Bad Boy Has A Heart

Maci Pope moves to London with her family to go to school. She has an unloyal boyfriend. Could a bad boy be her type?


4. Dickhead

The next day, I walked to school knowing my way to school now. I had a massive hangover from the night before and I don't know how I'm going to survive today. I got to school on time, as my school's only a 10 minute walk. I walked in and all of a sudden I feel someone yank me into a janitors closet. I couldn't even see a thing! 

"What the fuck!" I shout, but the person doesn't take any notice.

"Hey beautiful." A random boy says to me, the random boy had pulled me into the janitors closet. I was sick of this shit, why can't boys just leave me alone?!

"Right get to the point, why did you yank me in the janitors closet." I say crossing my arms and rolling my eyes.

"Fine then love, I think this is quite quick but okay!" After he says that he walks really close to me. I hold out my arms so there's a space between us. He grabs hold of my wrists and puts them to my sides. He starts kissing my neck, trying to give me a hickey, but not working. I kick him but he's too strong, he just holds me to the wall. He starts to kiss me, as I scream for help, and pretty loud. I hear someone walk in and shout. I look to the side as the random boy lets go of me to go over to the other guy. The other guy is...Harry? I run out of the closet and go to Harry gesturing for him to come with me, but he doesn't do anything instead he punches the dude in the jaw, the stomach and the nose. His nose starts bleeding. I look away, I've always hated that stuff! I heard Harry beating this shit out of him.

"DON'T FUCKING GO NEAR HER EVER AGAIN DICKHEAD!" Harry shouted at him. I grabbed Harry's shoulders and walked him out the closet.

"Are you okay?" Harry said, looking at me up and down to check if I had bruises. I just kissed him on the lips and smiled at him.

"Thank you." I said and smiled at him.

"Your welcome. Shall we just take the day off?" He says winking. I laugh. 

"Fine. Take me around London, I haven't seen anything yet."

"Seriously?" He looks at me.

"Yep." I say, he takes my hand and we get in his car.

"Right we're going to my favourite beach!" He says clapping his hands like a three year old, I laugh and he looks at me questioningly. 

"What's so funny?" He says looking at me confused.

"You know, I have been to lots of beach's! I lived in America for fucks sake!" I laugh so it doesn't seem mean.

"Yes but there's a difference between America's beach's and the UK's beach's. One has sun and one hasn't." He wiggles his eyebrows.

"Ooo I just love beach's that are cold!" 

~5 minutes into the drive~

"So tell me what it's like to be Maci Pope?" He says looking at me.

"Hard but it's sometimes good." 

"Why is it hard?" He says.

"Just London." I lie, and I can tell he knows I'm lying.

"Your lying. What else is it?" He says.

"Well, London is a massive move. My stepdad is around more than my mom which really pisses me off. I miss my best friends Blaire, Serena and Jake." I say missing out the parts of when my dad died, I became suicidal and depressed so I began cutting myself and tried to kill myself. And started smoking and drink. I also lost my virginity stupidly, I wish I would've waited. I then didn't have it taken by the cunt bag called Lucas.

"I understand. Does your dad live in England or America?" I gulp hard and tears form in my eyes.

"H-He's d-d-ead." I stutter.

"I'm really sorry!" He says and I just say the usual it's ok, it's not your fault. But really it was not okay.


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