Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


1. The Uchiha legacy

 Sasaki Uchiha is laying in his bed and has a nightmare, the one he had before in the past. "Argh!" Sasaki screams as he wakes up and has sweat dripping from his forehead and body. His eyes are open wide and he throws his ninja dagger into the door once again. He breaths heavily. "Damn, its just a dream." Sasaki says putting his hand on his head feeling embarrassed that he thought his nightmare became a reality. He looks at the clock on his dresser and it says 2:34, he then lays back down. "Today is when i'll have to travel to meet Kakashi Hatake." Sasaki says. He closes his eyes. 


 The next morning he is walking on the street and Kashune Dante is watering plants. She looks over to her side and smiles. 

 "Hi Sasaki." Kashune says. She waves. Sasaki waves to her and then turns around and walks to her. 

 "Hi Kashune. So hows you business?" Sasaki asks. 

 "Its good. So you going off to Kakashi's?" Kashune asks. Sasaki nods. She turns off the water and puts up the hose. 

 "My grandfather Sasuke, was trained by him along with Sakura and Naruto." Sasaki says. "So if he trains me, i'll bring back honor to the Uchiha's." Sasaki closes his eyes. "In order to do that, I have to find Kakashi's dojo." Sasaki opens his eyes and crosses his arms. Kashune nods. 

 "Now that you mentioned it, Sasuke told me to tell you to go to him when I see you. I think he wants to tell you something important." Kashune says. Sasaki nods. 

 "Alright, thanks for telling me by the way." Sasaki says. He bows to her, then Kashune bows to him. He walks into his grandfathers house. Sasuke is siting on the carpet. 

 "So you're off to Kakashi's dojo?" Sasuke asks. His hair is solid white. He has on a navy blue cloak that has the collar up high. Sasaki kneels down to show respect. 

 "Yes sir, I am." Sasaki says. Sasuke looks at him. Sasaki stands up. 

 "Your journey will be hard. So I advise you to take Kashune Dante with you. She learned the jutsu skills with you while you was younger. She even knows the Rasegan." Sasuke says. "Naruto taught her that jutsu." Sasuke looks away. "Understood?" 

 "Yes sir. I'll tell Kashune to get ready." Sasaki says. He bows and begins to walk out the door. Sasuke looks at Sasaki. 

 "One more thing." Sasuke's eyes are narrowed. "Don't die." Sasuke says almost warning him that he might actually die. 

 "Yes sir, i'll make sure i'm in one piece when I get there." Sasaki says. He walks out the door. Sasuke looks downwards. 


 Sasaki gets to where Kashune's house. She was practicing her jutsu. She made a Rasegan and aims it at the sky. She throws it and then later it explodes. She looks to her side and sees Sasaki walking up to her. She walks to him. 

 "Sasuke told me to take you with me so you could also train with Kakashi." Sasaki says. 

 "Well, I don't have to do anything important, so i'll go with you." Kashune says. Sasaki nods. 

 "I'll be leaving in a few minutes, so make sure you're ready by then." Sasaki turns around and walks off. He gets to his house and looks at the wall were his sword is staying. He takes the sword and a few ninja daggers. He walks out of his house and puts on his ninja head band. He walks toward the towns gates where Kashune is standing. Kashune greets Sasaki and they bow to each other. Sasaki begins to walk out of the town.

 "Uchiha!" A voice calls out to him. He turns around and there is Tohru Ikki. "You're not leaving until you prove to the enitre town you should train with Kakashi!" Tohru says. 

 "Tohru, I have nothing to prove to you." Sasaki says. "You're not worth my time." Sasaki begins to walk off then Tohru sends a ninja dagger to his back, but he senses it and he turns around with tremendous speed and knocks it away with his metal brace on his wrist that covers half his lower arm. Tohru smirks.

 "Got your attention now." Tohru says. Sasaki takes off his satchel and lays it on the ground. Tohru has brown hair that is spiky and he has blue eyes. He wears a ninja like outfit with the sleeves cut off. The color of the outfit is black and grey. 

 "Alright Tohru you'll fight me again." Sasaki says getting into his ninja stance. "But remember I will kick your ass." Tohru smirks and he dashes at Sasaki with speed. Sasaki doesn't see the attack and Tohru kicks Sasaki under his chin and makes him back up. Sasaki stands his ground but has blood coming from his lip. He wipes the blood away with his thumb. "Good, first blood goes to you." Sasaki says. He looks up. "Now its my turn." Saskai clenches his fist and dashes toward Tohru. Tohru punches Sasaki, which turns into and shadowy like substance and appears in full body behind Tohru. "Beware for I am behind you." Tohru jumps when Sasaki says that then he swings his fist wildly behind him, and Sasaki blocks it with his metal brace, and Tohru breaks his own wrist. 

 "Rragh!" Tohru yells holding his wrist. "You bastard broke my wrist." Tohru says in anger. "Now you'll pay!" He throws a punch with his unbroken hand and Sasaki dodges it. He ducks when Tohru kicks in the air. Sasaki grabs Tohru's leg and jumps up in the air and then slams him face first into the ground. Tohru's face is gashed open. Tohru gets up and the blood runs down his face. 

 "Give up now Tohru. You won't win." Sasaki says standing still. Tohru gets angry and tries to punch Sasaki's face. Sasaki catches his fist. "I'm not breaking anymore of what pride you have left. I've proven I have what it takes to beat you." Sasaki says. He pushes Tohru's fist back and Tohru falls on the ground. Tohru gets up and runs off. Sasaki walks to the gate of the town and picks up his satchel. 

 "You broke his wrist again. Why do you always do that?" Kashune asks. Sasaki looks at her. 

 "He is the one who swings wildly while i'm behind him. I thought he'd learn by now he can't beat an Uchiha." Sasaki says smiling. Kashune laughs. 

 "Yeah, it turns out he can't." Kashune says. They walk out of the village.

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