Another Love Story

You will play as Peyton. She just arrives to Australia after 12 years.Her aunt and uncle are Lukes parent,she also has to live with them.Her parents were taking her to the movies at night,when they were hit by a huge truck.They didnt survive,but peyton did.She slowly starts to fall in love with Michael.Will her new life be great?Or will it be terrible? Read to find out!


11. Lazy Day


Peytons P.O.V

"He's so sweet!" i said to Binx while laying in bed. It was sunday and i didnt feel like getting up yet. I sat up, "He cant be like Vince..." i shuttered at the name, "Right?" I said to her. "Meewwww" Binx said and bit my nose. I picked her up and held her to my stomach.Your probably wondering him who Vince is... Well heres the short story, he was my boyfriend, later he started to verbally abuse me, and sometimes physically. He also would cheat on me and say nobody else would deal with me, so I stayed with him. I still have scars from some of the times he hurt me. "Peyton?" Luke said knocking on the door. "Yeah?" I said  calmly. "I was wondering if you wanna watch the fault in our stars with me?" he said. I laughed before answering, "Ok Luke, I'll watch it with you!" I jumped out of bed then ran to get my slippers. I walked downstairs, with Binx cradled in my arms. Luke turned on the movie and I laid next to him. After two hours, the movie was over, and me and look had tear stained eyes. "That was amazing!" Luke said. "And sad!" I said sniffing. "Were ordering Chick- Fil-a , whether you like it or not!" Luke said (I dont care if they have it in Australia or not) and I nodded laughing after. I ordered the chicken nuggets with Dr. Pepper, and Luke got the chicken nuggets with sprite.

~A little later~

We picked up our food and we heard someone walk into the house "THE PARTY HAS ARRIVED!" Ashton and Calum screamed "Did ya miss us?" Mikey asked after he plopped on the couch next to me. "Sureee..." i said rolling my eyes. Binx ran over to us and jumped onto mikey purring happily. "I think she likes me!" He said with excitement. We all laughed and talked. We heard a knock on the door, and without any answer Talya walked into the house. "HOW WAS THE DATE!!!!!!!!!" She screamed very loudly. I blushed and looked at Michael then Natalya "It was great! I had a lot of fun!" I said, "Look what he got me!" I picked up Binx and showed her to Talya. "Date?" Ashton said with a smirk on his face. "Yeah, i took her on a date. Whats the problem with that?" Mikey said. "Nothin, i just know how much you like her!" Ashton said. Mikey likes me a lot? Mikey was blushing and avoided eye contact.I set my hand on his, showing that i like him back, and he seemed to notice and smiled, looking at me. Luke gave me a thumbs up, signaling that he approved. "Im forcing you guys to sleep over." I said to all of them. Talya nodded and apparently already had a bag, and the guys were fine with using Lukes stuff (and Luke was too) so it was settled. We set up "The Tribe" in the living room and we turned on the Hunger Games (all the movies) , Divergent(all the movies), and to finish off our night, Monsters Inc. then we talked for a few more hours until we went to bed. 

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