroughly.


I thank her and walk out and start heading toward my locker so I can put some of my books away. Then I quickly used the bathroom and start making my way outside. It's drizzling raining out so I put the hood of my coat up over my head as I walk, trying to prevent my hair from getting wet. Even though it isn’t raining that hard I still thought it was necessary. I cross the schoolyard at the back of the school where the other parking lots are, expecting Harry to be waiting for me in his car but he wasn’t.


His car is gone. What the hell? Didn’t he just tell me that he was going to wait for me? It’s too late to take one of the school buses because they already left while I was in the bathroom so I guess I should wait for him. He probably went down the street to get us some Starbucks and is coming back to get me in a few minutes. After waiting for almost 15 minutes he still didn’t show up so I take out my phone to call him. I bounce on the balls of my feet as it rings, waiting for him to pick up but he doesn’t. I sigh and didn’t bother to leave him a message so I hang up and decide to text him.


To: Harry

Where are you? I’m waiting outside of school in the parking lot.


I thought it was going to take him a while to text back but he didn’t take that long. It took him about 10 minutes. Wow! If it took him that fast to text me back then why didn’t he answer my call?


From: Harry

Shit! I forgot. I'm at Danielle's house. She invited me to her house to watch a movie so I drove her home. I’m so sorry


What the fuck? He’s with Danielle? At her house watching a movie? He promised me that he would wait but instead he decided to ditch me for her! What great best friend you are Harry. I sigh with frustration as I try to hold back the tears in my eyes. I can’t believe this. I guess I have to walk home since I have no one else to pick me up. Becky and Lauren are at work, Louis is training for spring soccer, and Niall is hanging out with Bailey. My mom and Anne are working so I’m screwed. Instead of texting Harry back I shove my phone back into my pocket and start walking. The rain is starting to get heavier as I walk, melting the snow on the ground.


Just as I walk down the street, a truck comes by riding through a puddle, splashing me. Just great! Now my jeans are soaked and my feet in my black Ugg boots are wet and cold. I’m probably going to have frost bite on my toes by the time I get home. Sarcasm. I can’t believe Harry did this to me. He’s never done anything like this before to anyone, especially to me. If ever needed to do something real quick after school Harry would always wait but this time he had to go to Danielle's house to watch a fucking movie. I feel a tear roll down my cheek as I continue to walk slowly in the pouring rain.


My best friend since I was in diapers blew me off to be with a girl that he’s barely known for a week. I sniffle and wipe my eyes but more tears keep falling. I have decided that I’m not going to talk to him for the rest of the day. I’m so upset with him right now. My house is 6 miles away from the school, not that far of a walk but it feels like its taking me days. I’d probably be home right now if my so-called best friend didn’t blow me off. I’m cold everywhere, my legs are shaking, and my toes and fingers are numb. My nose is running so much that I have to keep wiping on the back of my hand. Gross. This is just awful.


I wish I were home right now. I sigh and continue walking but all of a sudden I see bright headlights come my way. I immediately put my head up and I find a car come swerving in my direction. I scream and quickly move out of the way just in time, tripping over a sheet of ice and fall into the snow on the sidewalk. I watch as the car crash into a tree across the street and I sit there shunned. If I didn’t move at the right time, that car could of hit me. I don’t even care that the back of my jeans are getting wet at the moment.


I’m just relieved that I didn’t get hit. I wipe the remaining tears on my cheeks and I continue to sit there in the snow. After a few minutes, the driver’s door opens and a guy steps out. He looks both ways before crossing the street and starts walking over towards me. He is limping a little bit and I can see a scar dripping with blood at the top of his eyebrow. It probably got cut from a shard of glass when he hit the tree. Once he got closer I finally got a full look of him and I have to admit that he’s really attractive.


“I’m sorry. Are you okay?” he asked worryingly as he helps me up.


“Y-Yeah I-I’m fine,” I manage to say.


“Are you hurt?”


“No. I’m good thank you,” I replied.


“Okay good. I’m still really sorry. Thankfully you got out of the way or else I would of hit you,”


“Yeah thankfully,” I smiled.


I take another look at him and I begin to feel butterflies flutter in my stomach. He’s really good looking. I’ve never seen a guy that is good looking like him. Well, Harry is good looking but he’s not even close to being hotter than this guy.


“I’m Josh. Josh Evans. I’m a senior at Van Atta High…you know the private school. What’s your name?”


“I’m Alaina Winters. I’m a junior at McKinley which is behind us,” I smiled.


He nods and smiles back. Wow, he has such a beautiful smile and has amazing teeth. We stand there in silence for a few seconds until it started to get a little awkward so I decide to keep going with the conversation.


“Um…you think we should call 911?” I asked.


“I already called. They’re on their way,” he replied.


“Okay. Did you get hurt or anything?”


“I think I sprained my wrist and my leg kind of hurts,” he said. “I think you should get checked out just to be sure,”


“Oh no. I’m fine. I have to get home anyway,”


“No you should get checked out. I may not know you that well but I still want to be absolutely sure that you’re okay,” he exclaimed.


I sigh. I’m fine. Really. I feel like he’s overreacting but he’s kind of right. Even though I didn’t get hurt I should still get checked out just to be sure. I have to admit that it’s really sweet of him to make sure that I’m okay. It didn’t take that long for the ambulance and the police to get to the scene, it took them about a few minutes. The police officer asks us a few questions and then a paramedic takes us to the hospital. I called my mom once we got there and she was literally panicking even though I told her a million times that I’m fine.


A doctor checks me out in the ER and pronounces me fine. I don’t know if Josh is okay because he’s in another room getting X-Rays. Once the doctor let me go, I sit down in the waiting room waiting for my mom to pick me up. Anne called me asking if I was okay and I told her I was fine. My mom probably told her so she decided to check up on me. She told me that she’d tell Harry so I hope he comes by later to check up on me after his “date” with Danielle or maybe text me. My jeans and my boots are still kind of wet and I can’t wait to get home to change and be in my bed doing homework. I sigh in my chair and then the doors of the waiting room open and my heart flutters in my chest when I see Josh walk out.


“Hey,” he smiled.


“Hi,” I smiled back. “You okay?”


“Yeah. I had to get stitches in my eyebrow and I sprained my wrist. My leg is fine I just pulled a muscle,” he said.


“At least you’re not hurt that bad,” I chuckled.


He nods agreeing with me.


“You have a cute laugh,”


“Oh. Why thank you,” I smiled.


“And a beautiful smile. I never met a girl who is beautiful as you,”


I feel my cheeks begin to turn red. He thinks I’m beautiful. Harry has told me that but I never believed him but I somehow believe Josh. This is weird am I developing a new crush?


“Thank you…again,”


“I should probably go. My mom is here to pick me up and she will kill me if I keep her waiting,” Josh said.


“Okay. I’ll see you around I guess,” I said.


“Here, give me your number,” he said and takes out his phone.


I give him mine and then I start adding my number to his. It’s been a while since I got a boy’s number. The last boy I had in my phone was my first boyfriend Kyle when I was 13 but then we broke up because he had to move and couldn’t handle a long distance relationship. We still keep in touch but not that much anymore. When I was done, I give back Josh’s phone and he gives me back mine.


“Thanks. I’ll call you,” he said.


“That would be nice,” I smiled.


“Well see you,”


I tell him goodbye and watch him walk out the doors. I miss him already. He is so sweet and really attractive. He has such beautiful blue eyes and spiked up dark hair and I think I saw a tattoo of some symbol on his arm since he wasn’t wearing a jacket. I wonder how he isn’t cold, it’s freezing out. Maybe he’s used to the cold. Who knows? I continue to sit in the waiting room for a while and I keep checking my phone to see if Harry texted me but he didn’t. I’m sure Anne told him about what happened but I guess he either is still watching a movie with Danielle and didn’t check his phone or maybe he did but just doesn’t care. I sigh and decide to not worry about it anymore and continue to wait for my mom. She's working at the other hospital down town so it's taking her a while to get here. My mom shows up around 3:00 PM and literally pulls me into my arms hugging me tight. 


“Are you okay?” she asked for the millionth time.


“I’m fine,” I sighed. “Nothing happened the car swerved passed me and I fell that’s all,”


“Okay. I’m sorry for asking so many times I was just so worried. Ever since you got hurt in the accident when your Dad died I just couldn’t imagine you getting into a similar situation,” she said.


“I just want to go home okay,” I said.


“Alright lets go,” she replied before kissing the top of my head.


The ride home was silent. My mom and I didn’t say a word to each other; the only thing that was making our silence less awkward was the radio softly playing Before He Cheats by, Carrie Underwood. When we arrived home, we go inside and I go up to my room to do change and do my homework. I put on a pair of sweats and one of my old soccer t-shirt from last year before tying my hair up into a ponytail. I do my homework and then spend the rest of the evening in my room watching TV. My mom tried to get me to come downstairs to eat dinner but I told her I wasn’t hungry. Which was true.


I lost my appetite when I found out that Harry blew me off. Speaking of Harry, I haven’t heard from him once. It’s passed 7 o’clock now and he should be home from Danielle’s by now. I’ve been staring at my phone just waiting for him to call or even text me but I got nothing. He doesn’t care. I feel a tear roll down my cheek the second time today and without thinking, I shut off my phone and throw it onto the floor. I roll over onto the other side of my bed facing the wall snuggling with my Simba plush doll that Harry got me when I was 10. I was stuck in the hospital around Christmas time because I had to get my appendix out and he wanted to make me feel better by giving me something to keep me company.


Since Simba was and still is my favorite Disney character he bought that just for me. He cared about me then so why doesn’t he care about me now? This is all Danielle's fault. If she weren’t here and this happened, he would have called me or came to the hospital with my mom just to make sure I was okay. But sadly she is and he rather to pay attention to her instead of me, his best friend. I think I’m officially losing my best friend.

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