Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


14. I missed you. (Warning sexual content- Do not read if under 16)


I was stood outside the room Harry had pulled me into and he was still in there crying. I hesitated to go in and make him feel better...Ahh fuck it. I walk in and Harry looks up at me.

"Can you stop crying? You're making me feel bad..." I say crossing my arms and frowning.

"I deserve to feel this way I was hella drunk and blindly hooked up with someone." He was sit on the floor. I went and sat next to him.

"Wait...So you don't remember anything?" I say to him slowly as he looks down.

"Nope. I only remember waking up with some random ass chick." He says flicking his hair to the side. He's such a fucking idiot.

"Oh my god..You're such a fucking idiot!" I say to him laughing, partly because there is a chance he could've just fell asleep in the same bed as this random girl and because he is dumb.

"I get it, I know I shouldn't of-"

"NO YOU FUCKING SPOON YOU MIGHT NOT HAVE HAD SEX!" I yell at him and he tilts his head to the side. I go in to kiss him, and he moves closer to me. I peck his lips and get up to walk out.

"That's all I get for basically not cheating you?" He laughs. I turn around to him and roll my eyes.

"Yes. You're gonna have to work hard to have me back." I say biting my lip and walking out the door, leaving him alone. 


I GOT BACK MACI! Well kinda, gotta work for her. That's no problem, ima start tonight. I got outside and I went over to the bar. I got 2 drinks and walked over to Maci who was with...Blaire I think?! Blaire immediately looked at me with the evils, before nudging Maci. Maci just stood there waiting, I walked over to them and Blaire put her arm around her.

"Listen dude, this is my best friend. And she can get any guy she wants round here so treat her well." She says and steps in closer so we're face to face. "But if you dare hurt her again. You know what will happen." She smiles and spits in my face. Then walks off, but then comes back to stomp on my foot, then goes back to the direction she was going in the first place. Maci laughed and I turned around to her.

"She's scary." I saw handing Maci a drink. I was actually scared of Blaire now.

"Thanks." She says sipping the champagne and sitting down. We talked about random shit like jobs and that, but with Maci, it's never boring. Me and Maci started drinking more and more. All of a sudden, I move in towards Maci. She grabs my face and we kiss. Our tongues swirl around together. I moan into the kiss which makes her giggle. I brush her thigh making her gasp. I knew what we both wanted to do. I took Maci's hand and we walked outside to see lots of fans and paparazzi. We rush through and get in the car. We carry on with our make out session in the car until we get to the hotel. I miss kissing Maci, the feel of her lips against mine makes my body tingle. I get out the car holding Maci's hand as we rush inside. We get in my hotel room and go at each other again. I take every single part of Maci's clothing off. She's fucking beautiful. She begins to tear off my clothes eagerly. She lowers down towards my dick and starts moving her mouth up and down it. I let out loud moans that echo the hotel room. She begins to get faster and faster. I cum. She kisses my whole body from my dick to my mouth and pulls me in for a big kiss. I put her down on the bed and throw her knickers off. I grab a condom and put it on my erection. I slide into her and she lets out a moan. I then moaned afterwards. She felt so good. 

"Harder Harry." She whispers to me. I go faster until we had reached our orgasm. She now had her head on my chest and I had my fingers through her hair. I then heard her fall asleep. I then fell asleep after her. 


I wake up this morning in an unfamiliar bed...Fuck! I lift my head up and scratch it. I hear a kettle ping. I turn to see Harry.

"Morning love." Harry says smirking. I sigh.

"What the fuck am I doing here?" I say looking around the room in confusion. He licks his lips to answer and I immediately say:

"EW!" He pulls me closer and bites his lip.

"Why you acting like an asshole today?" I say as I sit on the bed.

"Am I?" He laughs. I nod and drink my tea Harry made for me. I pick up my phone and find 30 missed calls and 50 unread messages from Blaire. I sigh.

"What's wrong?" Harry says sitting down next to me, putting his arm around my waist. 

"Blaire's wondering where I am." I say texting her a reply saying: I'm okay don't worry, I'll be home soon X. He smirks at my reply. I finish my tea and get up. Harry smacks my bum. I turn to him.

"Seriously? You are acting like an asshole today." I say picking up my clothes from last night off the floor. I was wearing Harry's tshirt and shorts. I got changed into my clothes.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help myself." He says looking serious. How can he be serious? I just kiss him before leaving. He shouts goodbye as I run out the hotel room. I get into the elevator quick. I rush downstairs and I walk out the Hotel and parparazzi are there. Shit. I run to the car I had called before leaving. Now time to go home and do nothing.


First time writing a sex scene...Fuck. Hopefully this chapter won't get loads of reads :) I'm not sure whether I should replace Kendall Jenner as the older version of Maci...But they look nothing alike except brown hair :( Anyways, and yes I changed it around, One direction in my story formed in 2014 :D How weird... x

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