we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


11. we rule the world

Y/N: Thank you so much Cam, I hope I'm not causing you any trouble though

Cam: nah don't worry about it! You'll cause me trouble if you take the subway home though, you can't trust people on the streets at this late of time

you both smile.

Y/N: wheres Y/FN? Do you think we could find them?

Cam: Honestly I dont even know where Mark went with Y/FN, you can never understand what that noob is thinking 

You smile and give Cam a little punch

Y/N: don't say that aha

Cam: Ill call him

Cam calls Mark and he picks up. 

Cam hangs up. 

Cam: Mark and Y/FN are already ahead of us haha, their on the bus!

Y/N: Damn

Cam: shall we go?

Y/N: heck yeah

Cam puts his arms around you and the both of you head out to the bus.

You reach the bus and hear music blaring out.

Inside you see Y/FN dancing with Mark along with Aaron and Taylor who looks like he is snapchatting all the hype. Everyone else is in the other room watching Netflix

Cam: Bro what happened??

Mark: It just got LIIIITTTTT!

You and Cam laugh at Mark. The both of you joins in and dance like no one is watching.

The bus driver hits the road.


The bus finally reaches your house. It's about 8:45PM

You, Y/FN and Cam walk out of the bus and onto your drive way. 

Cam: So I'll talk to you later?

Y/N: Ill be waiting 

Cam gives you a kiss and waves goodbye to both you and Y/FN


You start to blush

Y/FN: I see something is brewin and it smells good

you smile and give a small push to Y/FN to stop her from embarrassing you.

You unlock the door and see your parents at the table.

Y/N: Hey mom hey dad

Dad: hey honey! How was Magcon? 

Y/N: Amazing! I met all the boys

You parents smile

Mom: So Y/FN are you staying for the night?

Y/FN: Nah, my mom will be here any minute

Mom: oh okay

A few minutes later, Y/FN's mom rings the bell

Y/N: Bye Y/FN!

Y/FN: bye!

you close the door.

Mom: Y/N can we talk to you in the kitchen?

Y/N: coming!

You take a seat at the diner table across from your parents

Mom: Honey do you know what time it is? 

Y/N: its 9:00PM...

Dad: You were gone since this morning and you didnt even contact us all day letting us know you got to the arena safely, we were worried all day

Y/N: I texted earlier telling you that I'm okay though

Dad: we called you ten times since your text but you didn't reply.

Y/N: My phone died

Mom: We almost called the police honey. This is not something that we want to let it slide. You know you're not aloud out by yourself at such time!

Y/N: I was with Y/FN and we were at the same place the whole day, you know I'm responsible and that I wont get myself in to trouble!

Mom: We know but today, what you did was unexceptionable. 

You cross your arms because you know you're not at fault.

Dad: we will be grounding you for the next week. Right after school you come home, no going out with friends until you realise how worried your mother and I were.

Y/N: what?? You cant do that!

Dad: we already did. 

Y/N: UGH! 

You run up the stairs and slam the door. 

How could they do that to you

I wasn't really the one at fault am I?


The clock reads 9:30PM, you see a message from Cam

"hey beautiful :)"

Its Cam

you take out your phone to reply

"hey <3" 

"I miss you"

"I miss you too" 

"I was wondering if you want to go out tomorrow? Like to a cafe or something?"

You look at his message for some time, remembering that your parents just gave you a grounding which really you don't deserve.

-------------------------------------------------------- HOLD ON!--------------------------------------------------

What are you going to do?

Tell Cameron what happened

Just sneak out! 


If you chose to tell Cam what happened, proceed to "Rain on the parade"

If you chose to sneak out, proceed to " Good girls are bad girls"



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