Another Love Story

You will play as Peyton. She just arrives to Australia after 12 years.Her aunt and uncle are Lukes parent,she also has to live with them.Her parents were taking her to the movies at night,when they were hit by a huge truck.They didnt survive,but peyton did.She slowly starts to fall in love with Michael.Will her new life be great?Or will it be terrible? Read to find out!


21. Calum and Talya P4

Peyton's P.O.V

I wasn't feeling that amazing, so I decided to skip school. Mikey tried to stay with me, but I told him that school might help in the future. I wore a pink sweater, grey sweatpants, a light pink knitted beanie with a pom-pom, and slippers. My hair was thrown up into a messy bun, and all I've really done today was watch Rugrats, eat, and sleep! I decided to do something with my life, so I went to the park. It was really close, so I walked.  I decided to watch videos and draw in Luke and I's tree house. I stayed there for about an hour, then left because the guys and Talya would be home soon. I was really tiered, so when I got home I took a nap. Around twenty minutes later, I felt someone shaking me awake. "Peyton I need help!" Talya said. "Let her sleep! She's not feeling good!" Mikey said. "Too late, I'm already awake." I said, sitting up. "I need to talk to you!" Talya told me, grabbing my hand. "Ok, about what?" I asked. She mouthed "Calum" so Mikey didn't hear. We went to her room. "I need advise." she said. "What kind of advise?" I asked. "Relationship advise..." She answered. "You and Calum are dating?!?" I asked. "No, not yet... that's why I need your advise." She told me. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Last night he said he likes me, and  I like him back-" she said. "Did you tell him that?" I asked. "-yes, and after he kissed my forehead, but didn't make things official, do you think he likes me but isn't ready for a relationship? Or am I just over thinking things?" She asked me. "Well... maybe he's just planning something special, asking someone out under the stars after a cute romantic movie moment, like giving the girl your jacket is cute, but maybe he wants to do something else like what Mikey did, having it say 'Will you bee my girlfriend' as the fortune in a fortune cookie." I said. "Well... that makes sense. I probably  was just over thinking things!" she gave me a hug then went over to the door, opened it, and watched as Mikey fell on his face. "Um... I heard nothing about anything!" He said quickly, standing up again. He walked over to me, hugged me, then kissed the top of my head. 
*later that day* Mikeys P.O.V

After hanging out with Peyton and making sure she's ok, I said goodbye, then went to Calum's house. I knocked on the door, then rang the door bell. I heard footsteps then Calum opened the door with a smile. "Hey buddy!" he said. "Hey Calum, I have a question." I said. "Whats your question?" he asked me. "How are you gonna ask Talya to be your girlfriend?" I asked him " Well, tomorrow I am going to make a nice dinner, then after I'll take her to a drive in, then I'll ask her to be my girlfriend!" he told me, but he clearly didn't think it was that simple. "Why are you so worried?" I asked him. "What if... what if she says no!?!" he asked me. "Well, if she told you she likes you too, why would she say no!" I asked. "She might not be ready for a relationship..." he told me. I rolled my eyes. "Well, I need to check on Peytie now, see you at school tomorrow!" I said. I was worried about Peyton, she hasn't really been her usual crazy self.

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