The moonlight star

Alexandria made her way down the abandoned street that had the heavy aroma of salt and pastries, you would think that the smell would be unappealing but it actually gives you a heartfelt feeling when you breath it in, the feeling of longing, the feeling of missing home instantly disappears and gets replaced by a secure and loved heaviness making you feel as if you belonged, as if everything was going to be okay. Ever since Alexandria could remember she would sneak away just to walk the streets at night, the night time in Paris was just beautiful, the old-fashioned scenery was always more vivid late in the night it was like the moon was caressing the buildings with it's light knowing just were to go to add a vibrant and historic feeling, but that feeling was to good to last forever, It all changed when Alexandria was almost kidnapped a couple weeks back she just lucky that man Sebastian was there to help or else she would have been dragged away and god know's what would of happened to


1. Chapter 1

The strong aroma of booze and sweat hit Alexandria hard when she opened the door to her friend's bar, "That smell." Alexandria complained while holding back the nasty gag of what had been her dinner made it's way into her throat, walking up to the dance floor Alexandria walked through the sudden path that had been cleared, looking through the crowd of people that filled the room and trying to avoid getting stepped on by the people who were to into dancing to realize she was there she continued to look until she finally emerged from the dancing body's to find herself on the other side of the bar, Alexandria was trying to find the asshole she called a boyfriend, her friend who was the owner of the bar had called her telling her that Mr.Ass was rubbing up on someone, but no matter how many times she asked he wouldn't tell her all he said was you'll need to see this for yourself before he hung up the phone, Alexandria wasn't planning on going to look but her curiosity had gotten the best of her, finally pin pointing him she saw that he wasn't alone, he was with her one and only big sister, Alexandria was shocked to the point she couldn't even function as she watched her boyfriend of 5 year's kiss her sister, "Bastard..." She thought to herself as she watched her the person who was expose to be her sister rubbing up on her boyfriend, her functions returned when she finally accepted the fact that this wasn't a dream and if it was, it wasn't a good one. Alexandria's body was filled with the heavy feeling of betrayal, scoffing she turned on her heel and ran through the ocean of bodies this time pushing everyone out of her way so she could get through, she stopped at the entrance and saw that all eye's were on her, even the guy she once believed loved her was staring at her, he didn't even have an ounce of guilt on his face he only had a look of pure satisfaction as if he wanted this to happen, as if he wanted to hurt her, Alexandria went to walk out the entrance when her friend grabbed her arm and yanked her to him, "Are you just going to let that asshole get away with this!" He yelled his alcohol scented breath was like a smack in the face, she could tell that he had been trying his hardest not to rip the bastard apart on the spot, "what am I expose to do, even if I do something it won't change what happened." She whispered sliding her friends death grip off of her arm letting his hand fall back to his sighed, he scoffed, "If you won't do something then I will." He snarled grabbing the closest alcoholic beverage chucking it at the asshole's face, the bottle missed by an inch hitting the wall behind him shattering, everyone went quite finally noticing the commotion that was going on around them, "Jerk's like him don't deserve to be let off the hook." He grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of the building, "Damn it Alexandria why are you so emotionless, you should be getting mad, you should be screaming, yelling, and pulling out his hair." He exclaimed running his hands through his thick curly black hair, ''Matt it's okay." Smiling the best fake smile she had Alexandria left him standing there and made her way down the street, "Was I to nice this time." She thought to herself as she made her way down the moonlight brick road, "I can't believe all this has actually happened." Her mind was going 90 miles a minutes when she turned down the ally that lead to her home, the home that she couldn't wait to hide away in. The moonlight was blocked by the buildings leaving the ally to collect as much light it could from the entrance and exit, Alexandria was pulled out of her thought process when she noticed a moving truck in front of her place, not caring about the existence of the truck she walked past it and lazily climbed up the steps to her front door,as she was taking out her keys she had the creeping feeling that someone was behind her, not thinking much of it she turned her head and looked at the truck only to see two men were sitting inside, feeling a little surge of panic go through her body she turned and faced her door, after a couple minutes of standing there and nothing happening she put her key in the lock of the front door with shaky hands, only for the door to swing open on it's own revealing a dark bulky figure standing in her door way, I don't remember inviting company, Alexandria through her bag at the man and turned to run only to find herself surrounded by the two men who were in the truck and the new comer.  



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