Bad Decisions

Ella is your typical highschool girl. She lives at home with her parents, cares about her school and hangs out with her friends. Ella is the girl you would categorize "tedious".

Little does Ella know that her life is about to take a drastic turn as she makes acquaintance with Justin Bieber, the mysterious bad boy, whom majority of girls are completely head over heels for.
Will Ella be able to resist the charm? The mystery? The rush and the ecstatic feeling that Justin can give her?


This IS my story. It's also been published on Wattled, also by me.
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10. The day I fell

I couldn't believe what I had done. What on earth was going on with me? I snuck out from home late at night to go to some guy's party. I drank alcohol at this party and even a slight bit too much of it. And on top of that I had made out with that exact boy I snuck out for in the first place. The same guy I had told my parents was just a friend. Nothing more. The same guy whom Catalina had previously told me to watch out for. To not get involved with. And I stress the word not. Yet still I felt as though this particular guy had put some sort of spell on me. He was enticing in every way. Sooner or later I wouldn't be able to resist him at all. If I was even able to now. 

"Ella?" I heard someone say and shook my head a slight bit. I was back in algebra. Out of my thoughts. A little embarrassed by everyone looking at me I carefully took the pencil out of my mouth which now had slight bite marks on it. God what a girly thing to do. 

I looked up at the blackboard. An equation was written on there and the steps on how to solve it. And I hadn't paid attention to any of it. At all. Okay think fast Ella, you know this. 

"Um..." I said as I scanned as much of the equation as I could in less than 2 seconds. "X equals -47." I said trying to sound confident even though I was the opposite. I'm not sure if my answer came out as an answer or a question.

Mr. Perez looked at me with a little involunteer smile on his face before he wrote my answer on the blackboard. "Good. Pay attention, Ella." He said in a serious tone before going back to whatever he was saying about a minute ago. 


"I swear it was crazy. I think Cooper is trying to flirt with me," Catalina laughed as she told the girls about how Cooper had asked her to come to Justin's party last night. Catalina had texted me yesterday while I was at Justin's party that Cooper had asked her to come, but she had declined big time. She wasn't interested in partying with Cooper as it seemed. None of the girls yet knew about me attending Justin's party and I wasn't planning on letting them know either. "By the way Ella, you never replied to my text last night?" she suddenly asked me. 

I shook my head a little and looked at her. "I went to bed early," I said and stopped as we reached Fleur's locker. "My parents were acting up." I said and rolled my eyes far back into my scull over how ridiculous I thought they had been. 

"Jesus, why?" Mia asked seeming interested in what my parents could possibly be acting up about. "What could you possibly have done, that would make them act up?" she added, stressing the word 'possibly'. 

I shrugged a little and looked around. "They were causing a scene because I borrowed Justin's sweater at the bonfire..." I let out a deep sigh. Yea I know that wasn't exactly what they made a huge deal of last night, but I wasn't about to tell them, that I went to Justin's party. "Hey Cat, what would be so bad about Cooper inviting you to a party anyway?" I asked trying to get the attention away from myself. I would end up feeling pressured and then the truth would start flowing out like a water fall. 

"You're kidding right?" Catalina laughed in a friendly way. "He's one of Justin's best friends. And we all know what type of guy Justin is." She said and the other girls nodded in a agreement. I moved my head a little to each side trying to mimic their actions as if I agreed. 


All day throughout every class all I could think about was Justin. The image of Justin and I making out in the basement was stuck on my retinals. The feeling of Justin's moist lips were imprinted on mine like little electric shots running continuously over the sensitive skin on my lips. I couldn't help but touch them with my finger tips every once in a while. I don't know what I was hoping to find there. I just kept touching my lips maybe in hopes of recreating the feeling Justin left there. The feeling for more. I wondered what seeing Justin again would be like. Would be it be awkward? Most likely... I mean the other guys I had kissed - which weren't many by the way - had always been awkward meeting afterwards. I had a tendency of sticking with acting like nothing ever happened, but with Justin's effect on me I wasn't exactly sure that I'd be able to do so. I knew the urge to tangle my fingers in his long, messy dirty blonde hair would arise the second I saw him. The yearning for him to crash my lips with his and devour them like a vulture. Hungrily. Lustfully. 

"Uhm... Ella?" I jumped in my seat and looked up at my teacher staring down at me. His bag hung at the side of his body extending from his hand. Embarrassed to the bone I removed the pencil from my mouth as I just now realized I had been biting down on it this entire time. There were a few marks from my teeth in the wood of the pencil. I'd have to get a new one I guess. "Are you alright?" He asked as I packed up my things and tried not to focus on my cheeks which were flushed from embarrassment. 

"I'm fine. Thanks," I blurted about as quickly as I could and sent him a little smile before getting out of my seat. Looking around in the classroom everyone had already gone and I began questioning how long it had been since we were dismissed. 

I heard my teacher say something behind me as I stormed out of the classroom trying to avoid anymore questions. This behavior wasn't anything like me and I'd have to get my shit together before my teachers would all start calling my parents saying I had been rather 'distracted' lately. Luckily I made my way through the endless crowds of teenagers pretty quickly. My trembling hands were a mess as they tried to finish the combination for my locker. "come on..." I mumbled to myself in annoyance as I slammed my hand onto the locker and wiped it on my jeans afterwards as it was slightly sweaty. Soon as I got the locker open I quickly picked out the books I'd need for my homework and the books I wasn't going to be needing simply got pushed inside the locker with no attention to how organized they were. I just had to get some air. 

I slammed my locker and almost let out a scream at the sight of Jonathan behind it. "Fuck, Jonathan!" I gasped and laid a hand on my chest. "You scared the shit out of me..." I ran a hand carefully through my hair and tried to relax a little instead of being so tense. 

"Sorry," he laughed. "It was nice to see you last night! I don't think I've ever seen you without your gang." He stressed the word 'gang'. We never went out much without each other. I don't think we ever did. "You starting a revolution or something?" He joked and swung his backpack over his one shoulder as we started walking. 

"No," I laughed and looked at him. "I don't know," I shrugged and looked straight ahead. "I just went." I had no idea what to say to him. He was one of Justin's friends, oddly enough, and I don't think he'd appreciate hearing about my friends' theories about Justin's potential fuck-boy behavior and ability to completely damage me should I fall for him. 

"So," he said and looked at me with a cocky smile, "you went inside with Justin last night. Alone," he reported and raised his brows at me. Still with that cocky smile plastered across his face. 

"Yea," I nodded. "I was helping him getting more beer." I simplified hoping to exterminate whatever theories he had of Justin's and my activities last night in the basement. 

"Took an awful lot of time to fetch one pony keg," he stated in an accusing manner. As though we went to do something else. Which we didn't. But we did do something else, he just didn't have to know. 

"We talked a little." I responded and shrugged. I sincerely had no interest in anyone knowing about my make out session with Justin as I knew it would somehow come to Catalina's knowledge and she'd slap me silly with a baseballbat if she knew. 

"Just talked?" he asked skeptically and looked at me with a slightly judgemental look. He was questioning whether I was telling the truth or not. Was it that obvious that something other than talking had happened? Was I an open book even though I attempted to be a safe in the National Australia Bank. 

"Hm," he uttered and nodded a bit before seeing some friends of his ahead and waving to them. He patted my shoulder and added: "that's not what Justin said," and then he took off to his friends. 

"What?! Jonathan, what did he say?!" I yelled after him and stood there dumbstruck as ever. Could Justin really have told Jonathan that we made out in the basement? Did he just say we kissed or had he exaggerated the situation and maybe we had sex or something like that? A ton of thoughts were circling my mind. I found myself being unsteady and nervous. How many people had he told? And how long before Jonathan would tell Mia who'd tell Fleur who'd tell Catalina and then I'd be dead meat.

I jumped slightly as a hand was put on my shoulder and I looked to my side. Catalina. "You look like you've seen a ghost." She said and laughed a little with a smile on her face as she looked at me. 

"Sorry," I replied and blushed a slight bit, but hopefully not enough for her to notice. "Day dreaming I guess," I then added and smiled to her. 

"Well that's a waste of time," she reported and laughed as she began walking. She did half a turn and looked me straight in the eye, "the knight in white, shining armor doesn't exist." Se stated with a smile on her lips and turned her back to me again as she kept walking. 

"How about the knight in matte black," I said to myself and quickly followed Catalina towards the main doors of the school building. I was looking forward to being out of this place and just going home to lose myself in some homework or assignments. Whatever effect Justin seemed to have on me was not gonna last. I had made up my mind. 

My mind was made up. No matter when and where this impeccably beautiful boy was gonna turn up next, I was gonna be string enough to say no to him. Ignore him completely. That being said I made my way through the main doors of the school building with my head held high. I wasn't about to get swept off my feet by anyone and most definitely not Justin. 

One foot before the other I made my way through the steps leading me to the parking space of the school grounds. Surprisingly Catalina hadn't gone far, I was practically, almost, right behind her. Shifting my gaze further ahead I saw Mia and Fleur by the car I decided to speed up my pace a little bit as I knew they weren't gonna wait long for me. 

Perhaps saying that I was almost right behind Catalina was a bit of an exaggeration... actually, I was sort of far behind her and I had found myself hurrying a little more than I probably should when going down the steps. "Hey Cat! wait!" I shouted as I moved my little legs as fast as they could and was almost sprinting down the stairs like I was Usain Bolt or something. But if only I had been Usain Bolt, maybe I would've had better control over my legs. Next thing I new my left foot got caught behind my right leg and before I knew of it I was on the ground. There was a warm, stinging pain on the palms of my hands that I had used to protect my face. I bit my lip in pain and when I looked at my palms they had slightly severe excoriations on them and blood was slightly peeking through the little tears in my thing skin. "Fuck," I murmured as I placed my hands on the ground and tried to get up. 

"Hey, are you okay?" a familiar voice spoke above me and soon enough a hand came into sight. A masculine hand. I looked up at the dirty blonde-haired beauty hovered above me. Was it weird to say he had attractive hands? "That was quite a stunt huh?" He said with a slight smile on his face as I took his hand and let him help me up. So much for ignoring him. I nodded as a reply to his statement. "Wow," he said when he looked at my hands. "You got pretty messed up there. Come, I got a first aid kit in my car." He said and led me to his car. I followed. Willingly as I quite enjoyed the sound of a first aid kit to help with my torn palms. Not that it was a question of life and death, but any true 90's kid knows that excoriations are the 2nd worst pain ever. Only beat by the infamous paper cut.

I flinched a little when Justin smeared the antiseptic wipe across the excoriations. It stung a slight bit. Nothing too bad though. He pulled out a roll of bandage and I couldn't help but giggle a little to myself. "It's just a few tears. I don't think bandage is necessary." I commented and looked at him with a smile and a raised brow. 

"I know," he said and laughed a little himself as he rolled the bandage onto my right hand covering the tears. "But I ran out of patches, and we need to make sure it doesn't get infected and stuff." I couldn't help but notice the slight sound of joking behind his serious words. 

I thanked him after he had put the bandage on both my hands. He sent a little sincere smile my way and I returned it. His lips looked so soft. The memory of his lips reappeared on mine and the urge to kiss him arose. 





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