Another Love Story

You will play as Peyton. She just arrives to Australia after 12 years.Her aunt and uncle are Lukes parent,she also has to live with them.Her parents were taking her to the movies at night,when they were hit by a huge truck.They didnt survive,but peyton did.She slowly starts to fall in love with Michael.Will her new life be great?Or will it be terrible? Read to find out!


7. Backfired Plan

Talyas POV

I wake up just as we were pulling into a driveway.I assumed it was Peytons house, the place im staying until Peyton and I have enough money to get our own apartment. I shake Peyton awake...well try to.She may not sleep as long as me,or fall asleep as fast as me, but she is an EXTREMELY  heavy sleeper.Once there was this big earthquake in California,the place we use to live in, pretty much everyone woke up because it was so big, so the next day she looked sad,so i asked her why and she said, "I slept through the earthquake, so now I can't be included in the conversations about it." i just rolled my eyes and laughed. But this is going to be a problem because we need to get out of the car. "Talya. Lets get out so we can watch movies and eat Panda Express!" Michael said happily. "Well I would," i said "But it would be rude to leave your best friend asleep in the car." he looked at me then Peyton who looked weird because she sleeps with her eyes open."Here let me help you with that." Michael said laughing getting out and going over to Peytons side.He opened her door and then said to me "Unseat-belt her." so i did.He picked her up and started walking toward the door with a mischievous grin on his face. Luke unlocked the door and we all walked in.Michael walked over to the backyard and went over o a pool. Oh no! is all i could think. Over Michaels shoulder, I saw Peyton smile at me then she was smirking too. Michael held her over the pool and tried to through her in,but she was awake and she tightened her grip on him at the last second,causing him to fall in too.I was laughing so hard, it actually hurt. The others were on the ground laughing. Peyton was happily swimming around, but Mikey looked mad. "MY PLAN BACKFIRED!" he yelled, making us laugh harder. "Its not funny!" he said pouting and crossing his arms. Peyton got out and dried off, then she ran upstairs. Michael was just getting out when Peyton came back down. She had on a white tank top, a black jean jacket, ripped blue jeans, black boots, and a white scarf. "Hey does this look good?" Peyton asked "Yeah!" i said.Michael was staring at her and she just laughed because she knew he was staring.Michael dried off then he also ran upstairs. When he came back down he had on i shirt that says "Idiot" and black skinny jeans. He wore black converse. "Ready to go eat food and watch Inside Out?" peyton asked. I nodded my head and the boys said "Yeah" so we walked over to the couch and sat down. They had two couches. Ashton, Calum, and I sat on one me in between them. Peyton sat between Luke and Michael.We happily watched the movie,except for  peyton sometimes yelling at Joy because she thinks shes mean.Panda Express came and we ate. "im going to bed!" peyton announced. So i went and found my room upstairs. It had light blue walls, pictures on the walls of nice landscapes,a fancy black bedframe,with white bedding, and black pillows. At the foot of the bed, a knitted black blanket was draped across. The room looked perfect. I was really tired so i decided to say thank you tomorrow. As soon as my head hit the pillow,i was out cold.

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