The moonlight star

Alexandria made her way down the abandoned street that had the heavy aroma of salt and pastries, you would think that the smell would be unappealing but it actually gives you a heartfelt feeling when you breath it in, the feeling of longing, the feeling of missing home instantly disappears and gets replaced by a secure and loved heaviness making you feel as if you belonged, as if everything was going to be okay. Ever since Alexandria could remember she would sneak away just to walk the streets at night, the night time in Paris was just beautiful, the old-fashioned scenery was always more vivid late in the night it was like the moon was caressing the buildings with it's light knowing just were to go to add a vibrant and historic feeling, but that feeling was to good to last forever, It all changed when Alexandria was almost kidnapped a couple weeks back she just lucky that man Sebastian was there to help or else she would have been dragged away and god know's what would of happened to


3. The darkness creeps



Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence."

Pope John Paul II

"There's been a lot of criminal activity near central station, I hope everyone stays safe on there way home." 

"Talk about crap." Mumbling I shut off the news in my office, not that I could hear the new's well over the sound of the blaring music seeping through the crappy office door. It's not a good Idea to build a Club and put a living space above it I thought to myself while I jumped out of my office chair and took long strides down stairs so I could join in on the fun. Yay

"Yo Sebastian, why you over here all alone don't you see all these totally drop dead gorgeous women." Cade exclaimed as he hit my back with his big meaty hand it's surprising that I didn't fly out of my chair.

"Damn It Cade if you keep hitting me you'll end up breaking me, god are you fucking thor? If not are you Hulk?, and put your damn tongue back in your mouth this isn't an all you can eat buffet." I exclaimed 

Cade rolled his eyes and made his way back to the dance floor to hit on his next target, a blonde girl with a tight light blue dress that showed the dip of her breast. Unattractive

I personally prefer a girl with an intelligent side, for me it's more of brains then boobs. Letting out a heavy sigh I make my way towards the exit, I needed a change of scenery. Cade's a slob


  I kept running through the twist and turns of the alleyways, the sound of the men's foot steps grew closer and closer as they caught up with me. Why won't they give up already. 

There was an opening at the end of the alleyway, It lead to a club, a club that seemed to be very busy. The outside was lit up with neon lights and loud Techno music seeped out of the building filling the silent night with loud beats, the smell of alcohol seemed to ooze out of the building leaving the surrounding area tainted with the smell of booze. Drunken people from men to women were making there way out and filling the street with sounds of laughter and the sound of trash cans being knocked over from them losing balance. It was my only hope.

I ran as fast as I could to the building hoping, and needing to reach the inside or someone who was sober enough to help me. I barely made it to the curb when hands seized me up from behind. 

"Let go of me!" I screamed twisting and turning in hopes of escape, safety was right in front of me but I had no hope of even making it close enough for them to hear me struggle. 

"Come on little miss you know we can't do that." 

"Let me go please." I barely whispered before one of the men put a piece of tap over my mouth. I couldn't help but let a tear slide down my cheek, I was going to die. Was all I could think as they dragged me towards there car. 

Anyone, Someone please help me. I thought to myself as I finally gave in and let tear after tear roll down my face as I fought, kicked, and twisted trying to get free again even if it's only for a second..


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