gay love story

this is a story about Daniel, a high school student who is bullied he is 5'0 he is in grade 11 and is a very good artist. wait till everyone finds out hes gay. then he meets mike a wolf, kind and guess

im sorry i just want to see where this goes and im new to this


2. chapter 2- friendship is nice

hey guys were gonna try to get this story to stay active. and i was wondering if you'd like me to create another fiction one or create a fictional universe inside this one? comment to let me know.



After laying there in pain for a minute Andrew gets up and limps towards me. "you ok?" he asked clearly worried "what do you mean? are you ok? your the one that got more of a beating" i practically yelled "I've had worse" he shook it off and helped me up. "I'm Andrew" he said calmly "I'm daniel" I responded to him.



He collapses but i catch him halfway "Andrew?!" i ask scared. He doesn't respond but hes still breathing. "i should take you home". I bring him and his bag back to my house.



Andrews P.O.V


I wake up on a couch in a house. wait wasn't I at school? I look at the kitchen and to my surprise i see Andrew his Black hair right in front of his face. "welcome to the world of the living" he said jokingly "thanks" I replied in the same tone. I saw two sandwiches on the counter "I hope you like breakfast sandwiches its all we have here" he said while bringing them over. 



"yeah I do, thanks" I said as i began to eat mine "no problem" he said eating his sandwich. "So is this your place?" I asked knowing it was a stupid question "yeah it is" he responded quickly I look around taking it all in "its really nice" I blurt out I look back at him and he's blushing "thanks" he says quickly before turning away.




Daniels P.O.V


I looked away when i felt my cheeks burn up, he put a hand on my shoulder "are you-" i interrupted him by saying "yes I'm gay" i said embarrassingly "then its ok if i do this" he said right before grabbing my chin lightly and bringing me into a deep passionate kiss.



Hi guys hows it going? good? good. anyway...I think I will need some help with this, so if anyone is willing to id would appreciate it a ton!








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