Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


6. 'Dirty little slag'


I walked to school with Perrie today because we have the same registration and lessons together today. We have PE first lesson. Thank goodness the school don't have PE kits and we can wear whatever we want. I wore this for PE: . My normal outfit: . Perrie's outfit for PE and school: 

Me and Perrie got in the changing rooms and went out in the hall. We were 20 minutes late, and when we came in we heard giggles from the girls. The teacher looked at us with an annoyed look.

"I'm very pleased that you actually decided to turn up girls." We giggled and joined the rest of the girls.

"So girls I'm going to put you into groups of three to practise throwing for the netball match next Monday." We sighed, I hate Netball. I am really good at sports (I got it from my dad) but I fucking hate Netball. Miss read from the list and then I hear my name.

"Maci, Perrie and Angela." Ugh, Angela is the biggest bitchiest, slag and bully in the whole school, she only has one friend. She thinks she is dead popular and that she's the best person in the world but really she's the most horrible person I've ever met. Me and Perrie both sigh, we both hate her the same amount. We got into our groups. I got the ball, and went into the group. 

"So I'll pass it to Perrie then pass to you." I say looking towards Angela. She gives me a bitch face.

"Whatever." She says whilst flicking her hair. This is what she looks like:

"Okayyyy." Perrie says rolling her eyes.


Everything is going okay so far, and now it's Angela's turn to pass it to me. She throws the ball with so much force, to try and hit me in the face.

"MACI WATCH OUT." Perrie yells at me as the ball comes flying at me, I quickly dodge the ball whilst screaming. The whole group including the teacher stare at us.

"WHAT'S GOING ON GIRLS?!" The teacher yells.

"THIS TWATS TRYING TO TAKE MY HEAD OFF!" I say pointing at the bitch.

"LANGUAGE!" The teacher says.

"Is this true Angela?" The teachers says whilst crossing her arms staring at her.

"Yep. I want the skinny bitch dead." She says. Me, Perrie, the teacher and the rest of the class open our mouths.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" I scream.

"That's right I hate your anorexic arse." That was it.


I had walked out the lesson because I was sick of getting shouted at by my teacher. I walk down the hallway and as I'm passing the girls gym, I hear screaming. What the fucks wrong with them? I look through the door and see Maci fighting Angela. Ugh, Angela. She's such an annoying bitch.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT AGAIN YOU DIRTY LITTLE SLAG!" Maci yells at Angela whilst slapping her. Maci was sitting on Angela's stomach while Angela was kicking her legs trying to escape. Not gonna lie, crazy Maci was so hot. Perrie and all the other girls were shouting "GO ON MACI BEAT THE KNOBHEAD!!". The teacher was trying her hardest to hold back Maci but it was not working. 

"You don't weigh anything, you feel like you haven't eaten for weeks." Angela says in Maci's face. Maci stops for a second and then gets up and giving Angela her hand to get back up. When Angela get's back up, Maci punches her first into Angela's fake ass nose. Angela clutches it and falls to the floor. Maci drags her across the gym floor by her hair and then walks off. I open the door and walk in. I run over to Maci and put my arm around her, as we walk out. When we were walking out, we heard the teacher shout something.

"MACI YOU HAVE DETENTIONS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!" She yells. Maci just sticks up her middle finger up and we walk out.

"Come on, I need to go get my outfit on." She says taking me into the girls changing rooms. I'm not allowed in here but since when did I follow the rules.

"What was that all for?" I say to her as she was getting dressed. I was going to see her in lingerie soon so I don't think seeing her get dress is going to be different.

"She was giving me a hard time." She sighs. I feel so sorry for her, she was one of those people who hated telling their feelings.

"About?" I say to her.

"My weight." She mumbles quietly. I clear my throat.

"What?" I say cocking my head to the side.

"MY WEIGHT! She called me an anorexic arse." She says with tears in her eyes. I walk over to her, and taking a strand of her beautiful brunette hair and put it to the side. I wipe away the tear she shed. I cup her face and kiss her lips passionately. She lets me put my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues dance together. I felt my body tingle when I kiss her. Her lips tasted like cherries and strawberries.

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. And I'm not just saying it because I wanna get in ya pants." We laugh. 

"Right okay, can we go see Perrie? And then can you take me to my place?" She says smiling at me innocently.

"Yeah sure." We walk out to Perrie who runs over to us.

"Are you okay babe?!" She says with a massive worried look on her face.

"Yes I'm fine." She says and gives Perrie a massive hug.

"Right me and Harry are going to take the day off." Maci says smiling at Perrie.

"Okay love. Should the whole group have a sleepover tonight?" Perrie says smirking at us.

"Yep, bye!" I say grabbing Maci by the waist.

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