All My Reasons

Phil Lester is sad. Very sad. And he doesn't see any way out until shy, troubled Dan appears in his life. Can Dan and Phil find their own happiness, before it's too late for the both of them?


1. I


All My Reasons, Chapter I

"I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim"

Phil Lester tugged his hat further down on his head as he walked briskly down the road. It was a cold, wet, dismal winter, and he noted with a strange sense of amusement that the weather matched his current state of mind perfectly. He kept his eyes averted from the rare passer-by, not wishing to engage in any kind of social situation, and shoved his chilly hands in his pockets. It was a long walk to school, however, it was better than having to take the overcrowded bus. Phil detested having to sit and pretend he didn't care as the other kids laughed and whispered about him with their friends. Phil didn't have friends; nor was he one of those people who everybody liked. He was alone, and he hated it. Of course he had the odd acquaintance; PJ, Chris, or Louise, for example, were always nice to him, but they had each other, and it wasn't the same as being properly close, like true friends were. He was always the one who the teacher had to pair, rather than having someone to automatically turn to; the one who sat alone at lunch, having no one to exchange jokes and funny anecdotes with; the one who fucking never knew what to say because no matter what he did it was always awkward and wrong and awful-

"Hey, Phil!"

A whirlwind of platinum blonde and pink barrelled into Phil and grabbed his hand, pulling him through the school gates and in front of a bright green noticeboard.

"Louise? Wha-"

"Look!" Louise pointed to a sign that read, in large, bold lettering; 



"You play the piano, don't you? And the guitar, and the saxophone! You're perfect! You'd be so good!"

"I really don't think that's a goo-"

"You will do it!"

Louise, having shocked Phil into submission, smoothed her hair, smiled benevolently in a way that the Pope would after having blessed someone, picked up her purse, and flounced off to join Zoe, who was currently attempting to rescue her guinea pig which had somehow fallen into her bag before school and was now running, terrified, all over the quad.

Phil still didn't know quite what had just happened. He probably never would.

SO THAT'S IT FOR TODAY GUYS! update probably tomorrow, I'll add more to this chapter rather than start a new one so just be warned :))

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