Malfoy and Weasley

Start of 5th year after the cursed child book.
For the cursed child competition


2. Halloween party

As the days where getting colder.The sun did not shine as bright as it did in the summer and the leaves turning into a deep shade of red,orange and brown.

Life and Hogwarts was filled with excitement and joy from all student from year one two seven.Probably because Christmas was getting near or because the view was just incredible from the astronomy tower,but to tell you the truth I think it was because a very well know holiday was getting near.Halloween.

Rose was walking with Andrea and Jolly,her best friends.They where discussing what they would wear for the Halloween dance the school was organizing Andrea wanted to dress up into a muggle princesses from the medieval times and jolly wanted to be a back bad cat.But Rose had no time to think about things like that,her mind was filled with to much emotions over Scorpius her cousins best friends,and Marie-France that evil French witch,who during the hole month of September was running after Scorpius madly in love.Well that's what she told every one."Oui I am madly in luv wit Zcorpiuz when are made for each other".But rose Wesley was not fooled but Marie-France's act she new that little French brat had something boiling in her girly mind.

It has been a month and a few weeks since Marie-France was following me.She even got into Slytherin and into all my classes.I do really appreciate her attention.Because she is the first girl that really fell for me knee high.But my heart did not fell any way like that about her.Because the person who had the lock to my heart was Rose.I maybe did make it obvious but my love to her grows stronger every time I see her with her friends.Her sweet smile she sends me every time I pass her with Albus and Marie-France.I did not just like Rose any more I Love her.I only just don't know how to tell her.Maybe wait a little?

Today was the 31 of October 9 o'clock sharp.And the teenagers from all four houses where descending to Go to the great hall where a party was organized by the Hogwarts staff.The hall was greatly placed the magical ceiling was turned into a deepnight sky with a full moon and mist,pumpkins flouting through the great hall with different faces carved on each one of them.The from house tables where nearly placed in a broom closet and big different set of tables where placed on the side of the room.On each table was either a drink or and different kind of magical food.The place was as we called magical.

Rose was facing in her pirate costume with her best friends the music of the wild witches was so musty and intense that it brought joy to her.And she has completely forgot about Scorpius and Marie-France."Hey Rose do you want to dance?"Her cousin Fred asked her.Fred was ate at older then her and was also in gryffindor."Sure"she said taking his hand and stepping into the middle and the dance flour.She let the music vary her into a magical world where there was only the music and her body.Suddenly some one pushes her and she falls started falling only to be cached rather wobbly into some ones hands"God Rose got to be more cearful"her cousin Albus said making her stand up.She was rather surprised about her seeing Albus without Scorpius."Umm Albus have you seen Scorpius"she said looking around trying to catch a glimpse of bleach blonde hair."Actually Rose I was about to ask you the same thing.See ya"Albus said walking away.

The night was getting older and Rose was getting more and more tired by every second .Tired and impressed by the night she had forgot the last time she had so much fun.Saying a warm good night to all her friends she started to exist from the great hall.

But at the end of the corridor a surprise was waiting for her.A surprise she never would have imagined.There on the left side of the great hall doors where Marie-France and Scorpius and they where passionately snogging the life of each other.Rose felt like tears started to fill her eyes and her heart breaking into a million pieces.Pieces she would never be able to glue back together.

Her heart was Brocken by one boy

But that Boy did not know what he was doing

Her marched blindly into a girls outstretched arms

Not knowing the consequence of his actions💫

Hi guys I really hope u like it I am trying really hard on this so like comment and favourite.Bye for now potterheads😻😽

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