A day (or night) to remember with 5sos

In a small suburb called western sydney. A punk rock band called five seconds of summer.
Have a A day (or night) to remember with some fans .


1. How to get 5sos to notice you

One hot summers day a group  of teenagers named . Ashley , Lucy, Maya ,  Carla . were out roaming the streets between 9am and 8pm on a saturday .

 They saw 4  familiar faces walking around the streets of western Sydney they were heading to the all you can eat restaurant were all the famous celebrities go. 

Ashley and the others. All ran up to the all you can eat restaurant and said to the security guard and asked was that five seconds of summer .....

Yes it was said the security guard Im guessing you 4 girls are massive fans of five seconds of summer. Ashley ,Lucy, Maya and Carla said we sure our . The girls asked security guard if they could say hello too Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum . The security guard said wait there and ill will see what i can do for you girls .

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