Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


6. The Way of a Rogue Ninja

 Sasaki is walking in the forest. He been in the forest all night trying to find some place to sleep, but he stayed up all night fighting off wolves and other creatures of the night. He has his hand on his sword handle, just in case something attacks him. Kashune brought him his stuff and he put them on. He looks around for any way out. He sees birds flying above him.

 "I guess I am known as a Rogue Ninja." Sasaki says. "Then i'll have to start acting like one." He looks up in the sky. "This is going to change my life forever." Sasaki continues to walk in the forest. He faintly hears some male voices talking, so he quietly walks closer to the voices. He kneels down and looks in between the bushes. There are two men teasing a girl. One of the men has blonde hair that is off to the side, and a tightly fit black shirt that shows his muscular body. The pants he wears are dark blue. The other man has black short hair that spikes up. His shirt is a blue v-neck. His pants are gray baggy sweats. The girl has brown hair. Her eyes are silver. She looks beautiful. She is wearing a black and white school uniform. Her shirt is half unbutton and her tie in on the ground. She is on the ground near a tree. All of the people look around Sasaki's age.

 "How about we start with finishing unbuttoning her shirt." Says the one with black hair. 

 "She looks desperate too." The one with blonde hair smirks after he said that. Sasaki narrows his eyes. 

 "What a bunch of pervs. Men these days have no respect for women." Sasaki thought. The man with blonde hair reaches for her shirt. She tries to move back and get away, but the black haired boy holds her down. 

 "Help! Somebody help!" The girl screams. The one with black hair holds her mouth. As soon as the blonde haired boy touches her shirt Sasaki lunges out of the bushes and punches the blonde across the face making saliva spew out of his mouth. The black haired boy looks shocked and the girl is also in shock. The blonde haired boy tumbles on the ground and hits a tree. He soon gets up, but wobbles on his feet.

 "Stop harassing this girl." Sasaki says. He glares at the blonde haired boy. The blonde haired boy wipes his lip and smirks.

 "Or what?" The blonde haired boy asks. Sasaki clenches his fist and a lighting type jutsu surrounds his hand. 

 "I'll beat the hell outta you." Sasaki says. The blonde haired boy laughs.

 "You aren't even strong enough to take me on!" The blonde haired boy says. The black haired boy grabs Sasaki from behind, Sasaki looks behind him and sees the black haired boy. He looks in front of him and the blonde haired boy lunges at him. Moments later the blonde's fist collides with the dark haired boy's cheek. The blonde is stunned and apologizes for punching his friend. The black haired boy lets him off with a warning. "You bastard! Come out and face me like a man." Sasaki appears behind the black haired boy. He puts a dagger across his throat. The blonde turns around and sees his friend's neck behind a dagger. 

 "Leave or he dies." Sasaki says holding the dagger across the dark haired boy's throat. The blonde takes a step toward Sasaki. Sasaki threatens to slit his throat and the blonde stops in his tracks. 

 "Don't kill my best friend. He is everything to me!" The blonde says trying to get his friend out of a deadly position. 

 "Like I said. Leave or he dies." Sasaki says. The blonde starts to run off. Sasaki puts the dagger back into its holder and he tells the dark haired boy to get out of the forest and don't try anything that would end his life. He turns around and walks to the young girl. She is still sitting on the ground. She buttons her shirt. Sasaki reaches his hand out to her and she grabs it. He pulls her up and she hugs him. He was caught off guard by the hug. 

 "Thank you! They were trying to rape me." The girl says. She keeps holding onto Sasaki. 

 "You're welcome, and I know, that's why I helped you in the first place." Sasaki says. She lets go of him. 

 "So what is your name?" The girl asks. 

 "I rather not tell you that." Sasaki says. The girl looks confused. 

 "Is something wrong? Are you wanted?" The girl asks. Sasaki nods his head. She gasps. "For what?" She asks. 

 "For killing an assassin. A citizen of that town thought I was killing a normal person, but it was an assassin." Sasaki says. 

 "So, its a false accusing?" The girl asks. Sasaki nods his head. She smiles. "Don't worry i'll keep you safe." The girl says. Sasaki looks at her like she is stupid.

 "And how?" Sasaki asks. 

 "I'll hide you in my place. You can go to school and act like a completely normal student." The girl says. "We'll just need to change your appearance." Sasaki denies the idea. 

 "I'll stick with going alone and focus on getting to my destination." Sasaki says. His stomach growls. 

 "And you're hungry." The blonde smiles knowing she had won the argument. Sasaki rolls his eyes. Moments later Sasaki is sitting on a stump and she is thinking about how to change his appearance. "Now what can we do to change your appearance?" She asks herself. She gets out her comb from her bag and starts combing his hair. She first combs it upwards and she shows him what he looked like. He shakes his head. She then combs it down and has to start over with a new idea. They spend hours trying to figure out what hairstyle he liked. "You don't like any of the hairstyles I give you." She says. 

 "Like I said, i'll stick with going in the direction I need to go." Sasaki says. 

 "Where are you going exactly?" The girl asks, still figuring out what style to put his hair in. 

 "Kakashi's dojo." Sasaki says. She looks at him. 

 "You're a ninja?" The girl asks.

 "I've been a ninja. I just want to get stronger. I have mastered the Fire Style Jutsu. I haven't mastered the Lighting Style Jutsu yet." Sasaki says. 

 "What ninja clan are you from?" The girl asks combing his hair again. 

 "I don't feel like telling you that. It's something I keep a secret." Sasaki says. She gets an idea and parts the front of his hair. She shows him what he looks like. He agrees to the look. He only agreed because he looked like Sasuke when he was about his age. 

 "So why do you want to keep your ninja clan a secret?" The girl asks. She puts her comb back into her bag. 

 "Because, it's something I want to keep a secret." Sasaki says. 

 "Oh, so how about your first name, then i'll make a last name for you." The girl says. 

 "Okay as long as it doesn't sound retarded. My first name is Sasaki." Sasaki says. 

 "Hmmm, Sasaki Yuki?" The girl says. 

 "No." Sasaki says. 

 "I wanted you to have that last name because it was my last name." The girl says. "So how about Sasaki Haruno?" Sasaki glares at her. 

 "That's the last name of a person I know. I'm not taking that name." Sasaki says. 

 "Well okay then, how about Sasaki Storm?" The girl asks. "Since you want to be a Lighting Style Ninja, you can have that last name." The girl says smiling. 

 "Hm, i'll give it some thought. Lets get something to eat." Sasaki says. The girl smiles again. 

 "Okay, i'm sure you're hungry." The girl says. "I'm Rachel Yuki by the way." Rachel says. They walk to where her town was. 


 Some hours later Sasuke is reading the newspaper. He sees a picture with Sasaki without a shirt running in the street. The article says: Active Rogue Ninja, Beware. He sighs. 

 "What has that boy gotten himself into?" Sasuke asks himself. Naruto walks in his house and he sits next to him. 

 "I saw in the papers today Sasaki is a wanted criminal. Is he a Rogue Ninja?" Naruto asks. 

 "No, I know it was a mistake. Look at the man on the ground dead. He looks like an assassin." Sasuke says showing his friend the picture of the dead guy. 

 "Yeah, now its clear. They are framing Sasaki for killing a citizen." Naruto says. "Sasaki better watch out, or he'll never make it to Kakashi's dojo." 

 "I know Sasaki better than this. He won't fail." Sasuke says. 


 Sasaki and Rachel are walking in the street of her town. 

 "So first we'll get you new cloths. Your old cloths are dirty." Rachel says. Sasaki looks around the town. Rachel grabs his arm and takes him into a cloths store. She takes him to the mens section. "This is the men's section. You can pick out your own cloths." Rachel says. Sasaki walks in the ails and looks at the different cloths. He picks out a black jacket and black pants. They buy the cloths then they go out of the store. She looks at him and smiles. 

 "Do you mind sleeping in a room with a boy?" Rachel asks. Sasaki looks at her.

 "I'm not sleeping in your house by the way. I'll find a hotel or something." Sasaki says. He walks away from her going down the street looking for a hotel. She follows him. 

 "But how are you going to lay low? They already know what you look like." Rachel says. Sasaki stops and turns around.

 "There is a place I need to be, and two other people are going to the same place. I don't need any distractions." Sasaki says. He turns around and continues to find a hotel. She follows him again. 

 "You saved me from those pervs, so I have to help you." Rachel says. "Its the only thing I can pay you back with." Rachel says. 

 "I didn't save anyone, I just did what was right." Sasaki says. "Now leave me alone or i'll have no choice but to kill you." Sasaki says. 

 "You wouldn't kill me." Rachel says. "Didn't you say you weren't a Rogue Ninja." Rachel says teasing him. Sasaki turns around and his sharingan activates. 

 "You're annoying me right now so if I were you I'd leave me alone." Sasaki says sternly. She noticed the sharingan and she gasps.

 "So you're an Uchiha?!" Rachel says in disbelieve. She backs up.

  "Yes, I am." Sasaki says. The sharingan retracts and he walks down the street. Rachel is in shock and she thought about all the things her grandfather said about the Uchiha clan. She watches as he leaves her sight.

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