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Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


7. Finding out the sex of the baby for the first time.

So the next morning was the day to find out, the sex of  the baby, since I was about 20 weeks. Later Drew drove, me to the hospital for the check up, damn I was scared about it.  ‘’ Hi how may I help you, asked Sammy. ‘’  Hi My girlfriend’s is here to have a checkup, said Drew. ‘’ Her name is Asked Sam. ‘’ It’s Bella Clifford, said Drew. ‘’ Okay  Take a seat, and the doctor will call her out, said Sam. So Drew and I took a seat, near the  front of the  waiting room. Later I got called in to go in the room. '' Bella Clifford said Dr. Richard.  So I went in the room with Dr. Richard, and Drew came in the room as well.‘’  Dr. Richard. Can you us the sex, of  the baby asked Drew. ‘’ Sure said Dr. Richard.  So I had the checkup and the doctor, told Drew and I the sex of the baby. ‘’ Ready for the Sex, of the little one, asked Dr. Richard.’’ Yeah I said. ‘’ Yes said Drew.  ‘’ It’s a…… Girl said Dr. Richard.‘’ Omg really I asked. ‘’ Yeah really, said Dr. Richard. ‘’ Thanks so much, Dr. Richard. ‘’ That’s okay Bella, and Drew said Dr. Richard . Later Drew and  I left the hospital, to tell the others before he tells his mum the sex of the baby. ‘’ Babe should we tell, Wes and Keaton the sex of the baby, I asked. ‘’ Yeah that’s where I was going, too babe said Drew. ‘’ Okay Babe I said.  So Drew and I arrived at Wesley’s place, to tell all of them the baby’s sex.  ‘’ Drew is here, yelled Keaton. ‘’ DREW YELLED WESLEY. ‘’ Is like you haven’t see me, in a while Wes said Drew. ‘’ Nope said Wesley. ‘’ Why are you here, asked Rach. ‘’ I’m here, because Bella and I need to tell yours something said Drew. ‘’ What’s that Drew, asked Wes. ‘’ Want to know the sex, of the baby asked Drew. ‘’ Fuck yeah, said Wesley. ‘’ Tell us said Rach. ‘’ Yeah Said Keaton. ‘’ It’s a baby girl, said Drew. ‘’ What are you going to name, her asked Wes. ‘’ We were thinking, Jessica Lee, Chadwick said Drew. ‘’ You could call, her Rose Lee Chadwick, said Keaton. ‘’ I love that name, said Drew. ‘’ Yeah Same, I said. ‘’ Well I better tell my mum, the sex of the baby, said Drew. ‘’ Okay said Keaton. ‘’ Next time Drew, text us okay, said Wes. ‘’ Alright, said Drew.  Later Drew and I left Keaton’s and Wesley’s, Rach’s place and both of us went back home to tell his mum the news. ‘’ Drew why are you so happy, asked Bridget. ‘’ I’m going to be a father, said Drew. ‘’ What’s the sex of the baby, asked Jake. ‘’ It’s a girl I said. ‘’ Kool, said Bridget. ‘’ What are yours naming her, asked Bridget. ‘’ Rose Lee Chadwick, said Drew. ‘’ Cute name, said Bridget. ‘’ Yeah it is now shut up, for once Bridget said Drew. So I just went in Drew’s  bedroom with him, to watch a movie together. ‘’  Babe want to  watch, a movie, asked Drew. ‘’Yes  I said. ‘’ What movie, asked Drew. ‘’ What movies are there, I asked. ‘’ I have My sister’s keeper,  scary movies, and hotel for dogs, Lol  and mean girls, Triple dog, said Drew. ‘’ Can we watch Triple dog, I asked. ‘’ Sure babe, said Drew. So Drew and I were watching the movie, triple dog together, until I fall asleep on his bed.


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