GELIAD or the 'Song of Gelia' is the holy text of the birth of the Gelian gods and the creation of the world. //Participant in the 'Rule of Lore: Create Your Own Worlds Competition', option #1.//


2. Geliad



Song of Gelia


Once there was nothing but the great kingdom of Nothingness. And every kingdom needs a queen so from the center of Nothingness the goddess Naythea was born. She quickly fell lonely, so from the every present light two other gods came: Zae and her brother Zao. Naythea and Zao fell in love and it was not long before Naythea gave birth to their daughter Triana, who created time. Their daughter Seanaya followed close after.

Years pasted and Naythea became pregnant once again this time with a son, Deatis, and with him darkness was brought into the kingdom of Nothingness.

One day when Triana and Seanaya were playing with their brother Deatis they tried and merge their powers together and created the goddess Gelia, who shortly after have been given life transformed herself into the world. Seanaya painted flods upon Gelia, and so the rivers were carved. Zae shined her light upon Gelia and the deserts occurred. Then Deatis looked upon the world and in his shadow, shielded from Zae’s light, plants grew along Seanaya’s streams. From Gelia herself another god appeared: Grabarus, who started to sculpture statues of animals and small, godlike creatures. First the elves, followed by dwarves and humans and lastly the giants. When Naythea saw these sculptures she breathed life into them and life on Gelia was awoken.

The life on Gelia was not intelligent and the gods had to watch them all the time. Zae and Deatis split the watch and so day and night were created. Zae envied Deatis because most of the life favored his cool darkness while they fled underground during her heat and sunlight. The envy burned within her and made the days hotter and hotter until the very earth of Gelia burned whenever Zae looked upon it!

Grabarus fertilized Triana and she gave birth to Wisna, who gave wisdom and knowledge to the small godlike creatures and with that they started to build their own kingdoms.

Zae fell envious once again upon her nieces and nephew and had her own child with Grabarus, the lustful Lafreon who made the animals and small godlike creatures breed and grow in numbers.

When Lafreon kissed the earth of Gelia their daughter Askara rose to the surface and she became the protecter of the folk of the forest: The elves.

The giants’ protecter was Scanuturn, son of Zae and Deatis, while the dwarves was protected by Deatis’ son Koirus. Only the humans were without a protecter and therefore they fell into the giants’ slavery until Seanaya gave birth to Grabarus’ son Efrao who pitted the humans and helped a handful escape. He watched over them until they too had built a kingdom of their own.

In the east the forest Askarinia became home to the elves and in the north the dwarfs mountain home Koirusius stand tall. In the west the giants formed the fortrest Scanuturnus and in the south on the steps of Efraoren the humans build their castles.

But one goddess had yet to form the world. Aftalia, daughter of Triana fertilized by Lafreon, became the enemy of the life on Gelia, as she sucked the lifeforce out the the weakest and the oldest. She who had such a wonderful name became know by the most horribel: Death.

That is how the story of the four kingdoms of Gelia came to be. Protected and guided by the very gods who created it all, and like this the mountains will stand, the forests will grow and the lands will be until Zae’s burning eyes will not only end Gelia but Triana herself.

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