we were liars ღ cameron dallas

Have you ever wondered what your story could be with Cameron Dallas? This is your story. You're beginning, middle and end. However which you react to, leads you to a different side of the story. Who knows what could be waiting for you at the end?


3. a sudden detour

It's the big day! Magcon day!

The clock reads 10:00AM. You jump out of bed and see 10 messages from Y/FN

Are you up yet???

Girl today is the big day OMG!


You're SO LUCKY!

I'm fangirling for you RN!

You lucky duck!

Seriously are you up yet?

Hello?? Y/N!!


We gotta eat together before we go!

You laugh and start to reply

I'm up!! LOL IKR! Pumpeddd

Yeahh haha


IK! Im still screaming! He followed me too! AHHG!

Got that done.. now you decide to check out Twitter and Instaram. Instagram wasn't anything too exciting. You liked a few photos and all that Jazz. Then to Twitter. Notifications are still full with notifications.

Y/N Thinking: Whoa! I gained 2,001 Followers since the follow! That's awesome!

But once you thought everything was great, something is happening. There are a bunch of tweets hating on you.

Cam follows and tweets her but not me? What's happening... lol

And along with that tweet was a zoomed in photo you posted two years ago! It was a photo you took on your birthday with cake on your face. Even worse, beside your photo is the picture of the user who tweeted, and she's stunning!

Here's another one..

Wow, I've tweeted Cam asking for a follow 56,780 times when all a girl did was tweet him that? WTF! That's not fair!! I hate @/(your Twitter user).

You're burning on the inside with hate. You know that's not the case, You love Cam and you have tweeted him a lot in the past. What do you want to do about this?

Leave It Alone.

Tweet back at them!

    |------------------------------ Welcome to your first choice to a side of the story!-----------------------------|

                                             If you choose to >> leave it alone << proceed to "let it be"

                                             If you choose to >> Tweet back at them! << proceed to "hate on it"

Remember, you can only choose one, it's more fun that way! You can always read the other option but I recommend you finish your chosen side until the end!


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