A normal life

When a man discovers his true self


1. The Whole Story


Um so… hi my names David and I live I pretty Normal life I guess. I wake up at 6 AM every day have breakfast, shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair and have coffee. I leave for work at 7 AM and ride a bike to my office job which is ok I guess. I work in the mail room of my job so I see some pretty weird and cool stuff, like one time this guy tried to send his toe nail to India. Some things I’ve always wanted to do are race a sports car, make a movie and climb a mountain but I’ve never been able to because of my work and I can’t…..  One day this man, a weird looking guy approached me at work and said in a very deep voice “hi my names matt what’s yours?” my first thought was, oh ok this is weird but I told him my names is David and he thought it was a nice name. He started to introduce himself and tell me what his life is like. He mentioned he was poor and homeless but happy. He asked me what I like to do so I told him that I like to ride my bike watch TV but I think he could tell that I wanted to do more with my life. He said to me “I see the spark in your eye, you want more in life yes?” so I said yes I would like to do more but I can’t he looked at me as if I were an alien he said to me “why not?” I said because my work is to restricting and I don’t have enough money it is too hard to do what I want and everybody thinks I can’t so... Yeah. He looked me in the eye and word for word said “son you can do ANYTHING you want in life NOBODY can say otherwise, if you wanna climb a mountain or skydive you DO IT never let anyone say you can’t do something because they couldn’t do it the selves YOU and only you are the master of your destiny any way I have to go have a good day bye mate”. I was…….. Speechless I sat down and thought about it for hours, just thinking how someone with nothing can be so happy and think so high and how I have tried to fill my life with materialistic things to make myself happy when in reality they don’t I can only truly be happy when I do what I love. So I sent my boss telling him I quit. That night I booked a flight to Finland to do something I’ve always wanted to do. So I packed my camera, go pros, laptop, long board and all my other stuff and went to the airport. I wanted about 2 hours because my flight was delayed which annoyed me but it was okay. I boarded my plane from Columbus Ohio and flew all the way to Helsinki Vantaa international airport which is about a 14 hour flight. When I arrived I was super excited to do this thing so I caught I cab to the very top of a mountain at 2 am to catch the sunrise. The thing I wanted to do was long bored down this mountain. I waited for the rise to come and when it did it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever scene. I started to work myself up for this because it’s a very dangerous thing to do but I knew it was time to do it so I tied my shoe laces started up my cameras and pooched of down this hill. The road was super smooth and no cars I was going so fast id never felt better in my life I was speeding down these long and windy roads I got to the bottom and by this time the sun was out and I was rolling down this long lonely road I steered of and bailed into a hay stack and just laid there. I stood up and screamed as loud as I could I will NEVER forget how I felt after that ride. My next adventure was skydiving, I booked fly up the on Thursday. It was Wednesday. I was super excited but I decided to get some rest, so I booked a hotel for the night. It was the next day and I was so excited for sky diving I called a cab as soon as I woke up. I had a shower and got in my cab to go to the skydiving place. I arrived to the place 14 minutes later, after all the intrusions on what to do I was so pumped. I and a few other people were on the plane just talking about ourselves and why we’re doing this. It was jump time and by this point my heart was in my throat but I was super excited. The instructor counted down, three, two, one and we jumped, the cold wind was rushing past my face as the ground creeped closer I thought what it would be like to fly. The instructor decided to pull the parachute and it was so startling but the view was BREATHTAKING. I could see all the fields’ farms and the animas looks like ants, we landed back at the air strip and it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. About three weeks later I landed a small job that allows me to travel and make money all I have to do is take pictures and interview locals my next adventure was Dubai.

I was asked by my boss to interview a homeless man and I needed to find out how he is surviving as an x soldier in one of the richest cities in the world. I called an uber to go see the man and the car was a Nissan gtr r34 v-spec which was surprising before I remembered that I was in Dubai. As we were driving I saw a massive amount of super cars all lined up I’m talking Lamborghini’s, corvettes, Ferraris the whole lot, it was amazing. After about fifteen to twenty minutes of driving I had arrived at the homeless man’s area that he lives in, it wasn’t too bad despite the occasional rat and cockroach while I was waiting for him to return. About three hours later I was getting restless so I stood up to leave and by a magical surprise the homeless man was the same weird bloke who told me to do what I want in life in my old mail room. I was shocked at first but he was happy to see me, I knew this because he greeted me with a big smile and an even bigger hug. He asked me what I was doing in Dubai and I told him that I took his advice and took control of my own life. He said back “oh that’s amazing I hope you’re making the most of it you don’t have much time in life”. I asked him how he could afford a flight from Ohio all the way to Dubai he looked at me the same way as the first time and said “ I have money man, I can afford whatever I want but I choose not to buy it” I was stunned and asked why he said “ you cannot fil your life with materialistic objects because no physical object can greenly and truly make you happy, you can only be happy by doing what you love and loving what you do” at this point I had no words he understood and left without a word but he knew I was thinking of how right he was. I decided to go to the hotel I booked earlier that day. When I got there it was a beautiful room but the view was breathtaking but I decided to go to sleep for the rest of the day and maybe go out at night. It was about three or four hours later I woke up had a shower and went out to dinner after I got some noodles two cars absolutely flied past I assume it was a street race and decided to walk the same way they were going. After almost ten minutes of walking I found a big car meet. Beautiful cars, bikes and women everywhere, I thought I was in a dream. This guy came up to me and asked me if I was racing I said I like to but no I’m not racing I don’t have a car he said I could use his it was a Nissan gtr r35 twin turbo it was my dream car. I said yes ill race he was excited. I walked up to the car and got in it had the best interior id ever seen. I revved the car waiting for the race to start, the girl walked out with a rag in her hand and counted down one……two….three GO! I jumped it up the street to the first corner I turned super hard and slid abit but it was all good. I continued to fly down the street dodging cars and trying not to die but I was having the time of my life. I drifted a massive corner across the finish line just getting first place. Once I got out of the car the dude who let me use his car asked me if I wanted to work for him racing but I said no and told him I was on an adventure, he understood. So I went home and went to bed. It was the next day and I had nothing to do so I went to the airport to go back to Australia. When I got home my first temptation was to walk through a forest, so I went to a forest and began walking. I was thinking about my life and what I was going to do after my adventures. I had decided to end my adventures and meet a girl and thank fully I did! Her name was Jennifer but I called her jenny. We went on a few dates then became really close and after a year or so we moved in which was surprising since I never thought I would do this. I loved jenny more than anything on the planet I would give up everything for her. One day jenny gave me a call and gave me news I would never forget she called and said “baby…. Your about to be a dad” I went speech less. I dropped the phone and started crying it was one of the happiest days of my life. Nine months rolled around I was having a baby boy! I cried when I heard the news. It was time for my wife to go into labour and I was terrified for my wife and my baby. About 4 hours later the baby was delivered nice and healthy but my wife… she had slipped into a coma because of the pain I saw that she wasn’t moving and sprinted into the room and pushed the doctors away from her and started to give her cpr myself but nothing was working I was trying harder than I ever had whilst tears were streaming down my face but it wasn’t working I laid beside her begging her to come back but it wasn’t working. She died on that very hospital bed I will never forget that day. Her funeral was a few days later and I had the baby with a sitter because I couldn’t bare to think that my son won’t have a mother. After her funeral as done and every one left I sat down in front of her coffin for hours thinking that I lost apart of myself. Many years passed by of grieving but I had gotten over it, and Jacob was 15 I decided to name him Jacob because jenny’s middle name was Jacob. And well I….. I was old. I had gone to the hospital because it was the safest place for me at the time. Jacob visited me every weekend, he lived with his grandparents. I told him all my stories of the things I did and one day I sent him home and as he was leaving he said “see you next weekend” and I said back maybe he stopped and I could tell a tear ran down his face as he walked away. A little while after my boy had left I laid and thought about my son and what I had done in my life. So I decided it was time to go. The very last though I had before I happily passed was the man who inspired me. I put all the times I met him together and he….. He wasn’t real. The man I had made up was my own mind trying to make me happy. I slowly and happily died with a smile on my face.


.I lived a NORMAL LIFE.

By Jordan munn 18/8/2016



The message of this story is that no matter what in life always be happy. No matter what life throws at you, need to keep pushing to be the better version of yourself. Have a good day and good bye

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