Naruto: Jutsu Legends

Some years have gone by, Naruto and Sasuke have settled down and made families. Naruto's grandson is named Tsubasa Uzumaki, and Sasuke's grandson is named Sasaki Uchiha. There is a new girl, and her name is Kashune Dante. All three are life long friends, and they are now on a journey to train with Kakashi Hatake.


5. A Sharingan Ninja vs An Assassin Ninja

 Sasaki goes outside the hotel with his shirt off. Kashune and Tsubausa are still in bed. His pants are black with his ninja boots. He smells the morning air and then exhales. 

 "Another morning on Earth." Sasaki says. He looks at the sky. He hears the birds sing and chirp. He sighs. "I have a large amount of hatred. This could be dangerous for my sharingan eyes." Sasaki holds his right eye. He remembers what Sasuke said about how much hatred his sharingans can take, because he knows from experience. Sasaki opens his eyes and he suddenly feels something wrong. The air feels more wetter than it was. "What the hell?" Sasaki asks himself. He looks around cautiously. He grabs the handle of his sword. A man in a black hood covering his eyes, so no one can see what his face looks like. He has silver hair with a black tightly fit long sleeved shirt on and a symbol on his chest. He wears a white belt that is tied on his waist but on the side of his waist. On his arms are long black gloves that go up to his elbows, they have little chains around it. His pants are baggy with a dagger holder and a few shrunken bags. His boots are black and have a strap between his big toe and the second one. He looks at Sasaki. Sasaki firmly grips his sword.

 "Sasaki Uchiha." Says the man. He stands four feet in front of Sasaki. Sasaki gets ready to fight. 

 "Yeah, that's my name. And you have no right to speak of it." Sasaki says narrowing his eyes.

 "If I told you mine, you would be speaking of it all day." The man says reaching for his sword.

 "They only time when i'll be mentioning yours is when they ask me who I killed earlier!" Sasaki says as he runs to the man and the man runs to him. They clash swords together. Sasaki slashes in one direction and the man blocks it.

 "Sasaki I heard you have a sharingan! If I kill you I will rip out your eyes and then I will have the sharingan!" The man says as he tries to slash Sasaki. Sasaki dodges the attack and he counters with a kick to the stomach. The man hits a tree. Sasaki holds the sword to the man's throat. 

 "That's if you can kill me." Sasaki says activating the sharingan. "Now I can see anything you throw at me." Sasaki presses harder on the blade and then he uses his lighting nature jutsu to shoot lighting at the real man. "I knew that was a shadow clone once I activated my sharingan." Sasaki says looking at the man. The man jumps down from the roof top and stands up.

 "I knew you would once use that sharingan of yours. You can't win, when your opponent is an assassin." The man says. "I am the assassin Legic Otomaru. I shall kill you and take that sharingan." Legic says. 

 "You can't kill me when I have the sharingan activated. You're fighting a losing battle!" Sasaki throws a shrunken at Legic and he dodges it. The shrunken hits the wooden wall of the building. Legic throws a dagger and Sasaki knocks it away with his sword. He jumps in the air and then Legic makes a genjutsu of himself and Sasaki decapitates the genjutsu Legic. He looks to the side and Legic throws a dagger at Sasaki and it almost stabs him in his eye. The blade cuts the side of his eye. It starts to bleed. Sasaki shows no signs of the wound harming him. He swings the sword two times and then gets in his stance. 

 "I drew first blood." Legic says smirking. Sasaki focuses his chakra and he does the hand sign of the Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu. 

 "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" A huge fireball comes from Sasaki's mouth. It engulfs the ground in flames. Legic barely escaped that attack. Sasaki's sharingan eyes locate Legic. He jumps out from the smoke and sends shrunkens at Legic. Three shrunkens hit him. One hits his leg, another one hits his arm, and the last one hits his chest. Legic stumbles back and he falls off the rooftop. He gets up and takes out the shrunkens. Sasaki jumps down and stabs his leg and steps on the other one. Legic agonizes in pain. 

 "Agghh! You bastard!" Legic says holding his leg that has the sword through it. Blood goes around his leg. 

 "Tell me why are you trying to kill me! I know the sharingan isn't the only thing you wanted from me." Sasaki says putting his hand on the end of the sword.

 "Wh-why should I tell you! You don't deserve to have the answer!" Legic says. He tries to grab a weapon from his bag, but Sasaki throws two daggers at both his hands. They are stuck in the ground. "Y-you fucking shit!" Legic says spiting out blood at Sasaki. He moves out of the way and the blood spatters on the ground. 

 "Now tell me or the pain in you leg will increase." Sasaki says. Legic grits his teeth. 

 "I'm not going to tell you! Kill me if you wish!" Legic says. He lays his head back trying to find a way to ease the pain.

 "I'm not going to kill you. Ev-"

 "Hey that guy is a Rogue Ninja! He needs to be arrested!" Says one of the towns people. Sasaki looks at them and he takes his sword out of Legic's leg. 

 "Shit! I knew this was a bad idea." Sasaki says. He puts his sword back into its holder and he runs down the street. Some people try to stop him, but he quickly jumps over them. Kashune walks out of the hotel and sees people chasing after Sasaki. 

 "What's going on?" Kashune asks one of the towns people. 

 "That shirtless man is a Rogue Ninja, and he killed that man that's laying on the ground." He points to Legic who is bleeding out. Kashune knew Sasaki isn't a Rogue Ninja. 

 "Oh, no." Kashune says quietly. Sasaki dodges some of the people in his way. One of them tries to catch him, but he jumps over them and he starts running on the rooftop.

 "Dammit. They accuse me of killing that assassin." Sasaki thought. He keeps running. Kashune runs after him. He jumps onto another building and then he keeps running. He still has his sharingan activated. Kashune catches up with him. 

 "What happened?" Kashune says.

 "I killed that assassin and a man saw it and he accused me of being a Rogue Ninja." Sasaki says. He jumps off the building and lands on the ground. He looks behind him and sees no one following him. He looks at Kashune.

 "So it would be best for you to leave?" Kashune asks lowering her head. 

"It would be for the best to leave. I'll be on my own for now." Sasaki says. 

 "I hope you don't get hurt or worse." Kashune says. 

 "I won't." Sasaki runs into the woods. Kashune looks sad and she walks back into the town. 


 It is night and Sasuke is sitting on the carpet as usual. He is drinking tea. He hears footsteps in the background and he is on guard. He reaches in his cloak and grabs his sword. One person comes in the house. He has purple hair and a ninja type of clothing. Sasuke puts his sword back into the holder. 

 "You're here to kill me Kokoshi?" Sasuke says as he sips his tea.

 "No, i'm here for my boy. Where is he?" Kokoshi says. Sasuke sighs. 

 "I don't know." Sasuke says. Kokoshi grabs Sasuke's cloak and picks him up and slams him against the wall.

 "You do know. Now tell me or i'll find out myself." Kokoshi says. 

 "I'm not telling you where Sasaki is. You aren't going to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan, by taking Sasaki's eyes." Sasuke says. Kokoshi throws him on the ground. 

 "I told you I would surpass Itachi! I will make my dream a reality. When I take the eyes of my son, I shall reclaim the legend of Madara Uchiha and become the most evil Uchiha!" Kokoshi says. He walks to Sasuke. "When I find him. I'll kill him and then i'll come back and kill you." Kokoshi says awakening his sharingan. "You will die after I kill you favorite grandson." Kokoshi walks out of the house. Sasuke holds his stomach and gets up. 

 "I taught Sasaki nature jutsu. There is no way you could kill your son." Sasuke says. Kokoshi vanishes. 

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