Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


This IS my story. It's also been published on Wattled, also by me.
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4. The day with the bonfire | part 1

"Sweetie? Dinner is ready." My mom said peeping her head through the door. She had this mom-like smile on her face. 

"Okay, be there in a second, mom." I said and sent her a smile. She simply closed the door and went back downstairs like she had done these past couple of days. I couldn't blame her. 

I had been rather quiet these days. Compared to how I usually was. This shouldn't be bugging me this much. It should've been way out of my head days go, but it just wasn't. I couldn't let it go. I couldn't let that guy go and I couldn't let Justin go. I know that Justin only did what he did to be protective or whatever, but there was no reason for his aggressive behavior. Punching and shoving that guy was reckless and irresponsible, and I was never one to care much for irresponsibility. I could've handled that situation myself and no one would've gotten hurt, but Justin went off like a timed bomb. It stuck with me. It was stuck on me. I couldn't help but feel like it was my fault that guy got beat up even though he was the one who crossed the line. Actually he didn't just cross the line he basically shitted on it, which also made me really irritated. 

Catalina, Fleur and Mia had been asking me - begging me, actually - to talk to Justin and at least thanking him, but I was unsure if I thought he deserved to be thanked for what he did. 


"Dinner is really great mom." I said and smiled reassuring to her. She had asked me a few times why I was so quiet all of a sudden. If I was okay. I had just said that I had a lot of homework and school assignments so I didn't get much sleep. She seemed to have bought it. 

"Thank you sweetie! It's this french dish I was taught how to make in Montreal," she started explaining how she had gotten to know the dish, and how she learned how to make it. My mom sort of a housewife. She didn't stay home all the time. She had a job, but she only worked a few hours a day because she wanted to stay at home and cook and clean. Take care of her plants and such. "You know, Carl, I simply don't know what's happening. My dragon tree has been withering fast lately. And it looks as if there is some type of fungus growing on it." My dad looked at her as if she was expecting him to know what she was talking about. The dragon tree was basically the plant I poured my wine glass in - and the rest of the bottle when I got home, because Catalina never finished it. Sorry mom, I seem to have killed your dragon tree. 

"You know honey," my mom suddenly said as she was scrubbing left-overs from dinner off a baking dish. "Mia called earlier." She added and smiled to me.  

"She did?" I said and had just remembered that I put my phone in the drawer of my nightstand after I turned it off. She had probably tried to call me as well. "What did she say?" I smiled. 

"She said she tried to call you, but your phone went to voicemail," she said as if that was a horrible thing. "She wanted to tell you that she the rest of the girls and some other people from school are going to have a bonfire tomorrow in the woods." She said smiling as if encouraging me to go. She must've noticed that I haven't hung out with anyone for a week. 

"Nice!" I said and smiled to my mom. I actually wanted to go. Maybe it would get my mind off of Justin and his raging temper and reckless behavior from the other night. "I'll tell her in school tomorrow that I'll be there." I assured. A bonfire in the woods sounded like a lot of fun. 


I hadn't been driving with Fleur and the girls to school this week at all. I think I said I wanted to walk and enjoy the good weather and light morning before fall would come upon Stratford, which it would rather soon. The reality was I wanted to be alone. 

I walked to school that day too. I was gonna come and sit with them at lunch right after this algebra class was over. I liked algebra. It wasn't the worst subject. The reason why I liked it was because it was so logic, no analytical crap like in lit. Sometimes you just need a break from analytical thinking and algebra was doing that for me today. 

But as much as algebra sometimes it kind of a relief to me I felt super satisfied when the bell finally dismissed us. It was going to be nice to talk to my friends again. Friend of which I had been avoiding for a week just trying to get myself together over nothing. I packed my things together in a rush almost being impatient with excitement to see my friends again. 

The hall was as always filled with students making their way to the canteen to be first in line for lunch. Not that lunch was ever that special, but a hungry highschool student will eat anything. At least that's what I've found. I was better when I woke up this morning, so I had actually made a sandwich for myself so I wouldn't have to stand ind line for lunch. 

When I got into the canteen I was please to see that my friends were at their usual table. Made my life a little easier. 

"Hey guys," I blurted out happily as I sat down beside Catalina. She turned her head and at first she looked a little surprised. I'm guessing she didn't expect me to come with them. None of the girls really looked like they expected my presence. 

"Uh hey Ella," Catalina said happily and laid an arm around my neck. "Are you done being huff?" she giggled and smiled sincerely. 

"Definitely," I laugh and lay an arm around her as well. "I'm sorry I flipped on you guys, I was just really confused and mad about the whole situation," I excused and looked at them with a regretful look in my eyes. I truly did regret that I had taken my anger and irritation out on them when they were just trying to help. 

"It's okay," said Fleur and Mia nodded in agreement as she stuffed a grape in her mouth and smiled. "We knew you were just being grumpy," Fleur giggled and took a sip of her orange juice. 

"Yea," Mia said while cheewing on her grape. She started chewing more targeted as though she had to break a record. After she had swallowed the grape she picked up another one and looked me straight in the eye. "We just didn't think it'd take a week for you to get over yourself Mrs. I-don't-support-violence." She laughed jokingly and so did the rest of I. Of course the whole situation was not out of my mind yet. I hadn't forgotten if that's what they thought. Also the guy from the party had come up to me in school a few times and tried to apologize, but I cut him off each time. If there was someone I didn't want to talk to it was him. 

"So uhm," I started while unpacking my home made sandwich, "my mom tells me I have been invited to a bonfire?" I smile gratefully yet still indicating that I'm interested in going. 

"Yes! Are you gonna come?" Mia asked excitedly with a big smile plastered across her face. 

"Of course!" I said and laughed. "But I gotta do my homework first." I said in a joking way. They knew it was true. That I really was going to do my homework and assignments first, but they thought it was funny. 

"Cool! We're all meeting at 7.30pm here at school!" 


"Mom, dad - I'm going." I said and kissed my dad's cheek. 

"You're wearing that?" He said and gave the elevator look. He didn't look to pleased with my outfit, but he was a dad so I didn't really blame him. My outfit wasn't that bad. Just a pair of high-waisted, white skinny jeans and a black off shoulder crop-top. 

"Yes, dad," I laughed and said goodbye to my mom." 

"Be home before midnight!" My mom called as I hurried out the door and marched to Fleur's car which was parked outside my house. As soon as I got in the car sped off headed for the school. We weren't late or anything, but we were all excited. 

"Who's even coming other than us?" I asked. No one had told me anything about who was coming other than us. Just that a few others were coming as well. 

"Uhm Jonathan and Mike. I think Mike said his older brother would be coming too and that he would bring a friend." Mia said. Fleur and Catalina cooed a silent 'oooh'. Probably about the older brother part. Mia laughed a little. She seemed really excited. Wonder how it was going with her an Jonathan. 

School wasn't far from where I lived so we were there within minutes. There were a few people waiting at the stairs in front of the main door. 4 guys, so I assumed they were the ones we'd be hanging out with tonight. We had some blankets and folding chairs in the trunk. As far as I could see they also had some for themselves. 

When the car stopped I hopped out and took the blankets. Mia called for Jonathan to come help. He and Mike ran to us whereas the two other guys just walked. I couldn't really see their faces in the dim lighting from the light posts, but I thought for a second that i recognized a silhouette with dirty blonde hair. 

He looked at me and smiled confidently when he walked past me. "Ella," he said with a smile on his face. Once again his eyes were off me shortly after he had laid them on me and my eyes were plastered on him. Justin. He was here tonight. I took a deep breathe and sighed. As if this couldn't get any worse. The guy who had been stuck in my head for all the wrong reasons kept popping up everywhere. He was impossible to completely forget. 

"Do you guys even know how to light a fire?" I asked when the guys had been at it for about an hour. It was getting a bit colder out here. 

"Chill! It's getting there," said Cooper, Mike's older brother as he blew on a few embers. 

All of us girls cried out a relieved 'yes' when the embers finally caught onto the dry wood and the fire started. We started spreading out blankets and the few folding chairs we had around the bonfire. The sun wasn't all down yet, but the moon was beginning to come out on this late August night. In a few days it would officially be fall and some of the leaves had already started falling down from the trees. I sat on the ground on a blanket and enjoyed the heat from the bonfire. The air was getting colder and I was feeling it on my bare shoulders. 

As it got colder and we eventually ran out of little twigs and wood I started freezing. The other girls were packed up in blankets and all sitting on folding chairs. I sat on my blanket, because I didn't wanna sit on the bare ground. Long story short I was really beginning to freeze since I - now - didn't have the warmth from the bonfire to fight the cold air slightly stinging my skin. 

No one seemed to be noticing how much the fire was burning out. Maybe because no one was cold like I was. The guys had their precious sweaters. Not that the sweaters did much. Guys were always so warm anyway. 

"Okay," I said carelessly interrupting everybody's conversations. "I'm gonna go find some wood for this bonfire. Can I have the flashlight?" I looked at Mike since he had it last. 

"Yea sure," he said and handed me the flashlight. This thing was almost like one of those big spotlights they have at movie premiers and stuff. No way I was gonna lose my way with this thing. 

"Thanks Mike," I simply said and took the flashlight. It was heavy. If anyone should sneak upon me, there was no doubt who was going to win that fight. "If I'm not done in an hour send a rescue team." I giggled a little and started my journey into the darkness with only a flashlight to lighten my path. I couldn't see more than approximately 50ft ahead. 

"Hey wait up! I'll come!" I heard a familiar voice in the back. I turned around smiling to see Justin getting up from his blanket and walked to me. He wasn't rushing or anything. He just had that typical confident smile on his face. 

"Is it safe going alone with you?" I asked him teasingly. 

"I guess you'll have to find out," she said and winked at me and he snatched the flashlight from my hand. 


*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** 


So it has been 5 days you guys, and i promised you that I would update every 5 days! Either way, I hope you guys liked this chapter! I sure had fun writing it and there's a lot more coming, TRUST ME! 

I wanna say thank you so much to everyone reading my story, liking and favoriting the story, it means a lot to me! 

As always, like and favorite for direct notification every time I update this story, and don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts! 

Until next time! - Une fille 

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