Infinity is forever. You might hope that your relationship with your high school boyfriend will last into infinity, but, realistically, you know that's not likely to happen.


1. New boy in town.

Emma pov 

Sunday morning which means that there is school tomorrow.I bet you all reading this don't like school but there is me who likes school no l'm not a nerd and i'm for the life of me not an A grade student i just like school.So let me tell you a bit about myself I'm 18 years old and it is my last year of school. I like to draw,write story's and I love music.The type of music that i listen to is anything that I like at the moment but i will not listen to country and classical.There is a band that I really love and i hope that they come to my home town and they are called with confidence and they are an Australian pop punk band

"Emma come down here now"

"mum my do I have to I have homework that I got to do"

"because I said so"  

"ugh fine"

I went down to see what my mum wanted and when I went down there I saw a family of four and a very cute or should I say hot boy that looks to be around my age I wounder if he will go to the same school as me 

"Emma this the Hood family

"Hi it is nice to meet you 

Joy: "Its nice to meet you Emma this is my husband David Hood.My daughter Mali Koa but she is not here because she had to do some study for her job 

Mum"my don't you Emma go and take calum up to your room just before dinner is ready 

Me and Calum went up to my room and calum was just standing there not knowing what to do 

Emma"calum you know you can come in I don't bite 

calum"I like your poster you have amazing music taste"

Emma"Thanks do you like these bands"

calum"I don't like these  bands I love them and you know I'm in a band but it is a bit harder to make music since I moved away 

Emma"I'm going to look you guys on youtube what is your name 

calum"5 seconds of summer"

Emma" Ok lets listen to the year 3000 

calum"what do you think"

Emma"I love it"

"guys dinner time"

so calum and I went down to have dinner and again mum went over broad like she always dose 

~time skip to after dinner~

"see yo joy,David and calum " mum said 

Emma"by miss hood and mr hood and by calum 

Joy"see you "

calum"see you Emma it was nice meeting you 

and to my surprise calum went and gave me a hug.once the Hood family left i said goodnight to mum and went to bed thinking about calum and wording if he will go to the same school as me.

A/N Hey guys this is my first story and would like it if you guys give me some feed back on the first chapter  and I think the next chapter will be a get to know me chapter  




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