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Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


11. Hating school - Keaton

Keaton’s Pov: Hey I’m Awesome Keaton Stromberg, and I have stupid annoying siblings, Wes and Rach. Omg I hate school, it’s so much drama and too many, people dating someone, I’m the only one out of my friends dating someone. My best friend Drew is dating my best mate Bella (Aka Bell as I call her).   But as I walked into school I really wanted talk to Paige Hunter but I was to fucking shy to say hi to her fuck.  Later Paige walks over to me, but I was speechless at the moment. ‘’ Hey Keaton, said Paige. ‘’ H- Hi Paige, I said Shy. ‘’ You okay Keaton, asked Paige. ‘’ Yeah I’m okay I said. ‘’ Okay said Paige. ‘’ Paige Can I ask you something, I asked. ‘’ Sure said Paige. ‘’ Will your um, be my girlfriend, I asked. ‘’ Of course I will, Keaton, said Paige. ‘’ Your Cute, I said. ‘’ Your hot, said Paige. ‘’ Want to go somewhere, to make out babe, I asked. ‘’ Fuck yeah, said Paige. ‘’ Do you have a phone, I asked. ‘’ Yeah said Paige. ‘’ Can I have your phone, number I asked. ‘’ Sure said Paige. ‘’ Just type it in my, phone I said. ‘’ Okay type yours in mine said Paige. ‘’ Okay I said. So Paige put her number in my phone, and I put mine in her phone. ‘’ Done I said. ‘’ Yeah same said Paige. ‘’ Can we kiss at my place, I said. ‘’ What after school, asked Paige. ‘’ Yeah I said. ‘’ Okay love you, Keaton said Paige. ‘’ Love you too, I said.  ‘’ I’m going to hang out with, my friend’s babe said Paige. ‘’ Okay I said. ‘’ Who are you going, to hang out with babe, asked Paige. ‘’ I don’t know, I said. ‘’ You can hang out with me and my friends, said Paige. ‘’ Okay thanks babe, I said. ‘’ That’s okay, said Paige. So I hanged out with my awesome, hot girlfriend Paige but the bell had to go for the first class fuck. Damn it was fucking English first up, fuck. But lots of words were coming in my head, and they were not nice, things.  Keaton You’re an asshole, or don’t be at school you fucking loser. All of these words just, made me break down in tears. But I didn’t know that Paige was in this class, so I just walked out of class to cool off.  ‘’ Wes, what’s wrong with your brother, asked Paige. ‘’ Oh no, I know what’s going on said Wes. ‘’ Wes tell me, asked Paige. ‘’ I can’t said Wes. ‘’ Please I’m his girlfriend, said Paige. ‘’ Okay the words, that he thinks, is from our dad, said Wes. ‘’ Really, asked Paige. ‘’ Paige it’s true, said Rach. ‘’ Oh okay, said Paige.  Later I walked back in class, not happy at all, I knew I couldn’t be there anymore. ‘’ Hey Wes can I ask, you something bro I asked. ‘’ Yeah sure Bro, said Wes. ‘’ Outside please Bro, I asked. ‘’ Okay said Wes. ‘’ Keaton everything okay, asked Paige. ‘’ Paige everything is okay, I said. ‘’ Okay we talk after school right, asked Paige. ‘’ Yeah I said.  So Wes and I got outside of the class room, but I had my bag with me still. ‘’ Keaton what’s wrong, asked Wes. ‘’ Everything I said. ‘’ Like what do you, mean everything bro, asked Wes. ‘’ I hate this school, and my life I said. ‘’ KEATON DON’T SAY THAT, YELLED WES. ‘’ IT’S TRUE, I YELLED. ‘’ Okay said Wes. ‘’ I’m going home, I said. ‘’ I’m coming too, because I know what you would do, said Wes. ‘’ Okay I said. ‘’ I’m going home, I said. ‘’ I’m coming too, because I know what you would do, said Wes. ‘’ Okay I said.  Later  Rach comes out with her stuff, since  she knows what I would do, as well. ‘’ I’m leaving I said. ‘’ We are coming with you, said Wes. ‘’ Okay I said. So Rach and Wes, and I left the  school grounds in my car since Wes had his car at home, and Rach didn’t have one just yet.  Later We  got home, and  all of us went inside the house, but there was no way I’m going back to school.  But I didn’t know that I had a message, from Drew. * Message from Drew* 

D: Hey Keaton, I Hope you’re okay, sorry if I wasn’t at school bro- Drew

Back I did reply back to him .

K: I’m okay just had a break down, and that’s okay Drew- Keaton

D:  Need me to come over- Drew

K:  Yeah  but are you with your girlfriend- Keaton

D: Yeah I’m at the hospital with her- Drew

K:  Is she okay? - Keaton

D:  Yeah she just had Rose- Drew

K: Really – Keaton

D: Yeah – Drew.

Later I dropped my phone on the floor, smiling again. Later I dropped my phone on the floor, smiling again.  ‘’ Did Drew made you happy, asked Wes. ‘’ Yeah I said. ‘’ How asked Wes. ‘’ Bella had the baby, I said. ‘’ Oh okay said Wes.

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