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Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


6. Too Shy to tell Drew that I'm pregnant - Bella

Bella’s Pov:  Fuck I don’t know how I’m going to tell, Drew or his family that I’m pregnant, so I walked over to my best friend’s house, to get help with it. ‘’ Bella what’s wrong, asked Wes. ‘’ Everything, I said. ‘’ You can tell me, said Wes. ‘’ Good Drew and I had, sex last night and I couldn’t tell him that I’m pregnant I said. ‘’ Omg I fucking speechless, said Wes. ‘’ What should I do, I asked. ‘’ What happened, asked Keaton. ‘’ She’s pregnant with, Drew’s baby but she doesn’t know how to tell him said Wes. ‘’ You could tell his mum, said Keaton. ‘’ What if she hates me, if I told her that, I asked. ‘’ We will come with you, said Wes. ‘’ Okay I said.  So I went back to Drew’s place with Keaton, and Wes to break the news to Drew’s mother. ‘’ Hey Miss Chadwick, said Wesley. ‘’ Hi Keaton, and Wesley, said Miss Chadwick. ‘’ There’s something you need to, know said Keaton. ‘’ Okay said Miss Chadwick. ‘’ Bella tell her, said Wesley. ‘’ I Can’t I just can’t, I said in tears. ‘’ Sweetheart, what’s wrong asked Miss Chadwick. ‘’ It’s Drew, I said in tears. ‘’ WHAT DID HE DO, Yelled Miss Chadwick. ‘’ He got her pregnant, said Wesley. ‘’ What said miss Chadwick. ‘’ I’m sorry iii didn’t mean to have, sex with Drew, I said. ‘’ Sweetheart I’m not mad at you, said Miss Chadwick. ‘’ Okay I said. ‘’ You have to tell Drew, said Miss Chadwick. ‘’ I will try I said. ‘’ Bella good luck, said Wes. ‘’ Thanks I said. ‘’ Call us if you need, anything okay said Wes. ‘’ Okay but I don’t know if, I have your number I said. ‘’ Pass me your phone, said Wes. ‘’ Okay I said.  So I give Wesley my phone, so he could put his number in my phone, and Keaton’s number as well.  Later Wes gave my phone back, and left after that. ‘’ Remember need anything, I’m one call way, said Keaton. ‘’ Okay I said. ‘’ Bye Bell, said Wes. ‘’ Bye Wes I said. ‘’ Bye Bell, said Keaton. ‘’ See ya Keaton, and Wes I said.  Later both of them went back home, and now was my chance to tell Drew the good news.But as I was about to go in Drew’s room Bridget stopped me. ‘’ Bella, said Bridget. ‘’ Yeah I said. ‘’ What’s going on,  between you and Drew, asked Bridget. ‘’ Nothing I said. ‘’ He’s upset, said Bridget. ‘’ Oh where is he, I asked. ‘’ He’s in the bathroom crying, said Bridget. ‘’ Okay I said.  So I went to the bathroom and  Drew has been crying, so much for some reason. ‘’  Babe what’s wrong I asked. ‘’ I’m worried about you, babe said Drew. ‘’ Awe babe, what are you worried about I asked. ‘’ I’m afraid that I will lose you, said Drew. ‘’ Drew you are not going, to lose me I said. ‘’ Okay babe, said Drew. ‘’ Drew I need to tell, you something I said. ‘’ What’s that babe, asked Drew. ‘’ Well I’m pregnant I said. ‘’ Omg I’m so happy, right now said Drew. ‘’ Drew your mum knows about, it I said. ‘’ You told her asked Drew. ‘’ Yeah it’s that okay if I told, her already I asked. ‘’ Yeah that’s fine babe, said Drew. ‘’ Can we go to you room Drew, I asked. ‘’ Of course  babe, said Drew. Later Drew and  I walked out of the bathroom, and went into Drew’s bedroom to think of baby names. ‘’ Babe what called, we called this little one, asked Drew. ‘’ I was thinking Jessica lee  Chadwick, if it’s a girl I said. ‘’ What if it’s a boy, asked Drew. ‘’  I don’t know, really I said. ‘’ How about Daniel, James Chadwick, asked Drew. ‘’ Yeah Okay, I said. ‘’ Want to find out, the sex of the baby tomorrow night, asked Drew. ‘’  Yeah I said. ‘’ Okay let’s get some sleep, said Drew. ‘’ Okay Goodnight babe, I said. ‘’ Good Night babe, said Drew. ‘’ Love you Drew, I said. ‘’ Love you more, princess said Drew.  ‘’ My Prince,  your cute, I said. ‘’ My princess your sexy, and pretty, hot and really cute said Drew. ‘’ Drew shut up, your cute, hot, sexy and all mine I said. ‘’ Bella Shut up, your all mine and only mine, said Drew. ‘’ Can we sleep now, I asked. ‘’ Yes only if you say, that I’m only yours said Drew. ‘’ Drew Your mine and, only mine happy now, I said. ‘’ Yeah said Drew. ‘’ Let’s fucking sleep I said.   ‘’ Yeah said Drew. So Drew and I went to sleep, since both of us were tired as fuck.

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