Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


16. Morning.


I woke up the next morning with a note on the bedside table. I read:

'Good morning Maci! Just wanting to tell you me, Jack and Blaire have left because we have work. Have a good day. -Finn xox'  I sigh.

I get up and walk downstairs. I get a glass of water when I hear a knock on my door. I open the door to Harry with a bunch of roses in the rain.

"Harry-" I get interrupted.

"Maci, I love you. I made the biggest mistake ever letting you go and if I could go back I would. I can't live without you, I feel lost without you. Please, please forgive me." He begs, a tear escapes his eyes. I bring him in for a big hug. I take him inside to the sofa. I go grab a towel and put it around his shoulders. 

"You want some cocoa?" I ask him getting up. He puts his hand on my leg to tell me to sit back down. I sit down and look at his beautiful green eyes.

"I just want you, Maci." Harry says to me in a whisper. I bring him forwards and our tongues collide. Harry's kisses were the best. Shit. I have a meeting today. I finished the kiss and he looked at me with the face of rejection.

"What's wrong Maci?" Harry says sadly.

"Nothing. I have a meeting today..." I say whilst looking at the time. He traces him finger along my jawline and I turn to him. He grabs my face with his large hands and brings me in for another big smooch. I tug his curls and he moans in my mouth. He licks my lip which makes me moan. He trails his lips down from my mouth to my neck, and starts to suck at my skin which makes me moan once again. I lift his head up to my face and bite his lip, he pulls me into a kiss. I tug at his curls again as the kiss deepens, he moans everytime. I lick his lip where I had bit it before. I then come to my senses, I need to work. I pull away, so Harry comes back in to kiss me and I put my hands on his chest to push him away. I laugh as he pouts.

"I really need to go to work Harry." I explain as I walk upstairs and he follows me.

"Why what are you doing?" He asks whilst walking into my bedroom as I get changed.

"I have a meeting then a photo shoot." I put on this outfit: .

"Who for?" He asks as he smirks at me through the mirror. I sigh.

"Vogue." I answer picking up my bag.

"I'm coming to both!" He exclaims excitedly. 

"Fine. Come on, let's go." I say as we walk out the door.

"Have you got your car?" I ask him looking around. He nods and leads me to the car. 

"Why haven't you got a car yet?" He laughs at me. I shoot him a glare.

"Because I am learning right now." I reply getting in the car with him.

"Ooo let me teach you. You can drive this car to the shoot and meeting!" I widen my mouth at his response. Is he crazy?!

"Are you crazy?! I'll crash the car and plus I practise on Jack's car." I say as I put on the radio.

"Ahh ok. Big brother, eh?" He winks at me and I roll my eyes. We get to the meeting and my manager comes through.

"Hey Lisa." I greet her as me and Harry sit down on the two seats in front of her desk.

"Hey Maci. Right, you need a fake relationship." She says really fast.

"Why does she need a fake boyfriend?" Harry says angrily.

"Well any boyfriend for that matter." Lisa says to us. Harry looks at me and grins.

"Well tell people she's mine." He claims and takes my hand. 

"What the-" I complain to Harry. He puts his finger on my lips. He takes me in his car and drives me to the shoot. We both get out and paparazzi are there. They just ask me about modelling and my mom's fashion line. They also ask Harry about the band and shit like that. We get in the building and then the photographer runs up to me.

"MACI BABE!" He runs to me and I hug him.

"Hello Steve." I smile.

"Right okay, your outfit is in the dressing room." I nod.

"Thank you. I hope it's okay Harry's here." I say to him. He nods. Me and Harry walk to the dressing room and my outfit is there. . I get changed and the stylists do my make up and hair while I chat with Harry.

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