Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


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1. The day I first heard of him

Hi, I'm Ella. Not that I'm anybody in particular, but you'll want to pay attention to me throughout this story, as I'm the one telling it.

I live in a small town in Canada. Stratford. It's a small city on the Avon River in Perth County. The southwestern part of Ontario. I grew up here. 

My days I spend with my friends. Catalina, Amelia - or Mia if you please and Fleur. Fleur moved here a couple of years ago from Quebec. We all go to school together. I suppose you could call us your typical group of friends who do everything together and always take each others' advice before doing anything. Well not always on that last bit unless it was crucial. 

The bell had already dismissed us and everyone were already packing their things, yet still I noticed Mrs. Flint was still talking in front of the blackboard, probably announcing today's homework for our next class, which would be tomorrow. 

"Hey Ella, are you coming?" Mia said the second I started walking towards Mrs. Flint's desk. 

"Yea, just a second. I have to ask Mrs. Flint about the homework, couldn't hear a word she said." I giggled a little and noticed my friends slightly rolling their eyes and smiling at me. They always thought I cared so much about school, but whatever. I just care to make a future for myself. "Excuse me, Mrs. Flint? I couldn't hear anything when you announced the homework. Would you mind repeating it for me?" I sent her a confident smile and kept my back straight while talking to her. 

"Sure Ella!" she said and went to her note pad where she had written the homework down. Mrs. Flint sometimes could be rather forgetful, so she'd often write the homework down. "You'll be reading pages 124-170. Oh! And remember the fact boxes." She smiled back with her typical friendly smile and then started packing up her own things, "we're having a little test tomorrow". I thanked her and left the classroom with my friends. 


As we were walking through the main door, Catalina exclaimed 'freedom!'. Mia replied with a loud 'amen, Cat'. I simply laughed a little to myself while shaking my head. It's not like Mia and Cat hated school. They would just much rather be anywhere than here... so yeah never mind what I just said. 

We walked to Fleur's car. Catalina also had a car, but since we could all fit in one car and Fleur always picked us up and drove us to school anyways, there was no need for Cat to drive herself. Therefore we always drove home together as well. We lived close to each other. Biking distance, so basically no need for a car, but whatever. If you got a car, you ought to drive it. 

"Yo... guys..." Mia said and slapped my shoulder a little too hard for my liking. 

"Mia? What the hell?" I looked at her and grabbed my arm where she had just slapped me. I noticed her staring at something. But it wasn't at any of us. I turned my head to try and see what she was looking at, but I saw nothing unusual. 

"Mia, what are you looking at?" Fleur asked and furrowed her brows in confusion. Mimicking my gesture and trying to see whatever Mia was seeing. Soon enough I noticed Fleur had also stopped looking around. For she had locked her gaze upon something. "Bonté divine..." she said. We all turned our attention towards her. What?

"Mean 'oh my goodness', guys," she said without even glancing at us. Fleur had a habit of just saying things in french from time to time. We all nodded a little and Mia turned her attention back to whatever she was looking at, and was apparently quite mesmerized by. 

I kept looking around trying to find out what was so damn special that two of my friends were now completely focused on it. Was Orlando Bloom here or something? I looked around for what seemed to be forever, but unfortunately I never saw Orlando Bloom before my eyes. 

I suddenly heard Catalina cackling a little to herself as she leaned against the car, her back faced towards whatever Mia and Fleur were looking at. She slightly leaned her head back and shook her head a little. Her cackle wasn't... mocking... it was more down the lane of you-gotta-be-kidding-me

"What?" I said, still being the only one who didn't fully understand what was going on. I felt a little outcast to be honest. 

"You see the blonde haired guy with the denim jacket on the other side of the parking lot?" Cat said and I immediately started looking around for a such looking guy. I scanned over what must've been a hundred different faces. People I had seen before at school. Until suddenly, before my eyes I saw a group of guys who looked... older than the rest, and unfailingly, there was the blonde guy with the denim jacket. He looked confident in a way. The way he moved. His gestures. His face never expressing the slightest disbelief in himself. 

"Yup... that's Justin Bieber," Cat said and giggled a little bit. "Okay, Mia, Fleur - get your eyes off the guy. Let's go home. Ella has to do her homework so we can have our slumber party!" She added and yanked gently at Mia and Fleur's hands forcing them out of their minor trance. 


I wasn't even done with my homework for tomorrow when a loud buzzing sound occurred out of nothing. I got up from my chair and walked to my nightstand where my phone was. I had received a message from Cat. 

'Have your door open in 10. I'm on my way with snacks and "such" ;)' said the message.

Such? What would such be? I shrugged and decided to let go what such might be. Catalina would be here soon so we could prepare for the slumber party, but I'd have to do the rest of my meanwhile the girls were here. I couldn't come unprepared tomorrow. Especially not if Mrs. Flint meant what she said about that test. 

I unlocked my door and went to the scullery to get the mattresses we were going to be sleeping on in the living room. I had only made it back to the living room with the first mattress when Catalina walked through the door murmuring something in spanish that I didn't understand. 

"Cat, Hey! I walked out in the kitchen to find Catalina loading a bunch of groceries out of her shopping bags. She laughed mockingly and looked at me. 

"Can you believe it? My stupid brother had me give him $20 so he could buy us wine, and he only bought 2 bottles!?" She threw her arms out to the sides and dropped them immediately down her sides. "Come help me prepare. I'll help with the mattresses afterwards." She said in an almost demanding way, but she was annoyed at her brother, so I understood. I have a brother too, but he doesn't live home anymore. He goes to CalTech in California, so yeah he's kind of a nerd. But he's cool. 

As we were getting the mattresses from the scullery I couldn't help but think about that guy from the parking lot earlier. Why were Mia and Fleur drooling over him so badly, and how in the world did Catalina know who he was? And his confidence... it had taken me by utter surprise that anyone could radiate confidence in that manner. 

"Hey Cat?" I said wanting to ask her about him. She nodded and looked at me while putting a mattress into place. "That guy earlier from the parking lot. Justin, was it?" I asked with a slight pinch of curiosity in my voice. 

"Oh no honey..." she looked at me in a begging manner. "Don't do it." She laughed and smiled at me. 

"What do you mean? I just wanted to ask what's the deal since Mia and Fleur were all... zombie-like for him." I laughed and pulled at my shoulder while looking at her. She laid a hand on her chest and exhaled relieved. 

"Well basically that's how every girl is with him." She said and shook her head laughing a bit stating that it was ridiculous. 

"What's with him since girls like him so much? Is he the captain of the footballteam or is he just filthy rich?" I laughed. Cat started laughing a little as well and looked at me shaking her head no. 

"Well... he's confident. He's unobtainable and the girls love it. They simply can't handle themselves," she said and looked at me shaking her head once again. "He's a womanizer though. The biggest one. Girls swarm around him and he'll take them one by one if he has to." She rolled her eyes way back into her scull. Cat was never a big fan of players, but then again who was? 

"So... how do you know him?" I asked lifting my brows and looking at her with a teasing smile on my lips. 

"Ella!" She exclaimed and threw a pillow at my face while laughing. "No!" she said stubbornly and made a facial expression as though she was about to barf. We both laughed for a little while before we went to the kitchen to get the snacks and put them on the table. 

"No..." Cat suddenly said looking into a bowl of french potato chips. "No he's a friend of my brother's. That's how I know him. I mean he's a cool guy, just don't get sucked in." 

Get sucked in? I couldn't help but wonder if maybe Cat had been sucked in by Justin? Could she by any chance have slept with him? No. God no, delete image instantly. Go back. 

But what if he had tried hitting on her? And what if she had ended up falling for him?


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