Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


This IS my story. It's also been published on Wattled, also by me.
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9. The day I got swept off my feet

We pulled up at a large house. Not like a mansion. Well maybe a small mansion. It was definitely bigger than mine, that was all I could really say. The land was huge as well. Maybe I was right when I asked Catalina if girls wanted to get with Justin because he was wealthy. There was large area of grass in the front yard. Little bushes and trees symmetrically places on the front porch. There were a few stairs leading to the main door. The house looked very neat. It could only belong to his parents. There was no way he lived here on his own. 

"Come on," Cooper said and got out of the Car. I followed him from Justin's car to the main door. Cooper reached out for the handle before I slapped his hand away. 

"Wait." I said and looked at him. "Can I have some of that liquor now?" I asked nervously really wanting some. My nerves had gotten to me and I needed something to soothe them with. 

"Ella... no. Get yourself together." He said and patted my back before he opened the door and all there was in front of me was drunk kids who were most likely older than I was. Cooper almost pushed me inside the house and I felt myself freaking out. I gasped when someone came running through the hallway with someone else right behind him. Were these... college kids? 

"Ella?!" Somebody yelled from across the hallway. I was looking all around the place to try and see who had called my name. I looked from the left to the right and made a 360 turn before Jonathan suddenly was in front of me. 

"Jonathan?!" I called out in surprise mentally slapping myself. I hadn't told any of the girls about this party. Well they couldn't really get mad could they? 

Jonathan said hi and hugged me tightly. I hugged back to be polite and try to hide the fact that i was currently mentally shitting myself. When Jonathan let go I did myself a favor and took off my sweater. I was feeling hot already just from being in the house for a couple of minutes. 

"Come on," Jonathan said laying an arm around my neck. "The party is outside, Justin's parents would kill him if he ruined anything in here." He laughed and guided me through he house to what would be the back yard. There was a pool out here and of course there were some people in it. I don't know why that always happens, but whenever there's a party and a pool, somebody jumps in the pool. Unwritten party rule I guess. In the very back of the yard I saw some people running around with what seemed to be foam lances. Probably mean for the pool. They were playing around with them, hitting each other like little immature children. I laughed a little to myself and shook my head over them. One of them began running towards the house and soon got into the lighting. Behind the boy I spotted the familiar dirty blonde haired boy whom I found so impeccably attractive. His hair was all messy and he looked so boyish when he was running around like that.  

Cooper appeared before my eyes on his way to Justin. I didn't even realize that he had left my side. In a split second he had snatched the foamy thing from Justin and started beating him with it. I laughed at their boyish, silly game. Cooper suddenly hit Justin in the face with the foam lance and I raised my hand to my hoping. I hope it didn't hurt too much. Justin raised his hand to his cheek where he was hit and laughs a little more as he walked playfully threatening towards Cooper who raised his hands in defense and nodded in my direction. Oh no. Act normal Elli. Justin turned around and noticed me instantly. A big smile formed upon his face. 

"Ella," he said and hugs me. "You made it after all." He smiled and placed his warm hands on my bare arms holding me still. 

"Bad girls have more fun right?" I laughed and shrugged a bit. 

"True," He said and laid an arm behind my back. "Let's get you a drink." 

Before I could anything he was already walking towards the table with all the drinks and I was walking with him. There were all kinds of drinks on the table. Whiskeys of all kinds, vodka, tequila, some wine here and there. Heck even rum. And of course beer. 

"What do you want?" He asked and looked at me with a smile on his lips. His teeth slightly showing. 

"Oh I'm good thanks. " I replied and raised my hands up next to my face while laughing. 

He chuckled and raised a brow at me. "Let's try that again," he said and looked at me with the same boyish smile. "What do you want?" 

"Um..." I swallowed a lump in my throat and looked at all the alcohol. I was definitely not old enough for this, and the only thing I ever had was wine and champagne for Christmas and New Years. "I don't know," I said and looked at him cluelessly. "Surprise me I guess?" I giggled and put a strand of hair behind my ear. Why was I acting like this? 

He nodded and chuckled. I loved the sound of his chuckle. So deep and sort of raspy. "Close your eyes then." He said, and I willingly did as he told me. Theoretically speaking he could be poisoning my drink or something, but I had decided to blindly trust him. 

"You know if you poison me you'll never get your sweater." I said and crossed my arms, still with my eyes shut. I heard him laugh and I couldn't help but smile. 

"Well you're lucky I love that sweater then," he said. "Here you go." He handed me one of those iconic red cups and I looked at it skeptically as he poured some beer for himself. 

"Bottoms up." He said and raised his glass a little. I mimicked his gesture and I led the red cup to my lips in a careful manner before I leaned my head back throwing the strong liquid down my throat leaving a slight burning sensation and a warm feeling in my body. 

My throat felt like it was on fire after I had emptied the cup. I had to shake my head to endure the feeling of my burning throat. It literally felt like my throat was on fire, and it felt like the fire continued running down my throat. It filled up my body in no time and the chilly air has suddenly disappeared from the conscious part of me. 

I looked up at Justin with a slight smile on my face trying to hide the grimace I was making due to the strong alcohol. 

"Too much?" He chuckled as he asked, clearly noticing the face I was trying to hide. I nodded and laughed in response. He smiled down at me and I couldn't help but smile back. He definitely had some type of effect on me. I suddenly felt a strong force hitting me from my right side and a slight pain shot through my right arm as I was pushed to the side. I turned to see what had hit me, but all I saw was Justin stepping in front of me. 

"Hey, watch what the fuck you're doing." He said with a serious, harsh tone in his voice as he pushed the guy back. I could tell Justin wasn't using all his strength by the way he pushed him. 

The guy he had pushed looked at Justin with a slightly frightened look. "I-I'm sorry Justin... Sorry," he simply said. his voice sounded like he knew he has definitely crossed a line of Justin's. Just like that guy from the other party. 

The party had continued like I expected. People kept getting more and more drunk including Justin, who wasn't drunk when I got her,e oddly enough. He was now though. Not wasted drunk, but definitely on his way down that path if he'd keep drinking at the same pace, which I hoped not. There was probably not a single sober person here. Not even myself. 

My head was slightly spinning. Not much, but I wasn't in doubt that I had something to drink. No worries though my sight was still clear and I still had excellent control over my limbs and speaking abilities. 

"Hey Ella!" I suddenly heard Justin call from behind me as I was minding my own business in a corner. Justin had left my side a while ago to hang out with his guests and I had stayed behind feeling like an outcast as I was probably the only highschool student here and probably also the only one who hadn't been drinking absurd amounts of alcohol. I took a deep breath and walked towards Justin with a slight smile on my face, and when I finally got there he laid an arm around my neck ans quickly introduced me to his friends. I looked up at him with a little smile on my face only to find he was already looked at me. I felt my cheeks getting a little warm as I looked questioning at him. 

"Come with me." He said and nodded his head towards the door to the house and started walking there before I could say anything. 

I felt myself getting a little warm. He still had his arm around my neck and his body was incredibly warm this close to mine. Or maybe it was just the alcohol flowing in my blood, plating games with me. "Where are we going?" I asked trying not to sound too nervous or anything because I really truly was. 

"The basement. To get more beer, we're running out of it." He smiled down at me and opened the door to the basement. 

"And you don't think your friends had enough to drink?" I laughed questioning whether more beer as really necessary as we walked down the stairs to the basement. He simply laughed at my remark and unwrapped his arm from my neck. The spot where his arm had been instantly turned ice cold and I immediately wanted him to put his arm back. To feel his skin against mine again. 

I furrowed my brows in deep confusion when he turned on the lights in the basement. I walked around a little looking around me. I was surrounded by beer kegs. I turned to him as I placed my hand on one of the large metal beer kegs and raised a brow at him. "You know this is a pony keg right?", he simply laughed as he took a few steps towards me. "You know these hold like 7.5 gallons right?". 

"Yup," he said and smiled at me as he grabbed one of the kegs stacked on top and carried it down without struggling. "I know," he said and carried another one down. "I just wanted to get you alone," he said and winked charmingly at me. I heart stopped for a second. I felt a warmth spreading in me and my cheeks got really warm. I looked down at my shoes to avoid him seeing my blushing face. The image of my lonely feet were ruined when I suddenly saw Justin's feet right in front of mine. I looked up and saw his dark brown eyes right in front of me, slowly and painfully welding their way into my soul. 

Soon enough he had me cornered, back against the beer kegs and him in front of me. I couldn't escape him down here and I didn't want to. He had this charming smile plastered across his face which made my knees weak. His intense, dark eyes completely focused on me. 

He licked his lips ever so slowly and I was utterly incapable of keeping my eyes off of them. My heart slowly starting racing as his wet tongue moistened his lips and left a slightly glistening surface on them. I remembered the feeling of his soft, rose petal lips brushing against mine and an urge started rising from deep within me. An urge to crash his lips with mine. To close the distance between us. 

I looked up at him. Almost begging for him to kiss me. I was sure he knew that I wanted him to do it, but he was making me wait so painfully long for those lucius lips. I can almost assure you he was doing it on purpose. 

I imagined what his lips would feel like in a heated, sensual kiss. The kind of kiss where he would just grab me and kiss me like his life depended on it. Like those kisses you see in the movies, where the guy just grabs the girl and finally kisses her. That kiss you've been waiting for the whole movie. 

His face was close now. I could feel his breath on my dry lips. His breath smelled like a mixture of some strong liquor and beer. Not very nice, but I didn't put much mind to it. Forcing myself I finally took my eyes off his lips and turned them to his eyes. When I first glanced up at his eyes, his eyes were locked on my lips, but he soon switched his gaze to my eyes. His dark eyes were filled with something I hadn't quite noticed before. Something that lured me in more than anything. Something that made me bite down on my lip involuntarily. A move that supposedly pushed him over some kind of edge... 

In an achingly slow passing second he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me into him as he finally crashed his lips onto mine. His soft lips sent electric shots of nerve impulses from my lips and throughout my body as his lips devoured mine in a kiss so pleasurable it was almost excruciating. I laid my hands on the back of his neck, keeping him close to me as he was with me.

He tightened his grib on my waist as I pulled a little away to catch my breath. I felt almost winded by his kiss. My heart rate had unquestionably increased and it roughly felt like my heart couldn't even keep up with how fast it was supposed to be beating. I moved my hands from his neck to his cheeks and looked up at him. He was breathing slightly hard. His chest rising and falling in front of me. 

Not being able to contain myself anymore I impatiently closed the space between us and crashed my lip onto his in a lustful kiss. I had no idea what he was doing to me. I had no idea where this urge to keep kissing him came from. All I knew was I had never felt anything like it. 

I melted in his arms. My knees went jelly and I could barely stand on my own feet when he very lightly bit down on my lip and pulled at it. It made my heart stop beating for a second. Flatline for a short moment before he let my lip go and I let out a deep sigh before he kissed me once again. Passionately connected our lips. Like there was nothing in the world he'd rather be doing. 


*** AUTHOR'S NOTE *** 


Hello again my wonderful readers! It's been another 5 days since the last chapter, and thank you so much for the reads! I always appreciate it, and so many people favorited the story these past few days! I'm very happy! Thanks for all your support guys, there's much more to come! 

Don't forget as always to like and favorite for direct notifications whenever a new chapter is uploaded, and please leave a comment with your thoughts on this story! I truly appreciate you guys! 


Until next time! - Une fille 

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