Too Shy 5sos+ Emblem3

Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


9. The Tour night - Drew

* The next morning was the tour*  

Fuck I need to get ready,  and fast, so I quickly got out of bed and went for a shower. 

-------Skips the Shower ----------

Later I got out of the shower, and got changed, into my tour clothes, in the bathroom, since my girl was still asleep in my bedroom.  After I was finished in the bedroom, and Bella was in tears no. ‘’ Babe what’s wrong I asked. ‘’ I don’t want you to leave, said Bella. ‘’ Babe I don’t want to, leave you but I have to go on tour for my fans, I said. ‘’ Okay said Bella. ‘’ Babe I love you, I said. ‘’ I love you too, Drew said Bella. ‘’ Babe I will call you, when I’m on tour, and I will text you I said. ‘’ Okay Babe said Bella. ‘’ Cuddle before I go, babe I said. ‘’ Yeah I need one, babe said Bella.  So I quickly gave Bella, and hug and I kissed her before I left to go on fucking tour, with Wesley and Keaton. ‘’ Bye Beautiful, I said. ‘’ Bye handsome, have fun on tour babe said Bella. ‘’ I will Babe I said.  Later  I left to go on tour, with my band mates, but I was missing my girlfriend already. I couldn’t stop thinking about her,  and how much I need her right now. ‘’ Drew you okay, asked Wes. ‘’ No I said. ‘’ Are you missing, your girlfriend, already asked Max the tour manger. ‘’ Yeah I said.‘’ Give her a call, Said Max. ‘’ Okay I said.  So I give my girlfriend a call, but I didn’t know that she was at school now. * The phone call with my Princess Bella* ‘’ Hey my princess I said, on the phone. ‘’ Hey my Prince, you do know that I’m in school right said Bella on the phone.’’  Yeah I know  that babe, I said on the phone. ‘’ Are you missing me, already, babe asked Bella  back on the phone. ‘’ Yeah I missing you, alright I said back to her. ‘’ I miss you Drew, my life sucks without you, said Bella. ‘’ Awe babe, is something wrong, I asked. ‘’ Yeah said Bella. ‘’ What’s wrong, I asked. ‘’ Well  I miss you so more, and I feel like I’m going to be sick, said Bella. ‘’ Babe  I miss you more, and awe you should go home and rest up bub, I said. ‘’ Okay said Bella. ‘’ Love ya babe I said. ‘’ Love ya more, said Bella. ‘’ I will let you go babe, miss ya  I said. ‘’ Bye Babe miss you more, Drew said Bella. ‘’ Bye I said on the phone. Later  I ended the phone call, with my hot girlfriend but it isn’t the same at all.

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