Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


9. The night after.


I woke up to a banging headache. I saw that I had my arm around Maci. Maci was still sleeping, I heard noise from downstairs and then Perrie ran over to me.

"Good morning sleepyhead! Have some breakfast." And she shoved a bowl of cereal in my hands.

"Morning." I croaked.

"Aww where's Maci?" She says looking around and then she spots her on the mattress.

"There she is!" And she pokes her to wake her up. Perrie can be so annoying in the morning. I saw Maci's eyes open.

"What do you want Perrie." Maci said sleepily. Why does Perrie have to wake her ?!

"Perrie you didn't have to wake her!" I say to trying to be quiet for Maci and myself, because if I'm too loud we might both start to feel more pain in our heads.

"I'm sorry!" Perrie says holding her hands up. I just roll my eyes as she leaves.

"You can go back to sleep if you want?" I say smiling at Maci.

"No it's fine. I'm going for a shower." Maci says as she gets up from the blow up mattress. 

"Okay." Is all I say. I want to get in the shower with her, but I want to have a proper relationship, i don't need/want her for the sex. I like her personality. 

"PERRIE DO YOU HAVE AN MAKEUP WIPES!" Maci yells to Perrie and I hear Perrie yell "YEAH ONE SECOND BABE!". Perrie comes up from the stairs and leads Maci to the bathroom. I hear the shower start and about 5 minutes later, it goes off. She comes through in her towel.

"Can you take me home?" She smiles at me.

"Yes. Let's do something today." I say to her as she thinks.

"Shit. I forgot we have the photoshoot!" Maci says covering her head.

"That's fine. Call me later and we'll discuss the time I come." I say smiling at her. I'm ready to make the big money.

"Okay. I'm just gonna get back in my clothes from last night. We'll go down first to see the others, is that okay?" She says whilst picking her clothes up. She slept in her bra and knickers and I was pleased that it was only Perrie that was in here before. I'll kill the boys if they ever see Maci in her underwear-well they will in the catalogue, but you know what I mean.

We quickly go downstairs to say bye to them before we leave. I think Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie and Maci are all sleeping at Maci's tongight, so they'll be waiting at the shoot. I get in the car with Maci as she grabs her phone to call her stepdad, Rick. She dials the number and he answers.

"Hiya Rick I'm coming home now. Is mom at work?" 

"Yep she is. I think you and Harry are going to the shoot at 4 PM?" He says and me and Maci look at each other. I nod, agreeing to go at that time.

"Yeah okay. Why you need help with something?" Maci says into the phone.

"Erm yeah I have work today because it's Saturday so I can't look after the kids. Can you?" 

"What at the shoot?" Maci says.


"I can't at the shoot, I'll be working I won't have any time for them!" Maci says. I agree. She can't look after them all the time.

"Look Maci. I don't know what to do with them." He says through the phone sternly.

"Rick, organise for Felix to go to one of his friends houses today. He will moan at the shoot. I'll take Kiera and she can play with my friends. Do you want me to sort anything out for you?" Maci says rolling her eyes. I don't blame her, Rick is always asking her to look after them.

"Yes thankyou."

"DICKHEAD!" Maci yells at him through the phone whilst ending it. I laugh at her as she turns on the radio to 'Needed Me' Rihanna. I knew she loved Rihanna so I know that she will know all the words to this.

"I WAS GOOD ON MY OWN, THATS THE WAY IT WAS, THATS THE WAY IT WAS. YOU WAS GOOD ON YOUR LOW FOR A FADED FUCK." Maci belted out the lyrics and I just laughed my head off. We got to her house and it was half way through the song, but she stayed in the car for longer so she could finish the song. This is why I like her so much. When she finished, she got up and opened the car door.

"Goodbye babe." I say to her.

"See you later Harry." She smiles and walks into her door. 


When I got inside, I went strait to my room and got changed into this: . I went onto my public instagram and noticed I have 1 million fucking followers. Oh My God. I dom't lnow whether it's because of my mom, feed or because they've seen me model.


Sorry for the short chapter. Maci Pope in real life isn't a model, I just want to put her as one in my story. Maci is also really 14, not 16. She is an internet star with millions of followers and fans :). What else would you want in this story? Drama ideas? I've also done a story called 'Hariana' on Wattpad. t's a fan fiction about Harry and Ariana Grande dating ;) x

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