Our World

Mason and Abby find out their world isn't what they expected it to be. They make friends loose friends, but most important they find each other.


4. Friends

An annoying yet familiar beep sounds from my eye screen signaling that I need to leave now if I am to make it to rec time. Every age group has a different rec time. Since I am a teenager and I am soon to loose my "childishness" as they put it, I get three long rec times after each meal.

I run and grab my hover board out of my room and head out to the rec space.

The ride from the very respected living section (my section) and the rec section is a boring as ever.

Our world is basically a continuous hallway with buildings along the way. The very respected section first then a road/ hallway separating the very respected from the respected and another hallway/ road between the respected and least respected. And finally another hallway/road that splits into three. One leads to the work spaces, another to the school spaces, and finally one to the rec spaces.

I run into the rec space with a couple of minutes to spare. How I managed to do that I have no idea.

"David" I shout, my arms are outstretched for a hug from one of my best friends.

"Mason" he says running over to hug me.

"Ty" David and I give each other an evil look and run to tackle Ty in a hug. David and I could be mistaken for twins. We are both 6' 4" with muscular bodies. The only differences our eyes and hair. I have dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes, while David has dark brown hair and green eyes. Ty is smaller than us at only 5' 9". He has a wiry frame and brown hair.

"Abby, help me" Ty spots our other friend and wines at her for help.

"Boys!" Abby says sternly with her mother glare that she has down to a science.

"Sorry mom" David and I hang our heads. Abby laughs and pulls us all in for a hug giving each one of us a peck on the cheek as she releases us.

"You're such a girl" David wines while wiping his cheek.

"Gold star for figuring that out David" Abby chuckles and pecks him again. We all crack up laughing as David wines.

"Let's go inside and pick an activity" Ty suggests. We nod in agreement and make out way inside the rec area.

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