Too Shy 5sos+ Emblem3

Rach Stromberg and Keaton, and Wesley, Drew starts a new school, but all of them were too shy to talk to anyone else besides each other. But Luke Hemmings falls for Rach Stromberg and ends up dating, her and has sex with her at his place.


8. Awe My princess is Cute Asleep- Drew

Drew’s Pov: Awe it’s so cute when my girlfriend, goes asleep next to me. But I wanted to take a photo of her, sleeping but I didn’t want to wake her up. Damn I love her so much. ‘’ Drew what are you doing, asked Bella. ‘’ Nothing babe, I said. ‘’ What are you doing, with your phone asked Bella. ‘’ I want to take a photo of us, I said. ‘’ Okay babe, said Bella. ‘’ Can we I asked. ‘’ Yeah sure Drew, said Bella.So I  finally took a photo with my girlfriend, so I could change my lock screen on my phone since  I hated the one, with my sister, Bridget.  ‘’ Babe don’t you look hot, in that picture, said Bella. ‘’ Yeah Really hot babe, I said.  ‘’ Your fucking hot, said Bella. ‘’ Your fucking cute, I said. ‘’ Your fucking sexy, said Bella. ‘’ Your fucking beautiful, I said. ‘’ Your Handsome, said Bella. ‘’ Fuck I forget, I go on tour tomorrow, night I said. ‘’ Awe I’m going to miss, you babe said Bella. ‘’ I’m going to miss you too, babe I said. ‘’ Well I’m tired babe, said Bella. ‘’ Same babe I said. ‘’ Let’s get some sleep since, it’s like 12am, said Bella. ‘’ Fuck I said. So Bella and I both went to sleep since it was 12am, in the morning, but I have to get up at  7am.  


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