we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


9. under the antidote

You both look at each other. You turn over to face Y/FN and you take a deep breath

Y/N: hey can I talk to you for a minute?

Y/FN: um yeah sure

You and Y/FN walk out of the room  and out to the hallway

Y/N: I think Cam and I are going to take a while...

Y/FN: It's all good, I can wait, the train isn't gonna close aha

Y/N: aha, that;s true, but um... maybe you should leave first, I don't want you to have to wait for me

Y/FN stops smiling. She looks at you are start to give you a sad/disgusted face

Y/FN: are you saying I'm not welcome? Are you pushing me away?

Y/N: That's not what I mean, I just don't want you to sit there and wait for me while I talk to Cam.

Y/FN: Y/N. You are living the dream that millions of people want. I have been so lucky that my best friend has the opportunity to be where you are right now. I haven't said a word of jealousy to you. I have been supportive of you through everything. All I wanted was to know what it was like understanding what a living dream feels like. But now I understand. You don't want me here. 

Y/N: It's not my fault Cam is being so nice to me and you are blowing this way out of proportion!

Y/FN: Out of proportion? Who was there when you were bullied back in elementary school? Who was the one who stayed up with you waiting for Magcon tickets? Who was the one who was the one who stuck by you when you needed a shoulder? You know what, maybe I was wrong. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you think I'm jealous and suddenly have a breakout and steal Cam from you. 

Y/FN walks away but you follow her. 

Y/N: That's not the case Y/FN! All that you you have done for me, I've been thankful. I have been thankful for you being though everything with me and now you think that this whole time I was just playing?

Y/FN stops and looks back at you

Y/FN: You know what Y/N Im done fighting with you. Im done wasting my time. Why dont you go back to Cam and being the bitch ass you truly are.

Y/FN runs to the door and soon, she has left the arena. 

You stand there, before you tear up, you thought to yourself.

You know what, whatever. I will deal with this after. It's not like Cam and I are going to last longer than the time we have today.

You take a deep breath and walk back to the lounge.

Cam sees you walking into the door and stands up.

Cam: is everything okay...?

Y/N: Yeah. Y/FN left. 

Cam: oh

A silence breaks

Cam: so... 

Y/N: so...

you both take a seat on the couch 

------------------ proceed to "you and me both"----------------------------

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