gay love story

this is a story about Daniel, a high school student who is bullied he is 5'0 he is in grade 11 and is a very good artist. wait till everyone finds out hes gay. then he meets mike a wolf, kind and guess

im sorry i just want to see where this goes and im new to this


4. chapter 3- messed up?

Andrew pov

I don't know if he liked it or not we break away from the kiss and he say "Your gay as well,"

"Yeah umm...Will you be my boyfriend?" 

"Yeah but can we keep it a secret please?"

"Sure," we kiss again and I hear a door slam and Daniel lets go and jumps away from me and I see a man and he says "Daniel whos this?"

"This my friend from school Andrew,"

"Andrew this is my father Peter,"

I get up and shake Daniel's father's hand and I don't know why Daniel move away when he came it but I'll just be here for him

Daniel POV

I hope my father didn't catch us kissing my father walks out of the room and Andrew whispered 

 "Why did you move away?"

"Because my father doesn't know that I'm gay,"

" I'm going to be a secret,"

"Yeah kinda like that do your parents know?"

"Yeah they know,"

"Are you scared to tell him?"


"Oh...okay do you want to come and stay to my house?"

"Yeah,"  I find dad in his office working on something to do with his work "Dad,"


"Can I stay at Andrew's house?"

"For how long?"

"A couple of nights,"

"Okay then," 

"Thanks," I go to my room and pack a couple of things and Andrew drives us to his house which is huge

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