Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


2. The Journey Begins

 Sasaki and Kashune walk together in the forest. The birds are chirping and singing. Sasaki looks around at all the trees. He puts his arm in front of Kashune. 

 "Stop, someone is following us." Sasaki says stopping Kashune. She stays on guard and a kid with blonde hair jumps out from the trees. He has blue eyes. He has on jacket that is orange and black symbolizing the that he is a Ukumaki. Sasaki lowers his guard. "Oh, its you Tsubausa Ukumaki." Sasaki says smiling. Tsubausa smiles and waves. 

 "You was gone already?" Tsubausa asks walking up to them. He looks at Kashune and he looks away. 

 "Yeah, I figured if I left early i'll be there in a some months." Sasaki says. Tsubausa nods. 

 "My grandfather told me to come with you also." Tsubause says. Sasaki and Kashune look dumbfounded. 

 "But isn't he, well you crazy?" Sasaki asks. Kashune covers he mouth and tries not to laugh.

 "Well sometimes yes, but you know Naruto, he is also smart but acts dumb." Tsubausa says. 

 "You grandfather is the most powerful jutsu master we have besides my grandfather Sasuke." Sasaki says. Tsubause nods. 

 "So i'll come with you guys." Tsubause says. Sasaki and Kashune nod. They walk into another village. They get something to eat and then they head out. Tsunbause walks beside Kashune and Sasaki walks alone. "I heard my grandfather taught you." Tsubause says looking at Kashune. She looks over to him. 

 "That's correct. He did taught me." Kashune says. Tsubausa nods. 

 "He taught me as well." Tsubausa says smiling, Kashune giggles. Tsubause looks at her as she is giggling. He looks confused. "Why are you giggling?" He asks. Kashune giggles more. He shrugs and keeps walking. Sasaki stops and looks around. 

 "My grandfather told me to not die." Sasaki says. He turns around. Tsubause and Kashune looks at him. "Do you two know anything about why he said that?" Tsubausa and Kashune look confused. 

 "Does your grandfather take any drugs?" Tsubausa asks. Sasaki punches Tsubausa in the face and he falls on the ground.

 "He was serious when he said that! My grandfather isn't a crack head!" Sasaki says. He calms down and shakes his fist to end the pain. "Now act mature and tell me your real answer." 

 "Maybe he warned us about something. You know how cautious Sasuke can be."Kashune says. 

 "But why?" Sasaki asks. A knife comes out of the bushes and Tsubausa tackles Kashune to the ground and Sasaki blocks the knife with his metal brace. Kashune quickly gets up and she sees Sasaki on guard. Three men jump out of the bushes. One has black hair and a ninja headband with "S" symbol on it. His shirt is plain white, and his pants are black, he isn't wearing shoes. He has a sword attached to his belt. The others have hoods and a ninja mask. 

 "You know its dangerous to travel through the forest. Something bad could happen, or worse you could die." The man says looking at them his eyes are blue. 

 "I'm not afraid of you! So back off while you still have your life!" Sasaki says getting prepared to fight. Kashune gets into her stance and so does Tsubausa. The man chuckles. 

 "I am not the one to play jokes with. You won't be leaving this forest alive." The man says. 

 "Oh yeah?" Sasaki does the fire hand sign and he blows fire where the man was. The man used a shadow clone and he jumps in front of Sasaki. He quickly dodges the man's attack and flips backwards and then slides on the dirt making dust appear. He sends a knife toward him. The man dodges it and then Sasaki appears in front of him. "Now die!" Sasaki stabs the man in the shoulder and shoves it into a nearby tree. The sword goes through the tree and blood drops from the end of the sword. "See I came out on top!" The man disappears and then Sasaki turns around and the man stabs him in the hand and it goes into the tree. "Aaghh!" Sasaki holds his hand. Blood runs down the tree and then the man grabs Sasaki's throat and chokes him and holds him against the tree.  

 "Where are you going and why?" The man says choking Sasaki. Kashune tries to help Sasaki but the men in hoods stop her. 

 "W-why should I tell you?" Sasaki asks with one eye open. 

 "If you don't then i'll kill you and your friends." The man says putting more pressure on his throat. Sasaki coughs. 

 "I'm not telling you!" Sasaki grabs his knife and stabs the man's stomach. The man stops choking Sasaki and he takes out the knife. Sasaki punches the wound in his stomach and the man coughs out blood and then Sasaki takes his sword and stabs the man into the tree. "Now you tell me the information or the pain in your chest will stay." Sasaki says holding the sword sternly. The three men run at Sasaki and Kashune and Tsubause attack them and they get knocked out. They guard Sasaki. 

 "Wh-why should I?" The man coughs out blood and a line of blood runs down his chin. 

 "Because, your life depends upon it." Sasaki eyes narrow, and he pushes the sword into his chest further. The man groans in pain and he heavily breaths when Sasaki stops pushing the sword further. 

 "F-fine i'll tell you. My name is Hatashi Kurogane." Hatashi says. 

 "Now why are you trying to kill us?" Sasaki asks. 

 "I-I don't know! I am just an assassin." Hatashi says. "I kill people for money." Sasaki pulls the sword out. He points it toward Hatashi's head when he falls on his knees.

 "An assassin huh? Well I don't like assassins." Sasaki puts his sword up in the holder. He takes out another knife and stabs Hatashi's hands into the ground Hatashi groans in pain. "You'll wait until someone you know crosses your path." Sasaki says looking down at the agonizing man. The man looks up at Sasaki and he sees his facial expression is serious. Sasaki walks away and he walks to Kashune and Tsubausa. 

 "You have alot of Sasuke in you." Kashune says smiling a bit. 

 "Well I have been told that by my father." Sasaki says smiling. "They even said I looked like him as a kid." Kashune closes her eyes and smiles. 

 "You was so cute! You said you would be an Hokage like Sasuke. You even stole Sasuke's old headband once." Kashune says and she laughs. 

 "Yeah, I was so determined to be like Sasuke." Sasaki says. Tsubausa rolls his eyes. 

 "Well my grandfather has the Nine-Tail Fox within him." Tsubausa says trying to be cool.

 "We all know that Tsubausa. Its cool, but also dangerous." Kashune says. Tsubausa rolls his eyes again and crosses his arms. Sasaki looks forward. They walk deeper into the forest.

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