Where I Came From...

A nameless girl in the Maze.
She never came up in the Box.
She came from the Maze.
And the first few Gladers are about to find out why....


1. Chapter One

Screeches rang through the air and sent chills down my spine. A cold sweat broke out, covering my body and sticking my loose dirty gold hair to my forehead. My legs burned and went numb. They worked on their own, keeping me going.

If I stopped, I wouldn't be able to start again.

Cracked stone corridors towered above me. Ivy crawled up them and slivers of silver flashed at me every so often. The darkness of this world made it hard to see, limiting my sight. My senses were on high alert, ears listening to everything.

My small bare feet softly padding along the concrete floor.

Distant screams of bloody murder.

Click. Whir. Whir. Click.

And the eerie moan of the place itself.

I felt tinier with each corner I turned, realizing over and over he elusive size of the Maze, my home. I tried to map my path in my mind, but it was scattered.

Fear does that sometimes.

I reached the end of a corridor and turned another corner. a thick patch of ivy covered my path. I slowed down, trying to find a way around it. If I lost my pace now, I would collapse.

But to no avail. I had to nearly stop. I panicked.

Rule number one: Always keep moving.

When you're exhausted, you just need to keep moving. Especially at night. Horrid creatures roamed these parts in the darkness and I liked to be one step ahead of them.

A screech echoed along the concrete walls.

It was too loud.

It was too close.

Click. Whir. Whir. Click

A metallic leg poked around the corner.

and another.

and another.

A sludgy green slug sitting upon metal stilts crawled into view.

Click. Whir. Whir. Click.

A Griever.

I pulled my machete out of its sheath strapped to my back and held it in front of me, battle stance style. My heart pounded in my ears and my legs felt like jelly. but I had to fight.

I would go down fighting, and even then, I'd still come back.


The slimy robot turned down the corridor of stone and froze when it's black eyes landed on me. It let out a bloodcurdling screech which split my eardrums and rushed at me.

I was frozen.

I cursed my exhaustion as the griever got nearer and nearer. My body seemed to shut down. I didn't stand a chance.

The griever stopped right before it bowled me over. It's eyes suddenly started glowing gold. It cocked its head to side and watched me.

My eyes droop to a close and my jelly legs gave out. I landed on the thick vines.

Click. Whir. Wh-

The Griever sounds stopped.




~Hello my Lovelies~

This is my first story I've written for a while so I may have lost my touch.

Please comment constructive criticism.

~Thanks yous~


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