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So I haven't really been able to find any good phan stories so i decided to right my own... So i hope you enjoy and there will be smut so ya. Bye luv u guys


1. Challenge video

A/N Hey guys I don't think they made a video like the one I am going to be writing about, so no hate please thanks.



Dan: I woke up and got on my laptop. Scrolling through tumblr as I was still tired, after about a half hour I got up to make some breakfast. I walk down the stairs and reach the kitchen I saw Phil... Eating my cereal.... AGAIN! " Really Phil?" I burst out laughing, " I bought another box for me all I had left was shreddeies." I give a glare full of daggers, he laughs again. His laugh was so adorable. Wait... What? I get my cereal and eat. Eventually I settle down and watch attach on Titan with Phil. After about a half an hour or so I got up. "Wanna go make challenge video?" "we'd need dares though." I will send out I tweet I replied. TWEET: @danisnotonfire Phil and I are going to do a dare video give us some dares👌👌👌😝😝Millions of replies came I picked out a enough for a good thirty minute video. I put them on a screenshot list a went to set up e camera and get Phil.Twenty minutes later we started the video.


"Hello Internet, today Phil and I got enough balls to do a challenge video. So here we go (A/N I won't be saying who gave out the fake tweets 😁)  First one is for Phil. "Phil, do you have a crush and if you do I dare you to send them a text sayingf

how much you love them." I look over at Phil who is obviously blushing he pulls out his phone unlocks it and is rapidly typing. He eventually set his phone back and we continued. "Dan, I dare you to eat a spoon full of hot sauce." "Why do people want to kill me?" I muttered under my breath. Phil looked up smirking because of the dare I assumed well the hot sauce flavour was just plain fucking disgusting so I flipped him off. 

I got the hot sauce and downed the entire spoon full wanting to die because of how disgusting it is. Phil filmed it for me thank god I wouldn't have to do it again. 


We finished the video almost exactly after a half hour and we ended it and edited it. I uploaded the video and went to go take a nap.


As I was drifting off to sleep I heard my phone go off a text from Phil thatd could wait. So I laid my head down to rest and fell asleep soon after.

A/n Hey guys so that was the first chapter. Hope you enjoyed I will update almost everyday and I am looking for a co author or something like that to help me so comment down below if you are interested okay byeeeee.

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