Malfoy and Weasley

Start of 5th year after the cursed child book.
For the cursed child competition


1. train

As the the Hogwarts express started to pull away from the platform 9 and3/4.And the corridors where filled with students finding there friends or an open compartment.

A young 5th year boy with bleach blonde hair and dark green eyes.Was walking through the crowded corridors of the Hogwarts express.A smile was curved on his thin lips,as he was remembering how he asked Rose Ronald Weasley to go to Hogsmeade with him.She tough has refused.But this year Scorpius was certain that this year will be more lucky.

"Scorpius!"a thrilled voice echoed through the other voices.This voice belonged to no one other then Albus Potter."Hello Albus,how was your summer."Asked Scorpius trying not to act to excited of seeing his best friend."You know what Scorp I think we should go find a compartment if we don't want to be stuck outside"Albus laughs at his own joke.

Scorpius has seen how Albus changed after the story with the time turner.He seemed more happy and more in the Potter family.Not like he was before.Its just now Albus has a better relationship with his brother James Sirius Potter.You may sometimes see the potter kids taking about quidditch and girls.And with lily Luna Potter who Albus now adores with all his heart.Lily was also sorted into Gryffindor but that did not stop her from visiting Albus and Scorpius.And last but not least Albus and Harry have renewed there relation o and comport them selves as a normal loving father and son do.

Back to the story.Albus and Scorpius where pushing them selves through a crowd of young folks scrambling to try and find a comportment.At the end of the train Scorpius has spotted a compartment with only one person in it,and the young lady was Rose Weasley.Her fury red hair was neatly tied in a side braid that was placed on her left shoulder.Her hazel eyes where scanning the pages of her quidditch book.The one she bought at the Flourish and Botts.Her head was touching the window seel of the the train and was slightly bouncing from the movement of the Hogwarts express.On her side was her black leather trunk filled with quidditch stickers of different teams.And the cage of her barn owl Speedy.Albus has told Scorpius that that she named her owl speedy because of his his size reminding her of a snitch.In all of Scorpius's eyes she was the most fascinating living thing."Hi Rose.Scorpius says pushing the door open.Mind it we sit there,all ummm...the other compartments are full."Scorpius was not really waiting for answer but there it was"ok"a female voice pure as a flowing river echoed through his ears.Looking at the red head he saw her looking deeply at him"Come guys sit,you don't want to spend the hole train ride standing at the entrance.Or do you?"

Albus and Scorpius quickly walked to the other side of the compartment where there was an empty bench.And the two teenagers sat down facing Rose who went back to Reading.

As time passed and the trolley lady has passed as usual.Scorpius had a deep desire to start a conversation with Rose but how?He did not really like quidditch and that was the only thing he knew Rose liked."So guys did u meet the new girl"Surprisingly Rose had her book in her lap and was starring at Scorpius and Albus"No"they both said in Union.

Suddenly the compartment door was opened to let a girl in.That girl was any guys dream.She was pale as the white snow her big shiny brown hair was laying in her neat fragile shoulders.Her eye a mix of blue and green where cearfuly scanning the room before landing on Scorpius.The girl smiled dazzlingly as from her mouth a melodic voice escaped filled with a thick French accent."Ello my namez is Marie-France iz it possible to zit here"Marie-France said still looking a Scorpius who was looking Dazzly at her."Sure"Rose quickly responded to putt the compartment back into a talkative mood.Marie-France quickly walked up to where Albus and Scorpius where sitting and with a hand pushed Albus so that she got enough space to sit right next to Albus."Vell Ello and what iz your name"Marie-France said looking dreamily at Scorpius."Scorpius Malfoy"Malfoy responded giving her his hand she greetingly shook it."Ohh and I am Albus"Albus tried saying but Marie-France did not even try and pay attention.She Hooked her self on Scorpius and did not let go of him during the hole train ride.

Rose was briefly giving glances onto Scorpius and Marie-France.She was to scared to admit it but during the summer she has developed a certain crush on Socrpius.She loved the way he tried to start a conversation but only knowing that she liked quidditch.Or the way how for the past years he would look at her during a hole class.But her favourite was when he had asked her on a date to Hogsmaede,She refused because she was to shaken up on how brave he was to finally ask her.

But now looking at how he was happily talking to Marie-France she could not help but feel alittle envie towards Marie-France.

This is going to be one long year thought Rose as she opened her book trying to brake the tension.

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