the golden paradise


1. The special invitation

It was a plain land ahead, not much to see but what interest me the most was the way the sudden blow of wind was lyrical. Not the kind of sounds that will send shivers down your spine but the kind that was warm and welcoming. i was ready to set foot on this vast journey knowing that i will not be known even if great things about me were left behind. I was after all a plain wizard, not much history, no thrilling adventures yet, no amazing glory for i have never once thought of being special.


         " Anthony Farlon  Horosmith !!!" I was awoken by Madame Rozie's high pitch wail when Kurt, my owl made its way into my one-windowed room which was by all means on the topmost floor of Madame Rozie's All Cheap Expense Room Rental Service. Kurt was struggling with a bulk package tied onto its neck, easily choking for owls these size. I hurriedly untied the fancy package, careful not to strangle Kurt. No one has sent me anything for the past eight months, it seemed rare for anyone to be owl-mailing me a sky blue wrapped hexagon-shapped chocolate box in these times of the year when most people cannot afford their own clothes. I unlocked the huge lock hanging over the box with a key that was hung next to the lock. the person who had this made must have not thought more of how dangerous it was in the wizarding world to even let your socks out was even a crime. 

          " Anthony! You come here right this instant and see what the muggle world has done to that Kurt of yours !! How could he just fly in and leave all this garbage of his in my lobby, I have guest arriving right this instant, so you better come clean this!!!! " I knew for instance that ignoring madame Rozie was the same as leading yourself into a death trap, so I hurriedly stuffed the beautifully wrapped box under my thin mattress and shuffled my way down the steep and narrow stairs of Madame Rozie's All Cheap Expense Room Rental, bumping into a few ornaments hung on the fading walls of the apartment. 

           " What mess did Kurt make?" I acknowledged madame Rozie and was shocked to see that Kurt must have gone through rainy and windy days just to get me my package.

           " Someone has to deal with this aye, Anthony?" madame Rozie carefully eyed me with her two and a half-inch reading glasses. Her stares were like fire, it was a wonder she did not learn Legilimency when she was still a active member in the ministry's many departments.

           " Right, right, I'm on my way," as clumsy and as forgetful as I was, many have complimented me for the way my brain could work in short amounts of time and being a fellow Hogwart graduate, many of the loads of works given by various professors have never been a slight burden for me. 

            I could never forget the time before our upcoming exams when half of the class could not get the transfiguration spell right and aside from James Potter and his gang who could outdo any spell as far as I know, I was the only other Gryffindor who could cast the advance spell without moving my mouth. It was a great accomplishment for me since being the boy most of the class left out and seemingly how shy I was, nobody took much attention of me until that day. 

          " Anthony! Don't you go wandering in your own thoughts again! I have no time to deal with this!" Madame Rozie's massive voice caught me off guard and I hurriedly gathered my thoughts and summoned a broom that was lazily slumped on one of the corners of the circular wall of the apartments dining hall.

          " Accio broom," the broom came flying into my hands as I hastily swept away the mess Kurt made.


           It was half past eight when I got back to my room after dinner. I took the blue box out from where I hidden it and was ready to open it, when...

          " Anthony, are you in there?" a deep voice came calling from the other side of the door.

           " Do you mind keeping your questions until tomorrow, William. I'm rather busy right now,"

           "It won't take long, I was just gonna ask if you wanted to join me on a trip to the muggle world later this week, I'm sending some stuff over to my parent's place and since it's been a long time since you ever had a adventure, why don't you join me!'

            I knew I was not cut out for being the adventurous kind, but i could not bear letting William down either.

            " Erm, Will don't you think it's quite late now, I'll think about it and tell you my decision later," I was eager to get back on the package opening I was in the midst of doing. 

           " Geez, all right Anthony but chances don't come calling at your door all the time, so you better don't think too long," After a moment of silence, I could hear the swoosh of Will's robe and the corridor felt empty.

            William Shortsburgh was always a mystery, much to all of his endless adventures, he always had the same goal when it came to all his journeys, and it was to find the love of his life and have a family. I guess you get tired of wandering around, seeking danger and Will is already a grown man eventough he looks younger compared to the other customers in Madame Rozie's All Cheap Expense Room Rental Service. Will has been one of Madame Rozie's most frequent customers, staying at a reserved room just for him every three weeks after his adventures, Will has always been greeted by fellow staffs in the apartment and was always surrounded by questions about his recent journeys. I always got the firsthand notice to wherever Will was going. It seems to me as this has became one of Will's many habits to invite me along on his journeys since he always think we scholars have never experienced life the way he did. And much to my thoughts, it has also became my natural habit to leave him the same answer everytime he has asked me along on his adventures.

             After a few moments of silence, I was pretty sure the corridors were deserted. I slowly turned the key that was in the lock and the box slowly opened itself to reveal a nicely folded envelope and a silver ruby locket. The envelope was addressed to me in bold gold handwriting and the border of the envelope was embossed with different flower patterns. I carefully teared open the envelope and inside it was a letter. As soon as the envelope was fully opened, the letter inside it unscrolled itself and the invincible ink slowly came visible on the floating letter, it read

Dear Anthony, 

its been quite some time since i last contacted you

it is my upmost honour to invite you to come attend me and Rina's fiftyth wedding anniversary

do come and attend as I rarely see you nowadays

due to safety measures, you are to wear the ruby locket in the package for the anniversary celebration

hope to see you in the muggle world.

                                                                                                            yours truly, 

                                                                                                              Gathan Trice Brandonson

                I was truly taken aback when I finished reading the letter, never have I ever hope to hear from my long lost friend who married a muggle. And now they have invited me to attend their anniversary. I always thought the proud family of Brandonson somehow forgotten the existence of the humble Horosmiths but now I know for sure one of the many successful people out there still values one of their great helpers. Gathan had many objections when he decided to marry Rina, back then not many approved of their relationship and marrying a muggle who has zero knowledge of the magical world was not a very trendy thing, but i was surprised when ten years later after Gathan ran away with Rina with some help from my family, he came back to the village with his wife and two gorgeous daughters,wanting to prove to other purebloods that love was a powerful thing and it did not matter who you were.

            I put the letter back into its envelope and started examining the locket. Gathan was rich, it was no wonder he wanted only special guest with special invitations to come and attend his celebration. The ruby shimmered slightly when I grazed my hand on it. To my amazement it was a portkey, Floo networks have long been blocked for safety purposes and besides apparition, portkeys were still in use. I carefully opened the locket and found the address and date for the celebration. It was to be held at the buckingham hall in London on Saturday, six in the afternoon. A miniature tuxedo  was also in the locket. Gathan loved a perfect anniversary, no detail for him was too big or too small.


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