Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


8. partyyy

Me and all the other girls decided we'd go in colourful clothes for once. I was fixing myself in the mirror and Harry was walking in. .

I did my make up like this:

"You're killing me babe." Harry says, snogging me. I push him away and hold his hand.


"Okay darling! Have fun!"

"I WILL!" I scream as we walk out the door and to Harry's car. One of my favourite singers comes on, Ariana Grande. I start to pelt out the high notes.


Harry laughed at my singing. We were nearly at Perrie's house when my other favourite singer Rihanna 'Man Down' came on. I knew all the words to this song and sang every bit.

"How do you know all the words?" Harry said amazed.

"I love Rihanna." I smile. He laughs.

"You're so cute." He said as he pulled up on Perre's drive.

"Why thank you." I say and giggle. We walked into Perrie's house and I suddenly heard a squeal and covered my ears. "CALM DOWN!" I said to her and Harry couldn't help but laugh at the sassiness.

"I'm sorry Maci!" She said and hugged me and I hugged her back. She looked at me and wolf whistled. 

"How are you fucking single Maci?" She said and I looked at Harry.

"She's not." Harry said to her as he pulled me nedt to him. Arm around my waist.

"EKKKKKKKKKK!" She literally screamed. 

"CAN YOU STOP FUCKING SCREAMING!" I said to her and Harry laughed once again, Perrie frowned.

"So is anyone else here?" I say wiggling my eyebrows.

"Nope. Right because you two are together, you've made everything easier. Me and Zayn are going to be in my bedroom, Danielle and Liam in one of the guestrooms, Eleanor and Louis in the other guest room. You guys can go on the blow up double mattress in the conservatory, if that's okay? And Niall is on the pull out couch in the living room." She says.

"Wow you have everything planned out?" Harry said mouth wide. I laughed and rubbed Perrie's arm.

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