Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


7. What are we?


I was in the car with Maci and I was just thinking to myself. What are me and Maci? I really want to be her boyfriend, but I'm not used to having them.

"Maci what are we?" I say nervously.

"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" She giggles.

"Kinda." I laugh.

"Yes I'll be your girlfriend." She smiles at me with her gorgeous smile.

"So because your my girlfriend can you stop at McDonalds for me?" She says winking. I laugh.

"Sure love, let's go!" I say while we turn the corner to McDonald's.



I cannot believe Harry actually asked me to be his girlfriend! I was so happy. When I got home, I went upstairs and got changed into comfy clothes: . I ran downstairs to Harry who was sat down on the sofa, flicking through the catalogue. I noticed it was the one me and Blaire modelling. I smirked and sat down looking at the catalogue. I look at me and Blaire, laughing at the photographer. We had no care in the world. 

"When were these taken? You look beautiful." He says smiling at the photo's.

"I think this was 3 years ago, when I was 13. Me and best friend Blaire, were messing around in my mom's new clothes and I didn't think she'd actually use us as the models." I say smiling.

"So are you actually like a full time model? You've got the body for it." Harry says winking at me, making me look away.

"Emmm, I do a lot with my mom, but I've also done like Topshop and stuff like that." I look at the time.

"Right we need to go to pick my sister up from reception in an hour." I say still looking at my phone.

"Okay sure. I have an idea! I'll try and do your make up! I'll be so good at it!" Harry says grinning, I sigh.

"Fine right come on." I say grabbing his hand and taking him up stairs. When we got in my bedroom, I sat him down on the floor. I went over and got 2 of my cases of makeup.

"Wow you have a lotttt." He says while I put it on the floor in the middle of us.

2"Yep. Right what kind of make up style do you want to do?" I say looking through my palettes of eyeshadow, contour and highlighter. I also checked to see if my eyeliner, foundation, concealer, blush and lipstick were there.

"I wanna do you know the flicky make up you do? And the fit glitter thing!" I laugh at him. I went on my phone and looked through my phone and found the make up look he was talking about. 

"Bit like this?" I ask him.

"Yeah but I'm gonna like add that glittery shit on!" Harry says grinning like this:

I poke his dimples while laughing. He then brought me in for a kiss. My tongue lingered with his. I pushed his mouth away. He frowned at me and gave me the puppy dog eyes. I smirked.

"I thought you wanted to do my makeup." I winked at him.

"Yesssss." He says and takes the foundation and starts putting it on my face. He later on gets onto my eyebrows.

"Right listen Harry. Eyebrows are so important. You need to make sure you do your best with them. Their my babies." I say being utterly serious, while he just laughs. He colours my eyebrows in terribly.

"Oh my fucking god Harry!" I said looking in the mirror, I turned to him and he was sticking out his bottom lip. I pressed my lips against his.

"Carry on." I sigh and he laughs. He gets onto the eyeshadow and he does quite well. He just failed miserably at the eyeliner. But to be fair, eyeliner is really hard to do. I laugh at his concentrating face. When he's done I look in the mirror. I laugh so loud, I roll on the floor in a laughing fit.

"What's so funny?" He laughs.

"What's happened to my face?" I point at my face out of breathe.

"I did your makeup." He grinned. I get up.

"Where are you going?" He says pouting.

"To get this off my face." I smile at him and he laughs. I scrub my make up off and go back into my room to get changed to pick up Kiera. I put on this:

"BABY! You ready to go?" Harry called to me from downstairs.

"Yeah!" I said and ran downstairs.

"You look hotttt." He says flashing a grin at me.

"Right come on let's go." I say winking.


I called my stepdad quickly in the car.

"Hey Rick, me and Harry are going to pick up Kiera from reception." I say to him.

"Okay thats fine thanks. Wait why aren't you at school?!" He said worriedly.

" and Harry decided to go home early??" I say. It sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Oh okay then. Right so you later." He bought it omg.

"Okay bye. Love you." I say.

"Love you too." And I ended the call.

"He seriously bought that?" Harry said laughing.

"Yeah." I say laughing too. When we got there, there was loads of mothers and fathers there. They were looking at me and Harry funny. Oh my god do they think we're picking up our child?! I walk over to the desk to get Kiera out.

"Hello I'm Kiera Pope's sister, I'm here to take her out." I say smiling.

"Okay put your signature right there." She says pointing to a sheet. I sign it and then she lets me into the play area to find Kiera. Me and Harry walk in and there's kids screaming everywhere.

"Jesus!" I say putting my fingers in my ears. Me and Harry laugh. We go searching for Kiera everywhere, and then we finally hear a little girl screaming.

"Mac-weee! Harr-weeee!" She sounded so cute. We turned around and she came running over and I picked her up and put her on my hip. 

"How's your day been Kiwi?" I say (that's my nickname for her) she giggles.

"Really good. I have a boyfwend." She says grinning.

"What's the lucky boy's name?" I say to her laughing.

"His name is Sam." She says smiling widely.

"What was school like?" She said to me. I looked at Harry.

"It was amazing Kiera. Maci was such a good girl." Harry said grinning and I laughed.

"Are you a good girl?" Harry said to Kiera as he was getting her in the car.

"Nope!" She does her devil laugh. I roll my eyes and Harry laughs.

"What time does Fee-Fee come home?" Kiera says licking a lollipop she got from the teacher. Fee-Fee is Felix. She has so many weird names!

"Felix comes home in one hour." I say turning to her.

"Can I pway on your pwone?" She says and I nod, giving her my phone. After 1 minute of going on it, she screams.

"It's BLAIRE!" I tell her to be quiet and I answer the phone call.

"Hiii Blaire." I say.

"How's London M?" She says. It sounds like she's in her pool.

"It's good at the moment..." I say to her.

"Oh that's cool. So right the boys have beaten up Lucas." I go red in the face. I cannot believe they did that.

"Oh my god really?! Get Jake to call me later. I need to talk to him about it."

"Okay babe. Can I say hi to Kiera and Felix?" She says.

"Felix isn't with us right now but Kiera is with us." I then put her on speaker.

"US?! WHO ELSE ARE YOU WITH?! HAVE YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND?!" She pratically yells into the phone.

"Yes she does." Harry says grinning.

"OMG THE BRITISH ACCENT WHAT A CUTIE !!" She shouts and me and Harry laugh.

"Right say hi to Kiera!" I say.

"HI KIERA!" She yells. 

"Hey Blaire!!!" She says.

"So how's school Kiwi?" Blaire says. She can call her that cause she's my best friend.

"Good I have a boyfwend!" Kiera pratically shouts.

"Oh really? Sounds like both of the Pope sisters are getting-" I ended the call quickly. I look at Harry and he chuckles, he knew what Blaire was going to say. I turned on the radio and sung to Treat You Better. Harry was laughing at me all the way through.

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