The Chosen

They call me Fire, as I am the most merciless of them all. I do not discriminate; there is no gender, race, or age I won’t kill. My body was covered in dried blood; the blood of the people I had murdered.
It had been three days since the game had started, and I was in the lead. The scoreboard hung over the arena with the names and score of each of the players. I knew the world was watching me as I ran through the trees, in search of my next victim.
~The Selection: A Writing Competition~


3. Chapter Three

The lady came back in later. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but as she entered, she had six armed guards with her.

 As I sat up from where I was laying on the table, I looked at her, really seeing her for the first time.

Her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun and her glasses sat perfectly even on her nose. The clipboard was help in her left hand, and a black click pen in her right. I looked at her face. She was pretty, for an older lady, and her makeup made her look younger than she probably was.

She was probably the one to do my brother’s examination, maybe even the one to do my fathers.

I hated this woman instantly.

My lip curled and she smiled at me. “How do you feel?” she asked and I lunged at her, only to get pulled back by two guards behind me. “Good. You’re ready.”

“What are you going to do to me now?” I snarled.

She grinned. “Hold him down,” she said sweetly and the two guards who had pulled me back gripped by shoulders and arms tightly.

The doctor pulled out another syringe, this one was full of liquid. “Don’t you dare!” I shouted and she chuckled, jabbing the needle into the side of my neck.

As I black out, I planned on how I would kill her.

I wanted to ripe this syringe out and stab her in the eye, repeatedly.

I lost feeling in my arms.

I wanted to suffocate her with her stethoscope.

I could no longer feel my legs.

I wanted to take a nightstick off of one of the guards and beat her until she was a bruised and bloody corpse.

I couldn’t feel the rise or fall of my chest.

I wanted this woman dead.

I was paralyzed, and everything turned black.

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