Why am I here?

Ever wonder what's really going on inside a crazy woman's mind? Wonder why her relationship is a mess? Not to mention it doesn't get any less crazier when she starts falling for her neighbor....Who isn't human,


1. Moving in


I moved in. You have no idea how tired I am. Being 23 and living on your own isn't easy. Well, technically, I'm not alone but I might as well be. I live with my boyfriend. My 21 year old, sad excuse of a boyfriend. Don't be so mean you say? I'm trying my best but I cant help it. We've been together for almost a year now and I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the day. I'm in school for nursing... and he works at a grocery store stacking bananas. I didn't care much until he starts complaining about how hard he works and how he deserves to go out? You're kidding right? I'm not a terrible person. I swear. However. there are times I fantasize about leaving him and running in to the arms of a man who will love and worship my 5'2 hardworking beautiful Asian ass! "Well why are you still with him?" You ask. Because he loves me. I never knew love until I met him. As much as it kills me... I can't abandon him. (I just dream about it). He's dirty, constantly tardy, forgetful, and sometimes lazy, but he's passionate. The only thing that keeps us together is his loyalty. If that ever becomes a problem... He is OUT.

God, he's whining about how sore he is from lifting two boxes... I LIFTED 12!

I'm definitely not in denial...I'm miserable.

Oh great... His friend is calling him. "Can I hangout with Josh? Ill finish it when i get home later" "Sure"

What else am I suppose to say? NO YOU MAY NOT? And have him throw a baby tantrum? Or should I try and lecture him for the 2342423rd time about priorities and how he needs to stop procrastinating? I'll pass, too tired.

I think I'm going to just pass out on the couch.

*knock knock*

ARE YOU SERIOUS!? It hasn't been 3 minutes and he's back!? He probably forgot his damn keys again,

Probably wasn't the best idea to answer yelling "FOR FUCK SAKES WHAT!?"

because oops.... Not him. 

So here stands this beautiful man. He is as TALL as can be, tan, muscular, and it doesn't hurt that he's smiling at me despite the fact that I just bloody cursed at him for no reason. I start apologizing, How can I be so damn stupid!?

He responds "It's okay, Amy"

I laugh along trying not to blush...but then it hit me..How does he know my name?

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