Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


7. A Vengeful Fight

 It is in the afternoon and Sasaki is walking down the street. He is wearing a black jacket, with a red rope tied around his waist. He has black ninja-like gloves that go pass his elbow. He is wearing blue pants, and sandals. He holds his sword with his right hand and it leans on his shoulder. He sees Rachel walking his way. He sighs. She sees him, and she walks toward him. She is wearing a red shirt that is halfway off her shoulder. She is wearing mini shorts, and female ninja boots. 

 "I know some ninjutsu too. My parents knew it so I got taught some when I was able to learn it." Rachel says. Sasaki nods. 

 "Since Sasuke Uchiha is my grandfather I knew it at a very young age." Sasaki says. Rachel smiles. 

 "That's cool. I know a few people like you." Rachel says. She is two inches smaller than Sasaki. They walk into a forest trail. Sasaki is looking at the trees. Rachel is looking at the animals walking around. Sasaki heard something form behind him. He tackles Rachel to the ground. A shrunken hits a tree and it stabs into it. Sasaki's right hand is on Rachel's left boob. She slightly blushes. Sasaki gets up and he sees the same blonde haired boy from yesterday. He has a smirk on his face and he has his arms crossed. The blonde haired boy has a purple outfit with a snake skin-like outline. The outfit is sleeveless.

 "So it seems we meet again." The blonde haired boy says. Rachel gets up, and she looks at the blonde haired boy. 

 "Its the guy from yesterday." Rachel says. Sasaki nods. 

 "Sure is." Sasaki says. He steps closer to him. 

 "I heard you're a Rogue Ninja." The blonde haired boy says. Sasaki grits his teeth. 

 "I'm no such thing." Sasaki says. "I didn't kill a citizen, it was an assassin." Sasaki glares at the blonde haired boy. 

 "I know your name, but you don't know mine." The blonde haired boy looks at Sasaki with a evil smirk. "I'm Gankiko Kazu." Gankiko says. 

 "It doesn't matter if I know your name, what are you here for?" Sasaki asks. Gankiko smirks. 

 "I'm here to kill you. After I do that i'm taking the girl with me." Gankiko says. He licks his lips while looking at Rachel. Sasaki steps in front of Rachel. 

 "That's if you can get pass me." Sasaki says. 

 "Oh that will be easy." Gankiko says. He smirks. A person from behind Sasaki grabs him from behind and puts his arm around Sasaki's neck. Sasaki looks back and its the black haired boy from yesterday. Sasaki looks at Gankiko. He is running at Sasaki with a punch. Gankiko punches Sasaki in the stomach. Rachel steps back. Sasaki coughs. The black haired boy throws Sasaki on the ground. Sasaki gets on his hands and knees. 

 "Using a two against one strategy eh?" Sasaki asks. He looks up at the two boys. Gankiko smirks. 

 "You threatened to kill my friend Ayato so I had no choice but to fight you today." Gankiko says. Sasaki gets up and he smirks. 

 "You two pervs were harassing this girl so I had no choice but to threaten you two." Sasaki says. 

 "She wanted it to happen. She loved how we got her turned on." Gankiko says. Rachel looks at them in pure hatred. 

 "Bullshit!" Rachel says in anger. Sasaki pulls out his sword. 

 "Well if you want a fight, then come right on down." Sasaki says. He points his sword toward Gankiko. Gankiko smirks. 

 "Aright." Gankiko says. He makes a Earth Style jutsu make an earthquake. Sasaki was distracted, and Gankiko punches Sasaki in the face. Sasaki steps back. The black haired boy jumps over Gankiko and he side kicks Sasaki. Sasaki falls on the ground and he flips himself up. Sasaki holds his sword ready to cut anything. Gankiko makes a fire style jutsu and he sends it toward Sasaki. Sasaki dodges the attack, and he goes to slice through Gankiko. Gankiko jumps backwards. The block haired boy makes a small explosive and it hits Sasaki. He goes backwards and he hits a tree. He starts to fall, but he catches a tree branch. Sasaki looks at Gankiko. Gankiko smirks. Sasaki drops from the tree branch. Sasaki takes out his sword from the tree trunk. 

 "Well this is going to be one hell of a fight." Sasaki says. He runs at Gankiko, and he activates his sharingan. Rachel saw Sasaki's eyes turn into sharingans. 

 "Now Sasaki will have the upper hand!" Rachel says. She watches the fight. Gankiko runs at Sasaki. He throws a punch at Sasaki. Sasaki smirks, and he easily counters it and knees Gankiko in the stomach. Gankiko coughs. The black haired boy grits his teeth and he goes to attack Sasaki. Sasaki grabs the black haired boys fist. He makes a Chidori and he punches the black haired boy in the face. Then Sasaki elbows Gakiko in the back of his neck. Gakiko hits the ground hard. The black hair boy gets up. 

 "Th-that jutsu is Chidori! That's not possible!" The black haired boy says. Sasaki smirks. He still has lighting coming from his fist. 

 "With my sharingan eyes, and my Lighting Style jutsu. You two can't win." Sasaki says. Gakiko goes to punch Sasaki. Sasaki dodges it easily again and he does another Chidori. He punches Gankiko in the stomach. Then he roundhouse kicks him across the face. Gankiko falls on the ground. His lip is busted. The black haired boy runs at Sasaki. Sasaki grabs the boy's fist and he pulls it close to him. Sasaki knees the boy under his chin. Rachel smiles. 

 "Sasaki is really tough! Taking on two opponents like that takes a lot of strength." Rachel says. Sasaki taunts Gakiko and the black haired boy to come at him. In anger both the boys come at him. The black haired boy summons an explosive, and Gankiko makes a Earth Style: Mud Wall to protect them from the blast. The explosive explodes in Sasaki's face. The smoke clears and there is no sign of Sasaki. His sword is stuck into the ground, and a piece of his jacket is aying on the ground. Rachel bites her nails. "This isn't good." The two boys laugh. 

 "And he said he'd beat us, that liar!" Gakiko says. He laughs. 

 "Some Uchiha he is." The black haired boy says. They both laugh again. A chill passes them. They both stop laughing. 

 "Something isn't right." Gankiko says. He seems a bit nervous. He looks behind him. Sasaki comes out of the trees and punches Gakiko across the face. Then Sasaki kicks the black haired boy in the stomach making him hit a nearby tree. Gankiko looks at Sasaki. 

 "You thought these sharingan was a joke?" Sasaki says. His sharingan are more clear to see. He has a level three sharingan. Sasaki has scratches and some cuts on his face. He doesn't have the jacket on since its torn to shreds from the explosive. He glares at Gankiko. 

 "No I knew you had strength, but when you got hit by that explosive I thought you were dead." Gankiko says. Gankiko has some blood running down both ends of his lips. 

 "Its call genjutsu. I was taught well by my grandfather." Sasaki says. He smirks. "My grandfather is Sasuke Uchiha. I'm sure you know him well." Sasaki says. Gankiko's eyes grew wide in shock. 

 "N-no wonder you are so tough!" Ganiko grits his teeth, "But you will die today you bastard!" Gankiko throws at dagger at close range. Sasaki leans sideways and it goes right pass him. Sasaki looks at Gankiko. 

 "If I were you, I'd stop." Sasaki says seriously. Ganiko has a bitter expression shown. He makes a hand signal. Sasaki grabs his sword and he cuts off Gakiko's right hand. Gankiko screams in pain. Blood spews on the ground. Sasaki puts his sword away. "If you know please tell me." Sasaki says. "Where is the next town located at?" Sasaki's eyes turns to the normal black color. 

 "Uh, town?" Gankiko asks. Sasaki nods. Gankiko has two more explosives his friend gave him. He hides them by holding his hand. 

 "Do you know where a nearby town is?" Sasaki asks. Rachel watches as they talk. Gankiko activates one and he walks closer to Sasaki. Gankiko smirks. Sasaki looks confused. Gankiko puts the explosive on Sasaki's chest. 

 "Now you're going to die!" Gankiko says. He laughs. Sasaki is shockingly looking at the exlosive on his chest. He notices that Gakiko's hand signals were all earth style. He lights his fist with Chidori and he touches the explosive. The explosive deactivates and it falls off of Sasaki's chest. Gankiko steps back. His eyes show terror. Sasaki cuts off Ganiki's other hand. Sasaki holds his sword to Gankiko's neck as he fell on the ground. Gankiko looks at Sasaki. Both his hands are gone because of stupid tricks. Sasaki looks serious at Gankiko. 

 "Back to my question. Where is a nearby town?" Sasaki asks. Gankiko shakes his head. Sasaki looks at the black haired boy who is holding his stomach leaning against a tree. Sasaki walks to him. The black haired boy starts to get up. "I'm not going to hurt you. Do you know where a nearby town is?" Sasaki asks. 

 "Y-yes! Its on a gravel roar located out of town!" The black haired boy says. Sasaki nods. He walks to Rachel. 

 "I'll be continuing my journey. If you want to come, you can." Sasaki says. Rachel smiles. 

 "Sure, it would be fun to go on an adventure." Rachel says. Sasaki smiles. 

 "I guess it is." Sasaki says. 

 "I'll have to get some stuff, you can take a shower at my house, and i'll get you new cloths." Rachel says. Sasaki nods. 


 A few minutes later Sasaki is in Rachel's shower. His hair is wet and is covers his eyes. He moves his hair from his eyes, and he looks up. 

 "Rachel Yuki." Sasaki says. He starts to think on that name. He gets out of the shower, and he dries off his hair and his body. He sees that Rachel has picked some cloths out. She picked a black hoodie with dark blue jeans. He puts on the cloths. They fit him perfectly. He walks out of the bathroom. Rachel was laying on her stomach with her elbows propped up. She looks at Sasaki. 

 "Well since its night, you could sleep here in my room. My brother is here. My parents are on a trip." Rachel says. Sasaki rolls his eyes. 

 "Okay fine whatever." Sasaki says annoyingly. It is late at night and Sasaki is laying beside Rachel, they both have their back turned to each other. Rachel is still awake and so is Sasaki. 

 "Hey Sasaki you still up?" Rachel asks. 

 "Yeah." Sasaki says. 

 "I wanted to let you know thanks for standing up for me yesterday." Rachel says. She rolls over to him. He rolls over to her.

 "I was just doing what was right." Sasaki says. Rachel smiles. 

 "Thank you though." Rachel says. "Anyways goodnight." Rachel rolls back over in the bed, and Sasaki does the same. They both close their eyes and go to sleep.

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