Too Shy 5sos+ Emblem3

Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


4. Hanging out with Drew Chadwick - Bella

So I was in my bedroom with Drew, when my mum had to come in the bedroom fuck. ‘’ What mum I asked. ‘’ YOU NEED TO GET NEW, FRIENDS YELLED My mum ( Clare). ‘’ I do have new friends, I said. ‘’ Like Who asked, my mum. ‘’  Keaton Stromberg, and Wesley Stromberg, and Rach Stromberg, I said . ‘’ But who is he, asked my mum. ‘’ I’m Drew her boyfriend, said Drew. ‘’ Oh  you better not hurt her, said my mum. ‘’ I won’t I don’t hurt, girls said Drew. ‘’ Okay said My stupid mother. Later my mum, finally leaves my bedroom damn I fucking hate her. ‘’ Gosh she is rude, said Drew. ‘’ I know she  is, rude I said. ‘’ Why is she  like that, asked Drew. ‘’ Well ever since, my  older brother Daniel, die she started to take it out on me, since I was close to my brother, I said in tears.  ‘’ Awe  sorry to hear, about your lost, babe said Drew. ‘’ Thanks I said. ‘’  Want to come, to my place babe asked Drew. ‘’ Yeah I need to get away, from my mum, I said. ‘’ Let’s go babe, said Drew. So I took my phone, and all of my stuff since I couldn’t stay there, anymore. So I just went to Drew’s house but he live a crossed the road, from me fuck I didn’t know that.  ‘’ Bella where are you, going asked Jack ( My dad). ‘’ I leaving this shit house, I said. ‘’ Where would you go, asked my dad. ‘’ To my house, said Drew. ‘’ Oh bye forever, said my dad. ‘’ Bye forever, I said. Later I just walked out with all my things, and took them to Drew’s place. But I hope his parents are not mean or anything like mine are. ‘’ Omg I love your house, babe I said. ‘’ Thanks babe, said Drew.  So Drew and I when inside the house, and he took all my things in his bedroom damn his room was cool. ‘’ I love your room too, babe I said. ‘’ Thanks babe it’s a cool room said Drew. ‘’ Yeah it is I said. ‘’ Babe I want you too, meet  my family,  said Drew. ‘’ Okay I said. So I went to meet Drew’s family damn they seemed really nice. ‘’ Bella I would like, you to meet my mum Kristy, and my half-brother Jake, and my older sister Bridget, said Drew. ‘’ Hi Nice to meet yours, I said.‘’ Your pretty, said Bridget. ‘’ Thanks, I said.  ‘’ Bridget,  can have alone time, with my girlfriend said Drew. ‘’ Sure Drew, said Bridget. ‘’ Thanks sis, love ya Said Drew. ‘’ Haha your welcome, bro love ya more brother, said Bridget. Finally Bridget left with Jake, and Miss Chadwick now that I can be alone with Drew Chadwick.   ‘’ My baby girl, said Drew. ‘’ Yeah my baby boy, I asked. ‘’  I want something, so badly said Drew. ‘’ What’s that babe, I asked. ‘’ I want to have a kid with you babe,  said Drew.  ‘’ Then what are we, waiting for babe, I said. ‘’ Let’s do it tonight babe, said Drew. ‘’ Yeah I said. ‘’ I fucking  love you, Bella said Drew. ‘’ I fucking love you more, Drew I said.’’ Let’s go to my bedroom, because my sister is watching us from the kitchen, said Drew. ‘’ Okay  I said. So Drew and I went to his bedroom, so no one can stare at us, but Drew shut his door and locked in from the inside. 

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