Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


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6. The day I first dreamt of him

I looked up at him. So sexy. The dim lighting from outside really emphasized every beautiful feature he had, which was just about every feature. Slowly he crawled up in the bed, he hovered over me, staring at me with those dark, seductive eyes. He laid his hand on my cheek and began running it down my neck. My chest. Moving to the side of my body and running his hand over my waist and down to my hips. His fingers were so warm my skin almost felt ice cold. 

"You're so beautiful," he said in a low voice as he kissed he corner of my mouth, purposely avoiding my lips. His lips trailed from the corner of my mouth towards my jaw and on to my neck. His warm, wet lips sent little electric shots through my body each time he connected them with my skin. I bit my lip trying to control my breath. 

He firmed his grip on my hip as he laid himself down on me and I finally felt his skin on mine. His warm skin. I felt wide awake, every little bit of my body felt hype sensitive. He sent shivers down my spine as he placed his hand on the outside of my thigh and pulled my leg towards him, holding it close to his body. 

A deep, sexy groan escaped his lips as I ran my hands through his ruffled hair. He pulled his mesmerizing lips off my neck and looked down at me with lustful eyes. Hungry eyes. Like he wanted me, right then and there. 

"Justin," I moaned under my breath placing both my hands behind his neck and pulling his face towards mine. I had to feel his lips on mine. 

I puckered my lips waiting impatiently to feel his on mine. A deep relieving breath was just about to leave my lungs as his soft, voluminous lips brushed against mine, but instead I found myself exhaustedly opening my eyes to find myself in my bed. Lonely and without Justin's lips anywhere near. 

I sat up and looked a little around myself. My bedroom was empty. Nobody was there. I ran a hand through my hair as I thought to myself that it must've been a dream. 

"Okay," I said to myself and got out of bed. "We're dreaming about him now." I shook my head as a result to my own dream. What was he doing to me?

"Good morning," my mom said happily when I went into the kitchen. I had managed to even come home earlier than my curfew yesterday, which had gained me a few points at home. 

"Morning mom," I had and grabbed the yogurt in the fridge. 

"Sweetie?" My mom said. I turned to look at her and she had a confused look on her face. "Who's sweater is that?" She asked pointing at me. What? I looked down myself and found myself in Justin's sweater. I must've fallen asleep in it. 

"Uhm," I swallowed a lump in my throat, "I borrowed it from a friend last night. It got a little cold." I sent her an innocent smile hoping she'd leave it there. 

"A friend huh? That's a big friend you got." She said and placed a hand on the kitchen counter. 

"Yea mom," I said and poured some yogurt in my bowl. "Because he's a guy. Believe it or not," I started, "but I do have guy-friends. Like living breathing ones." I finished and looked at her with a slight grin on my face. She nodded a little and said 'take care of yourself sweetie' before sending me a smile and taking a sip of her coffee. I shook my head and began eating my yogurt. 

The only thing I could think about last night was Justin almost kissing me. It was all I thought about after it happened, it was all I thought about when we got back to the others, it was all I thought about when I came home and it was the last thing I thought about before I fell asleep. That kiss which barely even happened had really taken me by surprise. I didn't know it would effect me so much. It wasn't supposed to effect me this much! 

I had retired to my room to do my homework for monday and to start some assignments for next week. It made it easier to be prepared when having so many assignments all the time. Usually I'd start working on them almost as soon as we were told about the assignment. It kept me from stressing about it. 

I found myself biting down on the bottom end of my pencil as my concentration was slowly fading leaving my thoughts in charge of going wherever they wanted to. And of course they went straight to Justin. My thoughts had no mercy on me today. They drifted everywhere and left me in a state where I wasn't able to focus at all. Like not at all. whenever I tried to keep my focus my distant thoughts about Justin would become not so distant. 

His warm hand behind my neck keeping me from escaping his lips. 

His lips brushing ever so slightly against mine, only kissing them so soft one might think he was kissing a fragile rose. 

His aura luring me in. I don't know what it was about it. Maybe after all it was that aggressive, protective side of him that I lured me in. 

Maybe I should tell Catalina? I know, I know... Catalina would not be the slightest bit impressed by Justin and I kissing - you know I'm not even gonna call it a kiss anymore, because that wasn't even a real kiss - by Justin and I almost kissing.  But maybe she'd be able to talk some sense into my head. She seemed to know a thing or two more about him than I did. But what if she got mad? She had told me very clearly not to get involved with him, cause I'd be nothing to him either way. She had said very clearly one time: don't make him the only one. Cause you'll just be another one. 

If she was really right about that, then I'd definitely have to collect myself. With all these thoughts I had about Justin right now it couldn't possibly end well. But could he really be that bad? I suppose he could. I barely knew him. The only things I knew about him was that his name was Justin and he was handsome, tempting and had a temper. 


"So uhm," my dad said and took a sip from his glass. "Your mother tells me you borrowed a sweater from a friend last night?" He said. 

"Yea?" I replied and looked at him a little confused. "So?" 

"She also told me that your friend is a guy?" He then added and looked at me with a slight serious look on his face.

"Can't I have guy friends anymore?" I asked while laughing. Good thing they didn't know about my dream last night. My dad would tear him to pieces. 

"Yes! By all means," he then said and cut another piece of his steak. "I just wanna make sure that he is, and will remain a friend." he added and shrugged a little. 

I laughed to myself and decided not to answer that. My parents were acting foolish. 

"Honey we just want to make sure your focus stays in school and on some boy." My mom said and looked at me a bit worried. About my school of course, and my future. My parents always raised me to stay focused and make sure my future turned out positively, and now - because I borrowed a sweater - they thought I was gonna drop all my hard work in an instant and devote myself to a guy? 

"Mom," I looked at her with my eyebrows raised. "I have never missed an assignment. The worst grade on my report card is a B- and that's PE. Do you honestly think I'm gonna throw all that away because of a sweater? Because then you didn't raise me very well." I added. I wasn't being rude, merely proving a point. 

"That has happened before, you know." My mom replied. Talking sense into her was apparently impossible, something I had never noticed before. Maybe because I didn't hang around boys often, and therefore this talk had never been necessary. 

"Okay, mom," I said and put my cutlery on the table beside my plate. "It was just a sweater, alright?" I said slightly annoyed by how persistent and unreasonable she was being. "He's nobody special. Just an acquaintance, okay?" 

My mom sighed a bit and then sent me a smile. That's when I knew they had given up the argument for now, but I doubted it was over. The argument about the guy with the sweater would most likely return before I'd know of it. 

I went to bed that night with Justin on my mind. All kinds of thoughts about him. Questions about him. Questions that part of me really wanted the answer to and other parts of me didn't even want to get close to an answer. 

Was he really that bad when it came to girls? Did he really swipe girls off their feet like that? Could he plans of adding me to the list of girls he's been with? Would I get myself in trouble by getting involved with him? And could I really lose all my focus and drop my hard work on the ground for him? Shatter my future for him? 


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