lilian fram and her diary

lilian fram is 14 years old and her life is alread a wreck. sh edesides to start keeping a diary of her life.


1. september 8th, 2016

dear diary,

today is september 8th and i cant take this anymore.

take what exactly. life. i cant take all the pain. 

today my parents thertened to ship me to live with my older half sister who apparently made one big mistake and they ship her off to live with her mother. no parent shold do that. not to their children. all my step mom cares about his her blood. my other sisters and my two year old brother . natalie, rachel and stephany and micheal. 

      they never see my tears. they dont see my sadness. they ignor my pain. they always notice my mistakes though. i do a lot around here . i help watch the kids and i clean aot but i do one thing wrong and its oh do it all over again. natalie does something wrong and its just oh go play lilian can get it. 

 today i got progress reports.i have two ds and i get grounded but yet my sister has two fs and she doesnt thats just bullshit. i work my ass off and still try to pass my classes.natalie just sits on her ass all day and does nothing. i cant wait to get out of this hell whole called home. as soon as i turn 18 i am leaving and getting as far away as posible. some days i just wish i could kill my self. 


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