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So I haven't really been able to find any good phan stories so i decided to right my own... So i hope you enjoy and there will be smut so ya. Bye luv u guys


2. A mistake??

Phil: As soon as I was sure Dan was asleep I had to make sure that text I sent him was deleted. I snuck in his room and grabbed his phone. I unlocked knowing his password already he told me it I case he forgot. I deleted the message about confessing my love to him. I felt betraying tears fall down my face knowing Dan would never feel the same I turned his volume down and sent a different message instead something about going to the shopping center. It was so stupid. I saw a random tweet from about the video, " so Phil did the person you confessed your love to feel the same as you?" Sadly I turned my phone off and half ran half speed walked to my room. I soon got there got dressed in my most comfortable night clothes and got under my warm inviting blue and green blankets and got on my phone. Still thinking about Dan. His beautoful brown hair the way his fringe is so perfect. His chocolate brown eyes you can just get lost in its almost impossible for me to staring contests for a YouTube video without wanting to kiss his perfect pink lips. I sigh, he would never, ever in a million years feel the same way. And I have no one to talk to about how I feel about him. Dan was my best friend and that is why I can't talk to anyone about this.

~~time skip⌚️⌚️~





Dan texts me back saying to just order our groceries online. After about thirty minutes of shopping for things that we do and do not need and I pay and give them the information that they need. I get out of bed and go to the kitchen it is seven thirty I will order pizza for dinner. I order pizza and it is about a twenty minute wait. I knock on Dans door. "Come in." I walk in and sit on the edge of his bed. Can I ask you something?" I ask him. He looks up at his phone with a worried look. "Y-yeah, go ahead." He replies. "What if you love someone, but they could never ever love you back?" I ask him staring into his beautiful brown eyes praying he dosen't find out that I'm talking about him. "W-well, if they don't love you back then they don't deserve you. I know plenty of people who love a shot at you, you just need to give those people a chance don't get to stuck on one person." he says. Does Dan like me? No, no that's impossible he's not gay. Is he? I hear the doorbell ring Dan gets up. "I'll pay for the pizza this time." He tells me. I nod and follow him out of his room. He pays for the pizza and we go to the front room with it and two plates and cups. We sit on the couch and serve the pizza and coke. We eat and while watching attack on Titan. We eventually finish and go up to our rooms to - well for me sleep for Dan probably tumblr until there or four in the morning. I lay down in my bed and think about Dan tomorrow. He will probably have hobbit hair that's so cute. I blush thinking about him. I really Li- no I love Dan, but does he love me back?

Dan: Tonight I'm going to actually sleep I'm going to tell Phil tomorrow that I love him I have been thinking about all day his eyes his lips his perfect hair and fringe and ohhh theses eyes I could get lost and drown in them like and ocean because of how blue they are.i really love Phil. I hope he feels the same and if he dosen't I just hope no pray to whoever the real God is if there even is one ( I don't mean to offend anyone so please no hate or comments about religion thanks.) that this won't ruin our friendship. I eventually fall asleep thinking about looking into his beautiful blue Ephesians tomorrow.










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